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How To Edit PDF file Online in Easy Way

How To Edit PDF file Online in Easy Way

In last week one of my friend asked me to edit a PDF form because he want to apply for a job in a Company. That company asked candidates to send their all details via a PDF file format provided with Vacancy Info. So it needed to edit that PDF file to apply for job. I had researched for some of software and tool to edit PDF online. At last I have found site which is good solution for PDF editing needs. Below is snap of PDF file editing Read More

Pinterest – Adding fun to your life

Pinterest – Adding fun to your life

pinterest is a social photo sharing site. Its popular site to share & organize all interesting things at one place. You can share fun over the site easily.  You can join it simply by requesting invitation available on pinterest site. Specially it is liked by women all over the world. Pinterest has currently Global rank 60 according Alexa Traffic Rank.  And it was in list of “time magzine” top 50 sites column site for 2011. Istock , Getty Images are such online royality free/paid royality  image stockist sites have discussion Read More

Facebook Messenger for Windows, Android, BlackBerry, and iPhone

Facebook Messenger is available for Windows, Android, iOS, BlackBerry.  Recently Facebook launched to do chat on web browser. To get it on any device just open , Follow instructions. You will get it. The chat application essentially replicates the side bar of the Facebook site right on your browser. This is a late but good move by Facebook because there was a dearth of good chat apps which did something beyond basic support for chatting using Jabber Protocol. Many of the available apps were malware at best and were Read More

Best Online Tool for Checking Website Load Time

Are you looking for website tool? There are many tools who let you know your website hosting speed and load time. If your website has faster loading speed then google will carwl your website quickly and it will also help your site users to load website quickly. Everyone knows how annoying it can be having to deal with websites that take forever to load. There are recent researches, in fact, confirming that 75% of the Internet users do not return to sites that take longer than four seconds to load. Read More

Know All the Google Search Tips in one Video

Everyone love Google search results because of quality results it provides. No other search engine is still able to provide such quality content. It is very simple to do searches on Google. Its hardly require any kind expertise in doing Google search. But it is like hidden treasure. You may do much more than you expected to do in a Google search. You can use Google search as calculator. You can use Google search as Foreign currency converter. Above is Google Search Video. It is very good video to know Read More

3D virtual worlds – The World Imagining real things of life

3D virtual worlds – The World Imagining real things of life 3D technology has changed display technology in a different way. Many internet sites acquired this technology for creating social networks virtually. 3D virtual world uses 3d display technology to create an environment for users where they can imagine a world. A world in which they can hangout with friends, visit to nearest places in virtual world. They can meet other persons on cafes, restaurants, beaches etc. places with imaginary world. This imaginary world has called to be 3D virtual Read More

How You can use Online Data Storage backup, DiskSpace, File Sharing ?

How You can use Online Data Storage backup, DiskSpace, File Sharing ? Online Storage of files is a service to let users keep their files safe on server for sharing, storing and backup purposes. Due to hard disk limitations & many other reasons we need such kind of services to make the scope larger one.Via these services Online backup services also available which help in any kind of data loss offline. Many organizations are regularly doing it for their entire network like as banks, MNC’s etc. To use the service Read More

Deactivate Your Facebook Account (Specially For temporary reasons)

Deactivate Your facebook Account  (For temporary issues) Facebook is one of the greatest social network available at current time. We all using it in commonly. Generally we will not like to leave facebook account but sometimes when it comes regarding security issue we have to choose this option. For Deactivation of facebook account we should following steps:- When you are logged in facebook You will see 3 options at top of the profile     Profile Name|Find Friends|Home   At side of Home button there is drop down menu options . Click on Read More

Social bookmarking sites list you can use over Internet

Social bookmarks/Sharing is needed to keep some kind of links, photos, videos etc. references to Store or to Share specific place. From there we can easily use that media again for future use. Or we can have fun sharing the media.  Facebook, Myspace, twitter, Google+ are some famous social bookmarking/Sharing spots we currently using in routine life. Social bookmarking sites list you can use over Internet:- facebook twitter google+ Lockerz Grab Delicious Digg Google Bookmarks Myspace stumble Upon Reddit MSN Messanger Vodapod Yahoo bookmarks bebo mister-wong wordpress google Reader Orkut Read More

How to Enable Facebook Timeline feature

How to Enable Facebook Timeline feature

Facebook recently launched new Timeline feature for all Facebook users. This feature is really great for facebook users. This new Timeline interface actually replaces the current information format that is bulleted and the visible postings that are limited with more details about the users and their entire history in Facebook profile. The main thing behind the launch of Facebook Timeline service is to recollect back the memories and to decorate them. Previously, the Facebook page had the most recent posts with the photos that are posted by others. Now with Read More