How to do air conditioner load calculation for Your Space?

If you are thinking to buy an airconditioner. Then i can help you to select a right airconditioner, which wiil  help you to save money and electricty. First of all, you have to decide your desire space which you want to aircondioned like office, bedroom, home , meeting room etc. After decide the space , we see the location of space . If the space has window then we can buy window airconditioner. If the space doesn’t have window then we have to buy split airconditioner.

After select the space , we calculate the heat load of desire space. Air conditioner load calculation may save your money in long term. So we have to focus on air conditioner load calculation for the selected space. In heat load calculation we include heat through walls and ceiling by sun rays, occupancy         ( number of people) , electric load( computer,fan,bulb etc) , window & door openings . All these things help to calculate heat load . But every body can’t calculate heat load with the help of these things . There are a software to calculate heat load . Inspite of these thing , i can help you to calculate heat load in simple way .

Measure the floor area of your space in sq. feet and can decide the system capacity.  we can use one Ton system over the 125 sq. feet floor area . It is a thumb rule but always works for small spaces ( till one Ton to five Ton) . After deciding heat load you can buy your right cooling capacity system . Alongwith the system capacity, star rating is also  main factor to decide system capacity .

There are different star rated product available in the market(1 star,2 star,3 star,5 star& non star) . Which star rated product is best ,you have to decide while buying the system .  I can help you that which star rating is good. The high star rating is very good because it’s related to power consumption. High star rated system consume minimum power,which help to reduce your monthly electricty bill. Although these system’s initial cost is high but in the running it will be cheap


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