AC Wiring Diagram of Window Airconditioner

Today , aircondioner is commonly used in homes .   This is elictric device  and operated by electric energy.  So it has electric fault  many times due to short circuit , power fluctuation etc.  and we get hurdle .  we call the technician for rewiring  of window  AC  and we have to pay some money for that . I can help you to check and  rewiring of  window AC  and you can save your money and time.

Ther are two type of ac wiring diagram . PSC circuit and CSR circuit .


This wiring is also called PSC( permanent  split capacitor ) because it has only running capacitor . It always works in circuit .


This wiring is called  CSR ( capacitor start and capacitor run)  . Because it has relay , starting capacitor and running capacitor .  Voltage  type relay also used in this circuit. The relay eliminates starting  capacitor from the circuit after starting the  compressor and due to this, starting winding is also eliminate from the circuit & compressor works continuously on running winding .  So , relay is used in circuit.

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  1. i am learn ac windoow and saplit conection and insatalling system

  2. great work thank you so much

  3. i have iti in ac , i was not knwing just about csr now i got it thanku

  4. vilas venupure

    very simpl wiring

  5. THNX……..

  6. Bhai mujhe (cscr) wayring ke bare me bata sakte ho

  7. nice pattern on csr wiring diagram
    simple ho gya wiring smjhna

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