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Free Android Apps for WiFi Management and more Tasking

WiFi is one of the powerful medium to interact with other devices. Using WiFi we can share files speedily between devices. Basically we all love WiFi for its Internet connectivity using via a WiFi modem Router but we can use it for more tasks in home and business environment. WiFi feature in tech devices enabled us to use wireless tasking with many devices. We can do jobs like print, scan, sync, connecting to internet, file and media sharing etc. wirelessly.

Below are some good Android WiFi Management and Tasking Apps:-

WiFi connecting and Management apps

Wifi Analyzer

wifi analyzerIt is good app for analyzing your WiFi channel. It will show you smart graphics indicating where is specific WiFi channel is. And higher the graph shows in this app it means your device getting higher possible connectivity with particular WiFi access point. It is good app for analyzing how your signal strength is at specific place.


WiFi Manager

wifi manager

Using this app on your Android device you will be able to find WiFi connections around you on graphical channel radar.  You will have option to customize name of various WiFi connection names as per your easiness of later use. WiFi Network Switcher widget will allow you to switch your Android device to various WiFi Networks in easy way.



Wifi Fixer

wifi fixer

It is a nice background Android app for fixing small network connectivity issues easily. It will try to fix things in normal way whenever network connectivity will failure in WiFi connection. You can set your WiFi access point for minimizing disconnections using this app.




WiFi map – free Wi-Fi location

wifi map

This app will help you in finding free WiFi hotspots nearby your location. You can know their distance from your current location using this app. It is useful app if you are not willing to pay data roaming charges whenever you are travelling other cities.



WiFi booster

wif booster

This app will let your Android device to have more stable, good quality signal strength and downloads over a WiFi Network. Basically it doesn’t boost signal of a WiFi router because practically it is not possible. It only speed up WiFi connectivity by faster reconnecting via this app.




WiFi Utility Apps for more tasking

Wi-Fi Talkie Lite

wi-fi talkie lite

Firstly we can use this app as Walkie Talkie for voice communication to nearby smartphones using WiFi network only. We don’t need internet connectivity to do so. Secondly we can use this app for text messaging and chatting with other devices in Network range. And we can use this app for file transfer with other network devices in easy way.


WiFi Remote

wifi remote

This is good app for controlling PC using Smartphone via a WiFi Network connection. Using this app we can play music on computer screen via this app. Beside this you can do switch on/off monitor screen, shut down PC, mute PC volume etc. tasks using this app.



Remote Mouse

remote mouse

This app will provide you Mouse, touchpad, keyboard type experience on your Android Smartphone. You can double click, drag using this app as you do with physical mouse on a computer. It is good app for enhancing your remote PC controlling experience. Now you can operate desktop sitting on sofas or bed.



WiFi Pass Recovery & Backup

wifi pass recovery and backup

This utility app for WiFi connectivity will help you in organizing WiFi network passwords in a list. So user can view them easily and use at a later time. This app will help you in sending passwords and copy passwords to clipboard ready to paste anywhere.



Wifi Camera

Wifi Camera

It is very simple way to turn your Android device in a IP Camera. It doesn’t require any kind setup stuff for IP camera using of android device. It is good solution for creating your personalized surveillance area for temporary reasons. Using this app you can create surveillance at your home by old Android device. You no longer need to worry about how to use old Android Device beside throwing to dustbin.





We all live in a world of lack of timings. We can’t remember every time to switch on/off wifi in our Smartphone devices which cause battery drainage at higher speed. This app is good solution for this kind problem. This app will help you in connecting with WiFi networks in easy and efficient way.




WiFi calling and VOIP calling



This app will turn your Android Smartphone into a VOIP calling device using WiFi Network. This app has made easy to do mobile VOIP calling. It has cheaper VOIP calling rates for international callings. This app will bypass your regular carrier to make VOIP calls using a WiFi Network.






You can make free calls, instant message, share photos, and chat with friends on messaging services using this app. It is free to use app. Over 15 million people are using this great app for their messaging needs. You can make free calls as well using this app.




WiFi file sharing apps for android

WiFi File Transfer

WiFi File Transfer

It is easy to share WiFi file sharing app for Android devices. You can upload/download multiple files at same time using this app. It has built in file interface for file edits. This app runs as background service to do anytime sharing without any problem.



SuperBeam | WiFi Direct Share


Using this app you will be able to share large files using WiFi Direct. You can use device connecting by QR codes or NFC Tags as per your own custom needs. It has web interface also for supporting devices which aren’t having SuperBeam feature in them.





And there are much more tasks will be available in coming time. Short wave WiFi enabled technology NFC is doing a lot in this field. It is helping users in automation of home and business tasks. So there are many more opportunities in future with WiFi Technology.

If you have any other way of using WiFi connectivity, we would be happy to know in below comments.

Free Text and SMS Messaging Quotes Apps for Android

Quotes and sayings are better way to express our feelings to contacts. These Quotes not only make us more sensitive towards relations but also it inspires us to go for positive side in life. Since mobile use has been widely accepted worldwide, people started to send SMS and text messaging to their contacts for hassle free communication. It is great communication medium which even works when two person are too busy in their lives. Still they can communicate via SMS doing their stuff. Sometimes we need find cool and heart touching SMS text. In this Android SMS collection apps will help you a lot. So we have found these cool and free text and SMS messaging quotes apps for Android Smartphone.

SMS Messages Collection ♥ FREE

SMS Messages Collection  FREE

It is nice app for different kind of SMS collection categorized over there. Love SMS, Wife/Husband SMS, Good morning SMS, Birthday SMS, Quote SMS etc. categories is having a huge collection for users to find a cool SMS for them. It have black screen display for longer battery life and better readability for users. It has about 50000+ SMS related texts available for you to use.


Best Quotes and Sayings (Free)

Best Quotes and Sayings (Free)

There are about 100+ categories to search your best quote and saying in this collection app. This app works in offline mode as well. It has picture Quotes as well for sharing with friends and contacts. All quotes in this app are organized in categories like as Love, Anniversary, Friendship, Funny, Heart Breakup, Good morning and night, Miss You, Flirt etc. So it is less time consuming in finding superb Quote and saying within a huge collection.




It is good app having 1000+ Best Quotes and sayings wallpaper to use over various Social networks. It have listed nice inspirational, love, emotional Quotes wallpapers to enlighten life of reader. So download this app and start sharing Quotes wallpaper and backgrounds to your social contacts in a easy way.


Best Poems & Quotes (Free)

Best Poems & Quotes (Free)

It is good app for finding romantic love poetry for SMS and Text messaging. All Quotes and poems are categorized in over 100+ categories for easy user finding. It has text to speech feature as well to listen any poem. It has pictures poems as well there to be used for social sharing by users. It gets updated regularly with content. You can try to be a poet to express feelings to your loved one using these Quotes.


Brilliant Quotes & Quotations

Brilliant Quotes & Quotations

It has hand picked Quotes from 250+ people to use for SMS and Texting. In this app you will able to see “Today’s staff pick” and “Quote of The Day”. It will be inspiring and useful in your busy daily routine. This app will give you access to filter out result showing on various customization you can do in this app. You can also use simple search for a Quote  and author you are  looking for.

Love Quotes Free

Love Quotes Free

Every lover want to send a romantic and heart touching message to his/her lover. This app will help you in finding such a romantic SMS for your lover. You can share these love Quotes via SMS, Twitter, Facebook etc. mediums for better bonding of your relationship. Plus it have proposal Quotes also to help you in saying you have to say. There are flirting Quotes as well available if you want flirt with someone in day to day life.


Sad Love Quotes

Sad Love Quotes

It is really hard moment in life when someone has broken your heart. This app have good love Quotes to deal with broken heart. You can share these apps on social networking sites as well beside SMS messaging.  You can hand pick some quotes for later use and make them mark as favorite in this app.



It is one of the basic feature every phone having as of now. So it have larger communication base for users than any other method for messaging. Just find a SMS suited to your mood at particular time and send to your contact. And let them know how you feeling at that time.

For sure there will be some other apps you have used previously for finding SMS to send loved one or contacts. Let us know below in comments if you have any query, suggestion or feedback about it.

Android Apps Normal Issues, Risks & Solutions

It is time of having latest apps in your smart phones and tablets. We no longer need to install 200-300 MB file sized photo editing software for making changes to our day to day images. We can do that task easily via apps available free of cost. There are many more tasks we can do easily via using those apps. But these free apps have also having dark side of uses. Normal users don’t care much about them, but they are very important for us in current tech world. We have list out some of common issues & possible risks below with their solutions.

Android apps Normal Issues along with Solutions

1. In overall app reviews we found that there are more issues found in free apps in comparison of paid apps. The main reason is that free apps are dependent on ads for revenue generation.

2. This kind ad showing, pop up coming and other update related notifications from apps are really annoying for us.

3. Some apps get run time errors and crashing which is bad thing at user end.

4. When we start an app and it shows blank Screen instead of starting. It feels very odd.

5. When we install app asks for permissions of using various resources in our device. Normal users don’t care about it and accept it immediately. We should always care about checking which permissions it is asking. If it were asking permissions which you don’t think are useful for that particular app application. We should decline that app & look out for another app.

6. Some apps require internet connection to start them. It is also unacceptable for users who are tight with their data plans.

7. Other device functioning problems are hanging whole device and freezing device. After this situation they require force shut down.

8. Some apps uses higher amount of hardware resource available in our device. Using higher RAM, Processor and more drive space are common things we should consider about any app.

9. In some cases there is fast Battery Drainage by apps. We should also avoid such apps because we wouldn’t enjoy plugging charger to device while using it.

Associated Risks of using free android apps

1. One common issue is that if we allow android device to use more resource than it actually require running those apps. It may misuse our device for some specious activities.

2. Our smart devices are having a lot of private details about us. So there may be our privacy in danger by hacking someone.

3. It has Security risks also which includes individual risk, financial risk, social status risk, criminal involvement risk without knowledge.

4. It may cause you extra network calling & data charges via those apps.

5. It will give you frustration due to not working properly. Those blank screen & crashing acts will make you feel bad experience.


All these above issues which were found in Android apps are nothing in comparison of their benefits. But still our privacy & security is first thing in tech world to assure. We will suggest you to installing & using apps which are according your needs using less hardware resources, less ads and smooth working experience for your device.

Most Popular Free Android Apps in 2013

There are about 8.5 million plus android apps available in android market. Out of those some apps are very popular among the users as per their usability.We have found some popular Android apps which is rocking in year 2013. Below is few Android apps which are most popular free android apps in 2013.

These are most popular free android apps rocking in current year

WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsappmessengerWindow- Most popular Android appsIt is easy to use audio, video chat enabled messenger for your android device. You can share images, video, audio files easily with your friends. Its user friendly environment will entertain while chatting with others. After installing this app you need no longer SMS/MMS features to use in your smart device. Its easiness, usability makes it most popular free android app in current time.


LINE Free Calls & Messages - most popular free android appsIt is a nice calling app for android devices. It has better audio quality when we make call through it. Users can do message chat also with this most popular app. It is good solution for making free international calls on your android device. You can express your feelings through stickers in this app. Overall it is best solution for audio and video call app.

Voice Search by Google

GoogleVoiceSearch- most popular free android appsThis is another nice app from innovation leader Google. This is more responsive app for your voice commands to make search accordingly. It has less error percentage in getting voice commands properly. It does call and send SMS to your contacts based on your voice instructions. All you have to try it in a way so it may recognize your voice command. These kind apps are showing us dreams of controlling all devices by voice. Let us try the innovative apps.

Talking Tom Cat 2 Free

TalkingTomCat2- most popular free android appsIt is best fun app available in android market. Even less tech friendly users know about this app & they are using it. It is not only funny for kids but also for adults. We all love to play with this cute cat. And its second version has much more features to enjoy. This app has brought mimicry to the tech devices.

Subway Surfers

SubwaySurfers- most popular free android appsIt is nice game app for your plan strategy to play with your character. It has beautiful game environment to play more. You can start collecting your reward by playing this game. It is simple to play but have addiction and fun in playing. You have different places to play this game.

Into the Dead

IntoTheDead- most popular free android appsThis is one of the most popular game apps available on Android market. It has dark & attractive game graphics with nice music playing. Although it needs more RAM memory of your device to play this game app but it is really worth to play on your device. Start getting addiction of this game with real time fun. You will love weapons used to play in this game app. You will have access to more advance weapons by paying money to developers of this app.

Tiny Flashlight + LED

Tiny Flashlight   LED - most popular free android appsIt is excellent Flashlight app for your android device. It shows battery status and other options with eye-catching colorful environment. It has more light brightness than other flashlight apps. You will have more light modes in this app to use.

Pulse News

Pulse News - most popular free android appsIt is most popular news app over android market. It will provide your news reading experience like as newspaper reading. You can customize your resources for reading over this app. It has view on web option to view resources online. You can add different feeds to read on this app.


SoundHound- most popular free android appsIt is good music organizing app for users. It finds your music track very quickly. In this app you have location and sharing options to use. It will give a lot song info like as artist, lyrics etc. It is must have app for music lovers to have on android.

Street View on Google Maps

Street View on Google Maps - most popular free android appsIt is great app for viewing streets of various locations. Google street view supports in many countries for a better Maps experience. Via Google street view app you can see particular place and surroundings to a level as we see in our street. This is really innovative technology being developed by Google for better map and navigation purpose.


Hoping you will find these apps useful on your Android device. Let us know below in comments if you have any query.

Android Apps for College Students

In current time students have smart tablets and smartphones to enhance their life. These smart devices are very helpful for them to learn things in easy way. They can organize all things with the gadgets using some apps. We have found and tested some best android apps for college students. The apps are as below:-

Alarm Clock Free (ihandysoft inc)

Alarm Clock - Android Apps for College StudentsIt is cool looking alarm app which is very attractive for college students. This app will let you give experience of real life digital alarm clock on Android. It will not irritate you playing loud alarm sound in early morning hours. It will just help you in wake up with rooster noise. It has snooze button for you to set and listen alarm clock as per your need. Install this app from below link:-

eduPort – Lecture Watching Android Apps for college students

Eduport - Watch lectures Android Apps for College StudentsIt is good app for organizing and optimizing all important college lectures in one place. You can download lectures from subscribed Youtube channels for offline viewing. It has brought up all educational channels in one place. It is completely student targeted app to help them in easy learning. You need no more to stay at study table for learning. This app will teach you anytime anywhere. Install this app from below link:-

CamScanner – Phone PDF Creator (Camera to PDF making app)

CamScanner - Android Apps for College Students to scan documentsSometimes we found interesting material in a text-book. You can scan and save that particular text-book pages for future reading using this app. It will give you best quality scanning, image cropping and editing for making pdf file to read later. As a college student you will need creative learning every time. And this app will help you on the go researching, storing, analyzing research materials. Install this app from below link:-

Quipper Quiz

Quipper Quiz - Smart learn Quiz Android Apps for College StudentsIt is nice fun app having around thousands of questions to answer for students. It is one of the best education apps for learning purpose. This app has images, trivia to show you important queries in more easy way. Just download this app and have a lot of quiz to play & improve your knowledge. Install this app from below link:-

School Timetable Deluxe

Android Time table making Android Apps for College StudentsIt is a good study schedule making app. This app has both free and paid version to install. You can add class learning schedule and exam schedule to this app. Even you can schedule your homework with this app. This app make remember you school days timetable making thing. Install this app from below link:-

Tourist language learn and speak

Tourist language Android Apps for College StudentsYou want to learn a language? This app is very useful for learning language in a simple and effective way. With this app you can start making interactions with other language buddies over internet. You can help family members, friends and relatives to learn foreign languages using this app. With this app you can start being an audio learner with ease. Install this app from below link:-

Mind Games (mindware consulting inc.)

Mind Games - Android Apps for College StudentsThis app is basically fun game app for mind exercise. It is useful for students to improve their mental skills with fun playing. It will make you more efficient in problem solving. Now you can start adding mental development in spare time. This app works on learning while playing concept. Install this app from below link:-

FreeNote 7.9.8 (Free note app – create class note, home notes)

freenote - Android Apps for College StudentsIt is smart customized note taking app for students. You can input via keyboard or handwritten notes in this app. You can add text, paint, audio, image or video in a form of Note. It has calendar view to see all taken notes. You can export these notes as PDF file which is great for students to share & later use. As a student you can write formula, drawings, diagrams to use with this app. Install this app from below link:-

Math Formulary (Math Learning app)

Math formulary - Android Math Apps for College StudentsIt is good solution for all your math formulas, concepts, theories etc. You can find all important math related resources in this app. It will help you in math as dictionary does in our learning. You can learn Algebra, Geometry, Analysis, Logic related math in this app. It has complete math related learning material is organized & easy to learn. Install this app from below link:-

Fitness Buddy : 300+ Exercises (For health and fitness)

Fitness Buddy - Android app for college studentsIt is good app for college students which will train them physically as Gym trainer. It has hundreds of exercises for healthy body. You can watch exercise with moving pictures to do exercise for health and fitness in the app. It is cool workout app for college going students. This app has both free and paid version to install. Install this app from below link:-

Let us know in below comments if you have query or suggestion regarding this app list.

How to Recover Deleted photos from Android

Sometimes we need to recover our photos which got deleted by mistake. Lets assume your younger brother has played game on android phone and they deleted important photos accidentally on your device. It will really hurt you to lose your family tours, special event photos stored on android device. You need not to worry in such case, Just you need to know how to recover deleted photos from Android devices.

First thing is that when we delete any photo in android, it doesn’t erase that file actually on disk. So there are chances of recovering a recently deleted photos in Android. For this purpose you have to try some methods which might work well for your deleted photos recovery.

know how to recover deleted photos on Android:-

Using Recovery Tools Available Online

(i) 7 Data Android recovery tool:- It is good recover tool for Android files recovering as photos, documents, e-mails etc. various file types. This tool is having good user reviews for recovering task. It is 100% virus free and privacy supporting. It supports recovery on a lot of android phone and tablet devices.

(ii) SD Memory Card Recovery:- There are many recover tool for android file recovery. This tool is dedicated for SD Memory card files recovery which has been corrupted, formatted or been Deleted. It supports SD Card, Micro SD, SDHC, XD Picture Card, Memory Stick Memory etc. card types. If you want to recover photos which was on SD card, then this tool will help you more efficiently.

Using Google play store apps for rooted Android device

(i) DiskDigger undelete/recover

DiskDigger Recover Deleted photos from Android Devices

This app works for recovering deleted photos. It takes time in scanning of files. This app even works better with corrupted files to recover. What more we can expect from a free app. It gives more pleasure to see your deleted photos via this app. It is very easy to use app but works 100% as they promised. This is one of best deleted data recovery app we found in Google play store.

(ii) Hexacomb recovery Lite *ROOT*

Hexamob Recovery Recover Deleted photos from Android DevicesIt is life saving app for your accidentally deleted photos recovering. It required your android device to rooted for recovery. It has both free and paid version to use. Its paid version has much more features to recover files. It is another good app for recovering your deleted photos on android device.


This Youtube Video has a new.tec file recovery method to recover deleted files over Android:-

Recover deleted images on Android devices

Enable Recycle bean option for Your Android Device to keep safe images:-

All above methods are post deleted process of recovering images or file. Alternatively we can have install Recycle bin on Android as we have on our computers. Dumpster Recycle bin and Android Recycle bin is good apps for making recycle bin on your Android device. The main focus key for success of recovering your Android images or other files are that you should try to recover them as soon as possible.

Best Android Photo Editing App List for Cool Edits

In current internet era we all need more content to show our feelings, thoughts, useful resources to anyone. And social media boom is motivating anyone to post images, videos to share their views. So everyone want to represent images in a meaningful way to the communities. Android has a lot of free apps available to do these image effects and edits on the move. All these apps will help you a lot in editing images effectively.

Here is best android photo editing apps as below


PicsArt-Photo Studio

PicsArt app - Best Android Photo Editing App

It is good app to do photo editing task anytime anywhere. There are cool Photo editing effects in this app. Whether you are a photo designer or a college student learning things, It is good app to start things for practice. It has good features like as inserting text, frame adding, cool stickers, Clone stamp, cropping, photo collages etc. It is good app for improving your photography skills and creativity with ease. Its collage frames are really lovely thing to do edit photos. No doubt artists are a fan of this app but even normal users can do nice photo editing with this app. All above features bring this app to our list of best android photo editing apps.

Expected Improvement: - You need to cautious in photo edit because it may merge all layers by mistake.

Installation:- Install it from Google PlayStore


Photofunia - Best Android Photo Editing App

This app will let you make funny and creative pictures more easily. It has professional editing options for users. It is small file size app to download and install. It will be plus point for users who don’t want large file size app for photo fun. You will have hundreds of effects to apply on your picture. There are Diptych, Graffiti text, Wooden Sign, Badges, Chalk Writing, Sand writing & more lap option for you to edit images. You can edit your pictures with its cool filters with a single tap. It has much more features like as cards, posters, galleries, photography, faces, billboards, celebrities, frames, drawings, vintage, magazines, professions, movies, tv, books etc. No doubt it is best android photo editing app with its wider options to select.

Expected Improvement: - It takes little extra time in editing, applying effects on pictures.

Installation:- Install it from Google PlayStore


Vignette - Best Android Photo Editing App

It is wonderful photo edit app on android market place. It has both trial and paid version for users to download. It has different shooting modes available for you to take pictures. In this app you can set resolution quality for photo shoot. You can set exposure as much as you want with this camera photo taking app. It will give you experience much like a professional software edit (Photoshop) options on the move. You can take pictures in advance ways by this app. It is really useful for you if you love taking nice snap around you. You can edit the same picture with multiple effects and save them. It is a best android photo editing app for taking pictures from camera.

Expected Improvement: - In camera photo taking it shows some blur in photos.

Installation:- Install it from Google PlayStore


Cymera - Best Android Photo Editing App

It is good app for taking quality pictures and making some eye-catching edits on your picture. It has cool features such as adding text and changing hair/eye colors to your photos. You will love effects, editing modes options in this app. It has auto face detection option when you take any picture by camera. It has a good collection of camera lenses and filters option for you. In this app you have two option shown on first opened screen. First option will let you take new pictures using camera and do settings for edit picture when taking. Second option will let you browse already taken pictures available in your phone gallery. From gallery you can browse pictures in organized way.

Expected Improvement: - flash option, resolution setting option is missing.

Installation:- Install it from Google PlayStore

Photo Editor

Photo Editor - Best Android Photo Editing App

It is simple & easy to use photo editing app. In this app you can add custom font by copy & paste font in phone SD card Photo editor>>font folder. For more customization of font we can create custom characters as per our need using private character editor. This app will edit your images keeping them in high quality. You can use this app for editing gallery images or you can take new snap using your camera app. You can create new image file as per your need setting image size dimensions and color. There are a lot of effects to apply for making changes to your images.

Expected Improvement: - Need some more fonts for app.

Installation:- Install it from Google PlayStore


PhotoGrid - Best Android Photo Editing App

It is fun and easy to do photo edit task with this app. It has filters, layouts, frames and college making options to do with your pictures. You will have awesome frames with color and size customization in this app. You can create HD images out of your normal pictures via this app. It has much more features than you can expect in free apps. Lazy persons can also do good edits via this app. It is cool app for editing and sharing pictures over Instagram. In this app you can download images from Instagram app.

Expected Improvement: - We are expecting more stickers and filters in this app.

Installation:- Install it from Google PlayStore


Hoping these apps will help you in making edits on images you want to make more creative & fun sharing. Let me know in below comments if you have any questions, suggestion about these apps.

Free Fun Android Games Apps For You to Play More- (Part-II)

Hoping you have enjoyed our first list of Free Android Game apps , In meanwhile we have tested some more cool game apps for you to entertain more. Below is all game apps which will entertain you in your spare time with your family, friends or relatives:-

Pool Billiards

Pool Billiards (Small)

Features:- It is easy to operate cool billiards game playing app for Android. The ball’s moment is OK to have good playing experience as we have in real life. There are arcade mode and lot of levels to play in this app. You will enjoy playing game levels having much more fun. Set the ball to go for a shot by tapping on right side slide button panel. You can adjust how strong the shot should be to play with this button. It is a good time killer game with nice strategies to play. The shooting pad is more sensitive in playing game. The game environment is eye cooling one. You have stronger player against you (Computer). Computer has more impressive shot playing in it.

Dark Side of Game:- You need to play hard to defeat computer as it having more advanced shots to play in this app. And there are some rules which is not right in this game. But overall you will have decent game playing with it.


Install it from Google Play Store

Space Wars 3D

SpaceWars3D (Small)

Features:- Even if you are not a space war loving type person, this game app will entertain you by its good graphics and tilt game controlling to play it. It was never before easy to play space war game this way. It has nice and rocking music playing during game fight. You will enjoy the fast control system to fight with aliens. In this game app killing enemies is act of fun. You have missiles showing lower right side to kill all aliens in one attack. I will suggest you to use them in critical situations only. In game playing you will see changing colorful game environment which is much more lovely for entertaining our soul. When alien hits you someway it give some cool sound alert which is another plus point of the game.

Dark Side of Game:- Nothing special negative found in this app beside ad showing when you start playing. But it doesn’t effect your main game playing environment.


Install it from Google Play Store

Rivals at War

Rivals At War (Small)

Features:- Do you like playing challenging game apps? This game app will surely make you challenge to win. It is a good strategy game with cool graphic in it. You have to make better matchmaking in-game for better fight experience. You will enjoy fighting in-game like general & commando operations seen in movies. You have to focus on creating team of good soldiers. For this you will have option to select soldiers, tactics, team uniforms and team patch. You will have nice explanation of game setup and playing patterns in this app. You will get live base military support & instruction in-game playing. Game graphics will load smoothly to make the environment more enjoyable.

Dark Side of Game:-Ad showing is intrusive in this app but still you will enjoy it.


Install it from Google Play Store

World At Arms

World At Arms (Small)

Features:- It is a nice war game app for your android device. It is really fun game to make you addiction for playing.  You can create income buildings as well in this app for getting your financial strength during war. You will be recruiter of new military unit to fight. After this select campaign and start fight. The player has option to use tanks, planes and troops for fight. You can make your own army force to fight action for real fun. Friends can also be invited in this game app. You will see notifications coming in-game environment for better assisting you to play it. See your enemies face to face in battle field in single view screen. The missile attacking is very attractive act in this war game app.

Dark Side of Game:- After installation it need some more files to be download. Just you have to be patience, nothing more than that.


Install it from Google Play Store

Funny Jump

Funny Jump (Small)

Features:- It is a fun game app. It is easy to play game. It has nice graphics and entertaining game sound. It has two game modes classic and halloween to play. In starting jumps are very easy & fun act to do. Later some jumps are really challenging for player. It is addictive game for playing & more fun. You will have some cool playing experience in this app. It is amazing and wonderful game experience to share with friends, family and relatives. If you missed in jump, You will die with a fun in this app. For sure children will be very happy to play such a game app.

Dark Side of Game:- It would be nice if there is jump height control in this app. It jumps high sometimes causing you to lose in app.


Install it from Google Play Store

Air Navy Fighters Lite

Airy Navy Fighters Lite (Small)

Features:- It is good game app for enjoying air force missions on your android device. It has a wonderful take off plane act in-game playing. Here you will see nice button to operate fighter plane. It is nice game to play and make some action on air. You will have combat Pilot role in this app to enjoy fun flying a fighter plane. This game app has awesome graphics & sound playing for missions. You will have camera control and screenplay in this app. It is challenging aircraft app for you to enjoy more. You will see nice menu icons to select and play the game. You have to select campaign out of many available for you in this app. In startup it will give you campaign overview in brief.

Dark Side of Game:- We found nothing special beside some ad showing. Which is the normal thing in free apps.


Install it from Google Play Store

Cell Planet

Cell Planet (Small)

Features:- Here is another good tower defense game for you. It will kill all your spare time for playing fun. In this game app you will have new campaign and missions to compete with enemies. This game app has reward system as well to promote you for better playing performance. It has glowing game graphics with awesome look and nice music playing in background as extra benefit. You have to keep enemies away from your wall in this app. You have to tap on enemies to kill them before they reach to your defending wall. You can share score with your friends on social networks if you have done something good with this app.

Dark Side of Game:- As we know the common thing with free game apps, You have to face ad showing in this app.


Install it from Google Play Store

Rope N Fly

Rope N Fly (Small)

Features:- Do you really loved Spiderman stunts in their movie series? No doubt most of us enjoyed those stunts. This game app giving us chance to have some stunts to do similar to Spiderman does. It is small challenging game for fun play. It is good basic concept game for better time passing at recreation time. It has nice game graphics with some tall buildings to do stunts. You need to tap on building to do stunt. After game played you will see game score onscreen with very easiness.

Dark Side of Game:- It shows ad on top while playing the game. Although it doesn’t disturb game environment.


Install it from Google Play Store


Vector (Small)

Features:- It is a nice game app with nice sound and graphics. It gives thrilling experience in-game play. The first game play screen is very exciting explaining the game theme to us. You have to do nice stunts and moves in this game. You have to select location when you start to play this game app. Your game performance will unlock story levels for you in this game app. You have to swipe up to jump and have fun playing this app. It have both free and paid version to download. You will enjoy the nice game strategy plan.

Dark Side of Game:- You have to compete same level again and again to unlock moves in free version.


Install it from Google Play Store

Let me know in below comments if you have any query regarding these apps playing. I will be happy to help you.

Free Fun Android Games For You to Play More- (Part-I)

Whole gaming industry is focusing on developing games to play on handheld devices. All devices having Android, iOS or Windows OSs are likely providing users more entertainment with easiness. Many people assume that it is the future of gaming consoles, But we can’t say that right now. However playing game apps on handheld devices are really entertaining thing. Here is some Free Android Game Apps For You to Play More:-


Castle Clash

It is a nice strategy game. It has a lot of levels & gameplay options in this game. Mainly in-game you have to attack & defense enemy. It is a good graphics with easy to do controls. You need to be patience to play game Or you can pay money to play it more quickly. You should put army on field carefully because after put out army you can’t use them to attack more places. It has replay button to view action again. It has nice playing sound in-game. In game shop you can buy treasure, shield, decoration etc. items to play game in more advance way.

Castle Clash

Dark Side of Game

It is some difficult for beginners to play it.


Download it from Play Store



Mega Polis

It is a good graphics game with lovely music tracks playing in it.It has wide range of buildings to build. You need to be more patience or money to complete those projects. You will given continuous task in game to play, So it will make you addict of playing it. You can add neighbors via Facebook to this game and can get more gifts from them. Playing game in upper level is more difficult to play which is good for game lover to find challenges every time in game playing. You will get rewards to play game daily. It is good game if you love to do creative work.

Mega Polis



Dark Side of Game

It shows ads which is annoying.


Download it from Play Store



Undead Slayer

It is a nice fun game to play.It has good graphics in game with clear view game experience. It challenges you repetitively in game to make you addict of this game. It is a good RPG game for more playing fun. This game has two playing mode – Story mode and Extreme mode. New beginners can play better with story mode playing. You can kill your many enemies at a single stroke. The game armor & weapons are cool to play game. It has a good combat system with funny characters to play. You can select game stage in a map shown in game UI. Overall it is good game to play for fun.

Undead Slayer

Dark Side of Game:-

First time using controls will make you hard to do. Later it works fine as you practice with it.


Download it from Play Store



Blood and Glory(NR)

It has awesome game graphics to experience real gaming. Game controls are very smooth to operate it easily. There are tutorials for new players to learn how to play it. There is encouraging sound when the game is playing. Its movements and mechanics are excellent to play with more fun. You can fight like as Spartans in your device via this game. It is a good action game for players. You have shield to defend your spartan from enemy. It is good experience of playing action game on a handheld device rather than computer.

Blood and Glory

Dark side of Game:-

It takes some time in loading the game but still nice to play.


Download it from Play Store



Clash of Lords

It is easy to play game in spare time. It has cool graphics and rocking sound playing while game is on. You need to tap on items to fight in this game.You can select treasure, military, shield, resources, defense related items available in shop. You can zoom via pinching on-screen. You can build your own virtual assets in this game. It is the basic concept behind this game. Attack on person and get your rewards in easy way. It has good reward system in higher level gaming.

Clash of Lords

Dark side of Game

You will receive low percentage of shown reward inside game.


Download it from Play Store



Drag Racing 4×4

It is a simple racing car game. It is nice graphics game with some cool graphics & sound effects in it. To play this game tap on race padel shown in beginning and shift gears easily. In this game you can go your garage like we go in other racing games. It is fun and easy game to compete with others. You can use Nitro power boost during race. We can play this game in offline mode as well.

Drag Racing 4x4

Dark side of Game

It has less car options to select. We need more cars in this game.


Download it from Play Store



Dark Avenger

It is a nice graphic game. It is a good game with easy controls & cool effects viewing while playing. The early game levels are easy to play for fun. Later it becomes more challenging. It has different game playing mode like as Single Player, Infinity Tower, Death Match, Boss RAID etc. You can play Infinity Tower in this game to kill some boss. Its dark game environment make it more attractive for game playing. In beginning you can start with playing as Single Player to practice playing perfectly.

Dark Avenger

Dark Side of Game

After killing boss You will not receive any item. We all expect something there.


Download it from Play Store



Zombie World War

It is a nice game with decent graphics. It is easy to play game selecting from Easy, hard or nightmare modes. It shows unlocked stages to select & play game. You will get awesome shooting gun for zombies which fires strongly. It is fun to kill zombies in early levels. It is lovely game for gun shooters. You can shoot zombies to earn coins to buy Weapons in this game. You can plan your strategy  & start shooting mindlessly in this game. Overall it is awesome zombie defense game.

Zombie World War

Dark Side of Game

Ad showing is an annoying thing in this game. But it doesn’t show ad when playing game.


Download it from Play Store



Dragon Village

It is lovely and fun game to play. If anyone is there dragon lover than this game is awesome for them. It is about caring and making dragon more stronger. It has good story line in game to play. You can manage all dragon activities in this game. You can raise your dragon army for getting more power to play. You can get gems, eggs as rewarded thing in this game.

Dragon Village

Dark side of Game

You can’t play this game offline.


Download it from Play Store



Bike Race Free

It is a nice bike racing game. It seems very simple game at first sight. But when we start playing this game it show us real challenge in bike racing. It has multiplayer option with Facebook. So you can invite your friends to play this game with you. You have many bikes to play in this game. Specially kids love this game app very much. Don’t underestimate this game, it is really challenging while we play it.

Bike Race Free

Dark Side of Game

Game playing sound should be more entertaining.


Download it from Play Store



We are working with some more game apps which we will publish in its II part. Let us know in below comments if you have any query regarding using these apps.

Free Android Apps useful For You–(Part II)

Hoping you have enjoyed previous list of Free Android apps useful for you. In meanwhile we have reviewed some more apps for you to use in daily life. These apps will help you in doing health exercises, product awareness, Social networking & sharing, Reading and entertainment doing in your spare time. Lets use and enjoy apps as per your requirements:-


1. Google Goggles

Google Goggle Scannig patternIt is good scanner from Google itself. It does text and image analyzing very smoothly. It quickly scans text over a image. It has option to focus on a particular area of image while scanning. It is a handy tool to describe things in easy way.

Anyone can get some search results similar to the object they will scan. Say if you scan image of your arm it will show you some images showing arm in it. It is good way to search directly similar images over internet which you seeing happening around yourself.

Dark Side:-

It uses a lot of device resources like CPU & battery


Install it from Google Play Store



2. Path

PathThis is good app for social networking. Many people do believe this app as Social Networking need of coming future. It is a private and personal type app for your Social Networking need. Video uploading is very easy with this app.

You can integrate your Twitter, Facebook and Instagram activity in this single app. You can playback song which is being played by your friends in current. It has option to delete chat you have made with any contact. This app is having cool UI to use. Using this app you can update your friends about the stuff you doing right now.

To use this app you need to register on this app if you haven’t a account there already. It is a all in one solution for your social networking from single app.

Dark Side:-



Install it from Google Play Store





3. Vine

VineIt is popular app based on Vine service. (For who aren’t aware about it) Vine is a popular small video service lasting in few seconds. It is very popular over Twitter. It is a smooth app to record videos in High Quality. It keeps running in background when you start it. This app loads very smoothly while using.

It has clear look and easy to set up for first time use. It loads feed in a timely manner. There are Feed, Activity, Explore and profile tabs in up of the app. You can manage all things to do via this panel. You can add tag, add more people, sound with your vine account. You can enable video sync with this app.

Use volume keys to zoom in this app. It has instant capture widget to capture videos in real time.

Dark Side:-

It has lack of Front Camera support for video creation.


Install it from Google Play Store



4. RunKeeper

RunKeeperYou are the person who don’t like to go Gym? Don’t worry You can manage physical activities at your own via using this app. Do nice & lovely activities with the app. You can keep track of all activities you doing to burn calories in exercises.  It is useful if you are habitual in daily walking, running, jogging activities. You can set your to do Goals, Targets and challenges with this app. It is user friendly app with fast loading speed. It uses GPS tracking to show exact data to calculate walk or running distance.

To use this app you can signup with Email or Facebook. There are different options for users to use like as Runner, Cyclist, Walker etc. You have to setup things in app first time as Birthdate, Activity Type, Weight and Gender of yours. You can set your workouts like training plans, one offs, Target pace etc. This app will instruct you in real time via audio.

Dark Side:-

Sometime GPS signal lost may cause wrong measurement of distance.


Install it from Google Play Store





5. Digg

DIGGIt is official app for using Digg on android devices. It has been launched recently on Google Play Store by Digg itself. It is simple and clean app to use. You can make Mark as read to all items you read there in app. It shows Digg top stories on first screen. You can add feed to read with Digg via options. You can find feeds available on Digg already to read. It is a good online reader app for users who love specially Digg with their quality reading experience.

You need to tap on image to read full story on this app. In the app text viewing experience is clear & easy to understandable. You can Digg stories via selecting icon on top right side of app when reading stories. You can share your favorite topics over Digg via different options like as ChatOn, WhatsApp, SMS, Snote, Flipboard, Google+, bluetooth, Skype etc.

Dark Side:-

1. Lack of option to view only undead items.

2. Lack of support of Landscape view for reading.


Install it from Google Play Store



6. Wunderlist

WunderlistIt is one of the best To Do List app on Google Play Store. It will help you in organizing your daily life. You can set reminder time alert with different to do tasks. It have simple to use and edit tool to arrange all tasks. You can make your tasks list in categories like Shopping List, Work, Movies, Wish List Or you can custom made your own category there. You can sync your to do lists over different devices and different platforms in a easy manner. You can keep track of your all activities you have done or must have to do in specific time.

You will need to sign in to do sync of all To Do with other devices or platforms. As the task completes you can mark them as completed by simply selecting checkbox.

Dark Side:-

It should have Google Calendar integration with this app. It is currently not available in app.


Install it from Google Play Store





7. Pocket Soccer

PocketSoccerIt is a easy to play fun game app. It is a small game but make us addictive while playing and it is very good to play in spare time. Its boards, Tournaments are awesome to play. You can play game at fast or slow speed.

This game app has Single Player, Two Player & Training mode available to play. In Single Player Game option you can select game difficulty levels such as Easy, Medium, Hard. There are different countries Teams listed in game interface. You need to select by tapping on them. Game sounds are nice to give real game experience while playing.

Dark Side:-

It shows ads in start up. Although it doesn’t trouble much.


Install it from Google Play Store

8. Glow Hockey

Glow HockeyIt is smooth to play game app. It has Glowing graphics in dark environment of game which looks awesome. It is a challenging game to make more fun while playing game. This is a good concept game app. This app has cool effects which works great even on small screen size devices. This game app has both free and paid options for users. In paid version users get 2 player option on same device, championship mode, ten table themes etc. features.

This game has Insane, Hard, Medium and easy levels to play. There are 7 goals score is target to win by any team. It has nice sound effects in game playing. It has nice lightning effects in game playing.

Dark side:-

It shows ad while game playing but not disturbing one.


Install it from Google Play Store







9. Tap Tap Revenge –4

TapTapRevenge4IIIt is awesome app to play with music. It have a lot of songs to enjoy with it. It has good graphics while playing the app. You can play 4 different levels Easy, Medium, Hard and extreme. Top on bubbles etc. coming out of the three light lines showing in image here. It will entertain you in tapping & playing music with this app.

It is very rocking experience to play with this music app. After playing the song it shows score & earnings in the app.

Dark side:-

It is very fast to play while tapping on all three points.


Install it from Google Play Store





10. Chess For Android

Chess for AndroidIt is a Minimal UI app for playing chess game. It is a nice game app for doing mind exercise. Its lower level of game are also difficult for beginners. You need to play hard to beat it even at easy level. It makes difficult move in play. It has simple look with good graphics in it.

It has easy to play environment for gaming. There is Undo, Redo move options to play. It takes time in responding moves… And shows “Thinking” status, which makes it more real in playing.

Dark Side:-

It is challenging game even for beginners. For beginners it should be more easy to play.


Install it from Google Play Store






11. 1Minutelate

1MinutelateIt is kind of concept app which will tell others about your current location and arriving status. It is a small size app for your android device. It is useful to let know others about your current location using GPS signals.

You can send annonation to your friends about your reaching at a specific place saying I am at flyover, I am in parking..etc. Send link of your location to friends using Bluetooth, Email, Facebook, Google +, Skype, WhatsApp etc. You can view shared map in browser version also.

It is must have app if you are traveling person. It make others happy to see your current arriving status.

Dark Side:-

You can see ad showing in image. This is annoying to see ad in app but it doesn’t disturb you in using it.


Install it from Google Play Store





12. Layar

Layar - QR Code Scanner2It is a good QR Code scanning app to read QR Codes instantly.

To use this app you need to tap on screen to scan a code. It will scan the QR code or image codes & will show you results.

In this image this app is reading QR code on a webpage instantly.

Dark Side:-

Currently it need more improvements to work it smoothly.


Install it from Google Play Store


If you have any query regarding use of these apps please let us know in below comments. Or You can give us more suggestions about useful apps for Android devices.