How You can use Online Data Storage backup, DiskSpace, File Sharing ?

How You can use Online Data Storage backup, DiskSpace, File Sharing ?

Online Storage of files is a service to let users keep their files safe on server for sharing, storing and backup purposes. Due to hard disk limitations & many other reasons we need such kind of services to make the scope larger one.Via these services Online backup services also available which help in any kind of data loss offline. Many organizations are regularly doing it for their entire network like as banks, MNC’s etc.

To use the service one should have get permission with server owner. There are servers who offering free registrations service also for this. But they have limits on data uses or free trial for limited time. Its very easy to do task these days with single click download and upload service for anybody.

List of Online Data Storage and Backup providers:-

  1. Diino
  2. Elephant Drive
  3. Amazon Simple Storage
  4. Zmanda Cloud Backup
  5. Rackspace online storage
  6. Mozy
  7. Drive HQ
  9. Drop Box
  10. Bullguard Backup
  11. Drop Send
  12. Esnips
  13. Humyo
  14. Carbonite
  15. Windows Azure Storage
  16. Data Protection
  17. nirvanix Enterprises Cloud Storage
  18. Backblaze Business
  19. Cloudlayer Storage
  20. DynaVol


Benefits of Online Data storage/ Backup services:-

  1. Store Your files online at low cost or free
  2. Share your online files with your network easily
  3. Backup your online files easily to offline if you had missed them.
  4. You can store softwares which is shareware, freeware or open source kind for entire network to use from one source.
  5. Personal file sharing for your own network. You can share personal files with your network easily from your own desktop.
  6. Easy to upload/ Download service. Single click download / upload services from your own desktop make it more beneficiary.
  7. With some good providers you will get High End security on your data files.


Risks in Online Data storage & backup

Online data storage & backup services is having many benefits as told above but in current time it has some risk. Which are as below:-

  1. Copyright Issues
  2. Online Data Protection & safety concerns
  3. Privacy issues
  4. Cyber Crimes
  5. Data Transfer takes time & need high speed internet connection
  6. May be risky if not well encrypted.


Still online data storage & backup service is most useful for many persons. People have option to store, share & backup their data from one source at anytime. And its better thing for the online world.


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