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Living with Smart phones in Rural Areas and Possible New Trends in Future

Living with Smart phones in Rural Areas and Possible New Trends in Future

There are Smart phones in market right now. They are making huge buzz around the people like in our country India. The new models like Android one, Moto G, Moto E are becoming popular among people nowadays. This will make big internet market in whole India. There will be surge in internet users count in India in the year 2015 – 2018. In these years there will be huge demand of mobile applications, mobile content, mobile marketing & mobile services. I have personally felt the incident about Android one & Read More

Samsung Mobile free Unlimited Bollywood Music Download – Activate Now

Do you purchased new Samsung Mobile then Congrats, your Samsung Mobile Phone is coming with unlimited free music download . You  need to do is just activate your subscription on your Samsung mobile.  After activation songs will be available for download to your mobile, in good quality 128Kbps Mp3 files. It depends on your mobile phone whether you get unlimited music downloads. I got unlimited songs download offer on my new Samsung Galaxy Note. Samsung Mobile free Unlimited  Bollywood Music Download – Activate Now Your subscription will depend on your Read More

Jaipur District PIN Codes and Zip Codes

Here is the list of latest updated Pin codes of jaipur district or Zip codes:-   Post Office Name Pincode A C Jobner S.O 303329 Achalpura B.O 303908 Achrol S.O 303002 Airport Sanganer S.O 302029 Ajairajpura B.O 303007 Ajmer Road S.O 302006 Akhepura B.O 302013 Akoda B.O 303338 Akodiya B.O 303901 Alisar B.O 303801 Amarpura B.O 303804 Amarsar S.O 303601 Amba Bari S.O 302039 Amer Clark Hotel S.O 302018 Amer Road S.O 302002 Amer S.O 302028 Amloda B.O 303120 Anantpura B.O 303712 Anantpura B.O 303704 Anantpura B.O 303302 Andhi S.O Read More