Living with Smart phones in Rural Areas and Possible New Trends in Future


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There are Smart phones in market right now. They are making huge buzz around the people like in our country India. The new models like Android one, Moto G, Moto E are becoming popular among people nowadays. This will make big internet market in whole India. There will be surge in internet users count in India in the year 2015 – 2018. In these years there will be huge demand of mobile applications, mobile content, mobile marketing & mobile services.

I have personally felt the incident about Android one & Moto E models. I visited nearby Shopping mall to ask about these models to purchase for one of my friend. The salesman on store DigitalXpress (reliance company store) replied that the handsets are not available offline to buy. I had insisted asking why it is not available to buy offline. He said you can buy it online as of now. I was surprised. Some thoughts came into my mind.

Is it effectiveness of online shopping in India that now products are available only online?

Is it future of shopping here in India specially for Tech & innovative products?

Is companies are focusing on online stores more to market their products?

Or its just short time bubble to burst in coming time?

Although there is a feeling in corner of my heart that Indian Psychology will let online shopping portals down by time will pass. But on other hand I trust on improvement on attitude (gain of more scientific attitude) in our new generation. So it makes me to trust on the fact that there will be huge improvement in Online shopping market in coming time.

So in adding to this reference I have to tell you something about affiliate marketing, online shopping & its use in western countries. In year 2007 I was reading, learning, practicing about affiliate marketing. It was very popular & trending topic to gain over night result before year 2005. Many people become overnight billionaire by this profession/skill/technique/strategy/business (just select one option for affiliate marketing as per your sense). At that time there were a good percentage people started to do online shopping in USA (let me be specific with example of a country). It was dream for me to think that it will be happen in India one day. And that reply from salesman at DigitalXpress store let me think that time has come. Now people started to buy things online like as Americans do. If I am not wrong in coming time it will be boost up. Even people in villages started using Facebook.


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I didn’t get much from affiliate promotions till now, but I got a lot experience by that field. It is really challenging & creative task to handle people to make sales online. In no way it is easier than selling a product offline. Yet it is much effective technique to do. Off course you will not get so much disappointment when you not get success in selling product online. In my view offline conversation have much more effect when a customer rejects a proposal of buying a product. At that time affiliate marketing was a profession for us to sell products to Americans sitting here in India. It is not easy for foreigner to selling product because that person doesn’t know the common thinking pattern, customs, believes of that particular country. The upcoming boom in online shopping in India will surely make it easy for Indian affiliate marketers to sell products here in India. But flipkart, amazon has made up direct contact with customer. So customers will go directly to site & buy a product rather than going via a referral link by an affiliate.

I have mention here that rich & useful content creators still have great chances to direct their users to buy products on sites. This fact is well known by companies like flipkart. That’s why they are offering upto 15% comission on sale of a product to their affiliates. Affiliate marketing isn’t a easy task, The person who does it knows very well how hard it is in doing. Again we have to follow philosophy which says nothing is hard in this world for doers. Yes it is true.

So in coming 2-3 years a person living in a village 60 KM away from Jaipur city (from Ajmeri Gate) will be able to order shoes, clothes online as routine task. The product will be shipped to him in 3-7 days of time frame. For sure it makes dream coming true which is in my mind. A dream in which a person in village will get latest services, products to his/her doorstep like city person gets. May be people will get Mac D’s pizza in villages if there is restaurant in radius of 10-15 KM. No wonder if in coming time there will be Mac D restaurants in small towns.


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The main purpose of this writing in my mind was to assume the things which is going to happen in our country in coming time. As we are seeing the trend adoption by us in form of Facebook, Whatsapp & offcourse now in buying economic Smartphones. Huge collection of knowledge & info from around the world is available over internet, So in coming time it will speedy grow in knowledge of people living here. We can’t doubt that people having free “jan Dhan Yojna” bank account in a village with Rupay Debit card will be soon able to buy products online. If they have less knowledge of things they will learn it by nearby well educated people. May be bus conductor of a state owned bus service will be able to give you ticket in a village by swap of debit card. May be a retailer in village will be able to give you groceries by swaping a debit card. May be people will start transactions to each other by account to account transfer in villages.
I am seeing a few harms in adopting online shopping in comaprison of advantages/benfits/boon it will give to our rural areas. A person living in remote area will no longer needed to visit Jaipur city to buy pesticides, seeds, equipments, clothes for his needs. If so happens people like as me will start living in remote areas because facilities will no longer be matter connected to cities only. The same thing is showing is results in countries like In America where a person living in out areas can live good life with all modern facilites.

So let’s come & make some points which is surprising & exciting me in tech world:-

  1. Scio Device:- A device to let know structure of molecules of all objects on earth. See more info about this device here on com and on This device will let you know things like is particular food nutritious value, need of water & fertilizer for a plant. It will help in knowing health conditions of a person.
  2. Telepathy:- A method once described here in old Indian literature which says two person can communicate remotely merely connecting their minds without speaking & listening. Scientists have researched on it since many years. Now they got success in transmitting signals via telepathy to a electronic device over head which can transmit signals to remote located person’s mind. Read more here on
  3. Teleportation:- Not yet like teleporting of objects as shown in Hollywood movies but scientists got success in transferring data to 55 miles via teleportation technique. It is one step in this area. May be in future it will be possible to transfer objects as well. If that happens, It will open unlimited opportunity for human beings. We human will be able to surf in the un reachable areas of space.
  4. Driveless Cars:- It is one of most exciting & seems practical aspect for me in upcoming technologies. The reason behind thinking is that Google is successfully running driveless car trials in states of America.
  5. Drone Delivery of Goods:– Amazon & some online retail companies are testing delivery of goods via Drones. If everything goes smooth in it, It will be easiest & quickest way of delivering goods into remote areas as well. In city areas this service will make possible same day or instant delivery of goods.

In short, We all have to see boom in the E-commerce sector in India. Where common people will start to buy things online & get services at their doorstep whether they are living in remote areas.  As per stated in Book “Shift 2020” Smart village concept will be upcoming thing to this world. In this people it is firmly said that Technology is helpless to keep habitant a lot of people in less space and this logic will lead to concept of Smart villages development in coming time.


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