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How to do air conditioner load calculation for Your Space?

If you are thinking to buy an airconditioner. Then i can help you to select a right airconditioner, which wiil  help you to save money and electricty. First of all, you have to decide your desire space which you want to aircondioned like office, bedroom, home , meeting room etc. After decide the space , we see the location of space . If the space has window then we can buy window airconditioner. If the space doesn’t have window then we have to buy split airconditioner. After select the space Read More

What is Vapour Compression Refrigeration System

What is Vapour Compression Refrigeration System ? vapour compression refrigeration system  is most popular refrigeration system amog all refrigeration systems.  vapour compression refrigeration system has four major process like compression , condensation, exapansion and evaporation. Like these process , it has four major componant compressor , condensor, expansion device and evaporator or cooling coil. First , saturated vapour( with low pressure and low temperature) of refrigerant  enter into the compressor through suction line. After that compressor compress the vapour and convert into high temperature and high pressure vapour. This vapour enter Read More