Deactivate Your Facebook Account (Specially For temporary reasons)

Deactivate Your facebook Account  (For temporary issues)

Facebook is one of the greatest social network available at current time. We all using it in commonly. Generally we will not like to leave facebook account but sometimes when it comes regarding security issue we have to choose this option. For Deactivation of facebook account we should following steps:-

When you are logged in facebook You will see 3 options at top of the profile     Profile Name|Find Friends|Home   At side of Home button there is drop down menu options .

Click on Account settings button . After that select Security Tab. In The page you will see Deactivate your account option at end.

Click on Deactivate your Account option , On the next page it will ask you to tell reason of deactivating account. There are many radio button options for specific reasons. You can select out of them Or if you have any other reason mention that one.  Then click on confirm.

Now a popup will ask you facebook account password. Enter password & continue. On the next screen you will be asked to enter a text captcha & confirm. After this your account will be deactivated.

Deactivation to Reactivation is easy process:-

Deactivation is a process in which your facebook account related all information will be kept safe by facebook to recover when you reactivate account again. After deactivation you can log in with your details to reactivate after 24 hrs. of Deactivation request. It means you can’t reactivate before 24 hrs. since you deactivated it. As you log in it will be reactivated & you can get your facebook account as you left when you deactivated it.

Plus Points of Deactivating for temporary issues:-

1. If you got some security issue with your account you can deactivate it. Its easy process & can be reactivated easily on later date.

2. If you want to keep all contacts, information which you have on your facebook account then deactivation is best option.

3. If you permanently not want to lose your facebook account.

Permanently deletion of Facebook Account:-

If you no longer want to facebook account then you can try this option. But be aware it will delete all your account information permanently And it can’t be restored at later date. Personally I will not recommend anyone to do this. Here is the link which is told in help section of Facebook for deleting account permanently:- Click here


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