Use Kies Air App for Sharing Content Between Computer & Mobile

Samsung kies air app is really great App. It comes with many features for sharing or managing files without USB . There is no need to install software on your computer for sharing. Your computer and mobile device should be connected through same Wi-Fi network. If you don’t have Wi-fi connection then you can use your Android Mobile phone as Wi-fi Hotspot. Then connect another device or computer to your Android HotSpot, Transferring files from Samsung Kies Air is faster then Bluetooth and have almost good speed as on USB.

With Kies Air you can manage your device easily without connecting any wires to your pc. Once your Samsung device and your PC or any Other phone are connected to same wi-fi network, you can manage contents of your phone.

  • Android To Android file transfer using Wi-Fi
  • Transfer files from android to Computer (Windows, Mac)
  • View and sync contacts with Outlook, Google or Yahoo
  • Transfer any file between PC and the device
  • Browse through your music, videos and pictures
  • Manage ringtones and bookmarks
  • Read your messages
  • View your call log
  • Create playlists and much more

Manage or share Content using Samsung Kies Air on same wi-fi network

  1. If you don’t have Kies Air App on your Samsung Phone then install Samsung Kies Air App on your Mobile Phone from Google Play
  2. After installing Open Samsung Kies Air  from applications and Click on Start, Now Kies Air is ready on your mobile device (If you didn’t connected to wi-fi then it will ask you for connect to wi-fi or connect Portable wi-fi hotspot, choose wi-fi hotspot if you didn’t have wi-fi network near you). Click on start, Now you will see following screenshot on your mobile as seen below in image (Image may be different on newer version).

    kies air app- Samsung Kies Air 192 168 8080 apps kies air main

    kies air

  3. Open your desktop browser and enter address shown on your Kies Air App on screen (as my phone showing Now Kies Air App will ask you for pin, enter pin appeared on android device. You are successfully connected with Kies Air, Browser will ask you about JAVA applet. Allow it, if you have java installed, Without JAVA you can’t transfer files in bulk.
  4. For sending files to your phone select upload files and upload files which you want on your mobile device. For download file on your computer select file or folders and click on download. See interface below in image.

    Kies air 192 168 8080 apps kies air main

    kies air


Note: If you don’t have java installed on your computer then you are limited to upload single file up to 100 MB. For multiple files support download java to your computer.

Sharing files Between Mobiles using Samsung Kies Air using inbuilt wi-fi hotspot

It works on any device as if you want sharing content between your Samsung phone and other phone then open another phones browser and type address all files are available on other device. Now same to select file and click download, file will be downloaded to your another device. To send file to Samsung phone click on Upload to upload file from your Phone. After successful upload file is on your Samsung Phone.

Sharing Between Android Device Using Kies Air App

Kies Air app added more features on it, Now Kies Air app let you transfer files between two mobile devices. Data Transferring rate in wifi is 54mbps to 150 mbps (More faster in newer versions with dual antenna) and it is faster than Bluetooth. Hence it is very good idea to share files using kies air.

Why Use Kies Air App for sharing files between Android mobiles

  • Faster data transfer than Bluetooth
  • No need to connect mobile to USB cable
  • HD movies are larger in size (5 minute video is approx. 100MB)
  • Sharing contacts and bulk content made easy
  • No dependency on computers

So above are the main factors which make Kies Air App useful for every one.

To use Kies Air Between Android devices, just swipe left on kies air app, now it will ask you to connect another device on same wifi network. Connect and start sharing files.

If you have installed kies air on one device then swipe left two times on Kies air app interface. Now enter shown URL on antoher and android device, connect and share.


If you have any Question you can ask below in Comments.

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  1. I downloaded latest java but i can only upload one by one?

  2. Is it possible to connect PC to mobile when kies is using inbuilt wifi hotspot. If yes then how.

  3. yes it is possible > Open your Kies Air App on your mobile then tap on Start, Now tap on “Portable Wi-Fi hotspot”.Now enter shown url in browser where you want to access or share files. Please make sure your another device (computer or mobile) is connected through your mobile wi-fi.

  4. what dioes it mean if i keep getting this message when i try to link? -Your search – Oops! Google Chrome could not connect to – did not match any documents

    • enter displayed url on Kies air app (, if still doesn’t work then make sure that your computer (or device you using) is connected to same Wi-Fi network or use inbuilt wi-fi hotspot. when you type address in browser then Kies Air app on phone will ask you about confirmation of device connection, allow it.

      If you still unable to connect then tell me which android phone you using.

      • phone: samsung galaxy s III att
        browser: tried safari 5, internet explorer 9, and mozilla firefox
        i disabled the firewall for norton internet security 2012
        i followed the directions on the kies air program on my laptop for trouble shooting kies air with no dice
        problem: my laptop does not see my phone. i cannot use my phone as a wifi hotspot, because i have unlimited data, and att wont allow me.

        any ideas how i can use kies air. i dont want ot use a usb cable because i am afraid of getting viruses.

        • switch of your wifi and disable mobile data on your mobile . Now Open your Kies Air app on your phone, now tap on Start. You will get two options wi-fi and Portable wi-fi hotspot. tap on Portable wi-fi hotspot. Now enable personal hotspot. Connect your pc to your android hotspot, then enter url shown on your kies air app……. i hope it will work for you.

  5. hi with regards to your above post the keis hotspot which is created what is the wep pass word for it !! my macbook asks for password while trying to connect .thanks in advance

  6. Sometimes it works, usually not. It does not detect any other devices even though both the phone and computer are connected to the same WiFi network.

  7. Should it work when my PC is connected via cable to router and my phone using wi-fi to the same router? I can not connect. Thank you.

    • yes it will work if your pc and mobile connected on same wi-fi router. enter address correctly in browser as shown on your Kies Air app. It will ask on your mobile to allow access, please allow it.

  8. Kies air just won’t load, no matter which of my 3 computers i use. If it ever does load after ages waiting, it is impossible to transfer files/photos etc. I never had any joy even with my previous phone (galaxy s1) I now have galaxy s2 19100. Great shame, good phone let down by rubbish software/app

  9. plz ,, i must download kies air in my computer ??? cuz so meny time try use kies air but nothing,, its open in my galaxy 2 and i see my wi-fi but no conect ,, plz give me the solution. gr

    • Download Kies Air on your Android device and follow steps i described in article above……… It will surely work. But make sure your both devices are connected on same wifi network if note on same network then user your device wifi hotspot to direct sharing to your pc…. connect to personal hotspot and access data…..

  10. How do I get java to work on my mac to kies air, they don’t seem to be talking to each other. Thanks in advance. This is my first Galaxy s3.

  11. can i connect my samsung galaxy y to my pc via bluetooth for internet ,if yes thn how

  12. How Do I use it on my Samsung Galaxy Nexus S? I don’t find it’s supported on Nexus series. Have any idea?

  13. psychosomatic_2

    Can this app be used with my PS3 60GIG ?,,, i am trying to set up my galaS3 and its not acknowledging the ps3 on the same network please help.

  14. Meredith Allison

    Hi Surendra, I was attempting to read through all comments here to see if you’ve answered my question but I can’t seem to find the time to read through them all. I did just send you a tweet so hopefully between the two you’ll see my question. I had all but given up waiting for ICS but now that we’re on to jellybean I figured I should at least give it a shot manually. I didn’t realize what Klies was for (figured it was just more useless bloatware but apparently not). I opened the app, I’m connected to my home PC wifi. I entered the URL I was shown upon opening the app (I entered this on my SGSII) I read elsewhere that I can not get the update with Klies app but according to your post here, that’s not true. After I entered URL nothing happened, just a white page. Can you explain to me what step I might be missing? Do I need to go to my PC and work from there? Apologies for what is likely common knowledge to you (but to me this is like a foreign language)

  15. if i already transfered many photos and videos to my computer through kies air and mobile samsung gt8910..and i lost my computer can i open them from any other computer or i have any other solutions to get my videos and photos back..thank u so much

  16. Hi Surendra,

    I’m trying to get Kiesair to work (Galaxy S3 and Win7 PC) but Kies air fails to find my pc when scanning for devices. Both are using the same wi-fi network at my home. Any suggestions?

  17. hi there,
    the connection between mobile and Mac worked a treat once. Now whenever I type in the URL I get a blank page in my browsers? Should it be a new URL every time?
    regards Jason

  18. Im trying 2 connect my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 my laptop, i tryed downloading, but that never worked, i can use the internet through my usb cable using tethering and portable hotspot, but when i try 2 connect through the samsung kies already on my phone its got a pic of a phone and computer with green dots in the middle it trying 2 connect then it says underneath connect 2 the same network then enter url in browser, but when i do that on my computer it jst gives me opptions like, http192. download software: converter. & http photoshow-android. Do you know what else i can do and when it says connect 2 the same network, my phones Vodafone and my dongle 4 laptop is 3 does that make any difference. I wld be glad of your help because i wnt 2 put pics and stuff frm my phone 2 my laptop. thank you

  19. Hi,
    My computer has a wired gigabit Ethernet connection to my wireless router which on the other hand has a WiFi connection to my Samsung S2. I don’t seem to be able to connect my mobile phone to my PC using Kies Air. Is it because my computer is not using a WiFi connection? But my computer and the phone are any way in the same IP subnet, so how would KiesAir know that they are not in the same Wifi network? Is there any way to make this work? Thanks!

  20. Will this work on my iPad 1 if so where do I download the iPad app to link my iPad to my pc laptop it works fine on my galaxy s ii thanks!

  21. thz ws a gud netwrk to utalise itt thrgh

  22. Hi, I have wired internet connection on my laptop and i dont have any data internet connection on my S3 phone, so I want to use my laptop internet connection to my S3 either through wired or wifi… I tried using connectify, but is is slow…. does Kies software on my laptop has any option of transferring my laptop internet to my samsung galaxy s3.

  23. Dear Surendra Kumar,

    Really you are doing wonderful service for all persons, whoever have asked doubts. I really want you to appreciate for your work. Keep moving with your work…….. Regards, Ali.

  24. Dear Surendra,
    I connected my Samsung S2 with my laptop using Kies Air and I could view the contacts and msgs on my laptop.I m not sure if I did backup of my phone data(contacts,msgs etc).Now the S2 is factory resetted.Is it still possible to get my contacts & msgs back to my new S3.Pl advise with step by step process.Awaiting for your reply.If their is not process, can I get the infor from KIES ? Thanks& Regards,Santosh

  25. I have purchased Samsung galaxy S advance 3days back. I want to use my pc(with OS Win7) network with my phone.

    Steps Done so far:
    1. Installed the Samsung PC suite on my PC
    2. Connected phone to the PC through USB cable
    3. Selected Setting->Wireless and network->Tethering and portable hotspot->USB tethering

    But I am not getting the pc network to phone.

    Is there any setting more to be done or i have to something more?

  26. Hi Surendra
    i am trying to edit or delete from my contact list name or number i see edit + delete both are blurred only people on skype or email can be edit or delete using kies air + galaxy exibit 4g also on the bottom left page of Kies air were the speaker is no sound at all
    thank you for your help

  27. I’m having no trouble connecting through a browser but I’m interested in the system tray app which seems to notify when a new text message arrives. The system tray app does not seem able to see my phone. Likewise on my phone if I search for a kies air server nothing is found. Any ideas?

    • check phone permissions, remember your computer on android phone.

      • Which permissions? When I connect through the browser it pops up a prompt on the phone which I accept so I can see the data in a browser. However the system tray app still cannot see any phones

        • I have seen many other people with the same issue so am of the opinion that Kies Air Message just doesn’t work. For now I’musing AirDroid

        • kies air is browser based mobile management service through wifi

          • You are not listening to what I am saying, there is a system tray component called KIES AIR MESSAGE. It is not browser based and I believe is intended to tell you when you get calls and text messages, something which would be very useful to me. However it doesn’t work at all. When I get a chance I may harass Samsung

  28. I downloaded kies air and went through the whole installation and I can view my Samsung galaxy SII calendar and contacts, but how do I sync it with outlook through the web browser – I am using firefox and as I said I can view everything so it is connecting to my phone but how do I sync it with outlook

  29. hi there! it doesn’t work for me. I did follow your instruction. but my phone didn’t ask me about the confirmation of device connection. it also said the “enter URL in browser”. I typed it on my browser (I use chrome), but nothing happened.

  30. I want to share my mobile data but i have faced problem

  31. hey , dude
    jus wanna know dat if i want to secure my connection frm passkey wer shud i give it bcoz it dosn’t
    show the same any were ?????

  32. hi i wrote you a question on the 27th of august and you havnt replied i would appretiate if you could help me. thanx

  33. Is it possible to use kies air as a backup with all the stuff in my phone, and then up;oad it to a new samsung phone?

    • you can download and upload them to another phone or use kies air access url on your new phone and download content (mobile phone browser doesn’t support java so you can share content on another mobile one by one). Or use computer for download all content and upload to other devices.

  34. I start the app. I go to my browser and enter

    My PC IP address is

    Phone asks if I want to allow and I say yes

    Page starts to load and then just hangs. It causes Mozilla to crash

    IE 9 and Chrome just sit there only thing listed is settings, I can see transferring data/waiting for phone

    Nothing happens. I am running the latest Sprint updates.

    Why did you screw with the USB connectivity. I don’t wanna sync things I want to transfer files to and from my phone….

    Ughhhhh Worst move Ever……

  35. im getting an error that reads ” you dont have permission to access this device” im using windows 7, never had this prob before, what can i do?

  36. This does NOT work on all phones, due to software issues. I know what I am doing and it works just fine when connecting my laptop to my samsung tablet, however, will not connect with my samsung galaxy note. I know the connection is not being made, but it won’t show the pop up that asks for permission to connect. This is what I am missing. I have checked the setting in kies on my phone and it is set to allow wifi connected devices, but still will not give me that screen I need to make the connection.

  37. I don’t want to install the new update. Why does this app need so much access to your phone book, to make calls, to send ams and to have access to your settings like volume, vibrate etc.? The huge list of permissions seems like a weird joke. How and why is it legal for an application to have this much access to your phone?

  38. Hi, Surendra,
    I’m trying to transfer multiple files from my PC to Samsung Galaxy S3 via Kies but I can only do them one at a time. It’s very frustrating. I downloaded Java but never got a prompt asking me to enable Java Applet. Is there anything else I can do. I’m talking about hundreds of songs and without an option to transfer them all at once, I have to keep selecting “upload,” “choose file (one song),” then upload that and do the process over again ad infinitum. Any ideas? Thanks!

  39. i wan’t to connect my androied mobile with computer
    and then wanna call direct from computer haw could i do that that i can use internet and also call my friend from same divise by ear phone
    plz answere me

  40. Ajit

    Nov 20, 2012 @ 13.02hrs

    Hi Surendra,

    I have a Samsung GT-S5830i .(service Provider – IDEA, Pre-paid)
    I am unable to use Kies Air i.e. PC prompts no device found.(PC is windows (XP) based & with BSNL broadband.)

    Further I also experienced that a voice search application doesn’t work or I am unable to use it.

    Kindly revert and oblige.

    with warm regards,
    Ajit Pandit

    • please download kies air app on your GT-s5830i then open it on your phone. Now tab on start kies air on mobile. Now open kies air message, click on refresh. Pair both mobile and pc. If still you are unable to connect let me know.

      Voice search works over internet so make sure your mobile is connected to internet.

  41. Hi Surendra. I have a Samsung galaxy s 3 and I am having a problem with kies air. When I start kies air and type the url on my browser my browser keeps asking me to enter access code displayed on my phone every time I try to connect. but the devise will connect when I enter the access code.

  42. Hi, I have a Galexy Not II (N7100). i have 2 problems: 1- I connected Phone to PC via Kies air. On PC I can type a text and recipient, but when i push send key kies air provide a message “one message not send”. why the software-phone doesn’t sent text to recipient?
    2- when I change my route (IP), the connection between pc and phone via kies air doesn’t works. what is the problem?

  43. Thank you so much. the 1th problem solved by resetting but the second is available. is there any other solution for the second problem?

  44. pd i have a Galaxy s2 an i just want to use the internet of that plan of my ohone in my laptop not sincronize anything thanks

  45. Hello. I have successfully connected My phone and computer using kies air. But I noticed on the computer in kies my contacts have a different name than on my phone. For example in kies on computer it will say Mom called at 4:45pm. But on the phone in the call log it will say Sister called at 4:45pm. What do u think has happened?

    • your mobile has contacts conflict, please check your sim card or phone contacts or your phone is synced through google plus, facebook contacts…… save in one memory or check if duplicate contact in same memory???

      • Hi Surendra
        I have a samsung s2 which I used with Kies air perfectly for a long time. However, the phone was damaged & replaced with another samsung s2 by Orange. Now I cannot connect to Kies air. My wireless is ok, as is the mac i use however when I type in the URL address I get a message from mac saying cannot connect to server as page is not there?? I have tried both safari & chrome. PLEASE help ;)

  46. can i Upload pic or videos from my laptop to my mobile via kies? If yes then How? Pls let me know…

  47. Hey,
    I have Galaxy Note II. When i start Kies Air it hangs. If I look in running processes.. I see that it keeps on re-starting..

  48. Hello. I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 and have recently begun playing with Kies Air. Overall I’m impressed with it – it’s a great utility and I find it to be very fast. One problem I’ve had with it is that I cannot seem to get it to preserve folder structures when downloading from my phone. I tend to store a lot of pictures, which I like to organize in folders based on events, etc. When I check the “ALL” box in the Kies Photos window, it ends up downloading all my pics into the same PC folder, undoing all my painstaking organization and making me separate them again manually. I’ve gotten around this by first creating an event folder on my PC and then downloading each phone folder, one-at-a-time, into its PC twin. While this isn’t such a big deal, it seems like it would be an easy thing to fix. I’ve briefly searched online for similar complaints but can’t seem to find any. Perhaps I’m not seeing something in Kies or Google Chrome. Any help?

  49. Hello, How do I delete some of my text and calls from my call log?

  50. Hello? Is there any way to transfer and preserve folder structures for photos and music when downloading from a Samsung Galaxy S3 to a laptop? It seems that everything gets downloaded into one folder. tried to look at all the Kies help files but so far nothing. Help, please

  51. Hi, I used to have an S2 and using usb I just plug it Into my ps3 which is mac and I can access my sd card via was stolen and I now have a galaxy fame GT-S6810 using jellybean 4.1.2 .I think it must be the jellybean software because I can not read my phone sd card on my ps3 with usb. have tried every app, used with debugging on, my fame has allshare service listed in the apps but no allshare and I cant get on googlestore either.and the kies air app on googlestore is not supported by my phone either.PLEEEEEEEEEEZ help me, dont wanna lose another three years of photos and videos of my son! Brendan

  52. I have kies air app on my galaxy s2 and iPad 2. I want to transfer photos from phone to ipad. I can get them to talk to each other and view photos in my browser (safari) on my ipad but there is no download option on the screen. Help

  53. I entered my Kies Air address in my phone’s destop browser bt nthing is coming, wat to do now ??

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