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Free Android Apps for WiFi Management and more Tasking

WiFi is one of the powerful medium to interact with other devices. Using WiFi we can share files speedily between devices. Basically we all love WiFi for its Internet connectivity using via a WiFi modem Router but we can use it for more tasks in home and business environment. WiFi feature in tech devices enabled us to use wireless tasking with many devices. We can do jobs like print, scan, sync, connecting to internet, file and media sharing etc. wirelessly.

Below are some good Android WiFi Management and Tasking Apps:-

WiFi connecting and Management apps

Wifi Analyzer

wifi analyzerIt is good app for analyzing your WiFi channel. It will show you smart graphics indicating where is specific WiFi channel is. And higher the graph shows in this app it means your device getting higher possible connectivity with particular WiFi access point. It is good app for analyzing how your signal strength is at specific place.


WiFi Manager

wifi manager

Using this app on your Android device you will be able to find WiFi connections around you on graphical channel radar.  You will have option to customize name of various WiFi connection names as per your easiness of later use. WiFi Network Switcher widget will allow you to switch your Android device to various WiFi Networks in easy way.



Wifi Fixer

wifi fixer

It is a nice background Android app for fixing small network connectivity issues easily. It will try to fix things in normal way whenever network connectivity will failure in WiFi connection. You can set your WiFi access point for minimizing disconnections using this app.




WiFi map – free Wi-Fi location

wifi map

This app will help you in finding free WiFi hotspots nearby your location. You can know their distance from your current location using this app. It is useful app if you are not willing to pay data roaming charges whenever you are travelling other cities.



WiFi booster

wif booster

This app will let your Android device to have more stable, good quality signal strength and downloads over a WiFi Network. Basically it doesn’t boost signal of a WiFi router because practically it is not possible. It only speed up WiFi connectivity by faster reconnecting via this app.




WiFi Utility Apps for more tasking

Wi-Fi Talkie Lite

wi-fi talkie lite

Firstly we can use this app as Walkie Talkie for voice communication to nearby smartphones using WiFi network only. We don’t need internet connectivity to do so. Secondly we can use this app for text messaging and chatting with other devices in Network range. And we can use this app for file transfer with other network devices in easy way.


WiFi Remote

wifi remote

This is good app for controlling PC using Smartphone via a WiFi Network connection. Using this app we can play music on computer screen via this app. Beside this you can do switch on/off monitor screen, shut down PC, mute PC volume etc. tasks using this app.



Remote Mouse

remote mouse

This app will provide you Mouse, touchpad, keyboard type experience on your Android Smartphone. You can double click, drag using this app as you do with physical mouse on a computer. It is good app for enhancing your remote PC controlling experience. Now you can operate desktop sitting on sofas or bed.



WiFi Pass Recovery & Backup

wifi pass recovery and backup

This utility app for WiFi connectivity will help you in organizing WiFi network passwords in a list. So user can view them easily and use at a later time. This app will help you in sending passwords and copy passwords to clipboard ready to paste anywhere.



Wifi Camera

Wifi Camera

It is very simple way to turn your Android device in a IP Camera. It doesn’t require any kind setup stuff for IP camera using of android device. It is good solution for creating your personalized surveillance area for temporary reasons. Using this app you can create surveillance at your home by old Android device. You no longer need to worry about how to use old Android Device beside throwing to dustbin.





We all live in a world of lack of timings. We can’t remember every time to switch on/off wifi in our Smartphone devices which cause battery drainage at higher speed. This app is good solution for this kind problem. This app will help you in connecting with WiFi networks in easy and efficient way.




WiFi calling and VOIP calling



This app will turn your Android Smartphone into a VOIP calling device using WiFi Network. This app has made easy to do mobile VOIP calling. It has cheaper VOIP calling rates for international callings. This app will bypass your regular carrier to make VOIP calls using a WiFi Network.






You can make free calls, instant message, share photos, and chat with friends on messaging services using this app. It is free to use app. Over 15 million people are using this great app for their messaging needs. You can make free calls as well using this app.




WiFi file sharing apps for android

WiFi File Transfer

WiFi File Transfer

It is easy to share WiFi file sharing app for Android devices. You can upload/download multiple files at same time using this app. It has built in file interface for file edits. This app runs as background service to do anytime sharing without any problem.



SuperBeam | WiFi Direct Share


Using this app you will be able to share large files using WiFi Direct. You can use device connecting by QR codes or NFC Tags as per your own custom needs. It has web interface also for supporting devices which aren’t having SuperBeam feature in them.





And there are much more tasks will be available in coming time. Short wave WiFi enabled technology NFC is doing a lot in this field. It is helping users in automation of home and business tasks. So there are many more opportunities in future with WiFi Technology.

If you have any other way of using WiFi connectivity, we would be happy to know in below comments.

Free Text and SMS Messaging Quotes Apps for Android

Quotes and sayings are better way to express our feelings to contacts. These Quotes not only make us more sensitive towards relations but also it inspires us to go for positive side in life. Since mobile use has been widely accepted worldwide, people started to send SMS and text messaging to their contacts for hassle free communication. It is great communication medium which even works when two person are too busy in their lives. Still they can communicate via SMS doing their stuff. Sometimes we need find cool and heart touching SMS text. In this Android SMS collection apps will help you a lot. So we have found these cool and free text and SMS messaging quotes apps for Android Smartphone.

SMS Messages Collection ♥ FREE

SMS Messages Collection  FREE

It is nice app for different kind of SMS collection categorized over there. Love SMS, Wife/Husband SMS, Good morning SMS, Birthday SMS, Quote SMS etc. categories is having a huge collection for users to find a cool SMS for them. It have black screen display for longer battery life and better readability for users. It has about 50000+ SMS related texts available for you to use.


Best Quotes and Sayings (Free)

Best Quotes and Sayings (Free)

There are about 100+ categories to search your best quote and saying in this collection app. This app works in offline mode as well. It has picture Quotes as well for sharing with friends and contacts. All quotes in this app are organized in categories like as Love, Anniversary, Friendship, Funny, Heart Breakup, Good morning and night, Miss You, Flirt etc. So it is less time consuming in finding superb Quote and saying within a huge collection.




It is good app having 1000+ Best Quotes and sayings wallpaper to use over various Social networks. It have listed nice inspirational, love, emotional Quotes wallpapers to enlighten life of reader. So download this app and start sharing Quotes wallpaper and backgrounds to your social contacts in a easy way.


Best Poems & Quotes (Free)

Best Poems & Quotes (Free)

It is good app for finding romantic love poetry for SMS and Text messaging. All Quotes and poems are categorized in over 100+ categories for easy user finding. It has text to speech feature as well to listen any poem. It has pictures poems as well there to be used for social sharing by users. It gets updated regularly with content. You can try to be a poet to express feelings to your loved one using these Quotes.


Brilliant Quotes & Quotations

Brilliant Quotes & Quotations

It has hand picked Quotes from 250+ people to use for SMS and Texting. In this app you will able to see “Today’s staff pick” and “Quote of The Day”. It will be inspiring and useful in your busy daily routine. This app will give you access to filter out result showing on various customization you can do in this app. You can also use simple search for a Quote  and author you are  looking for.

Love Quotes Free

Love Quotes Free

Every lover want to send a romantic and heart touching message to his/her lover. This app will help you in finding such a romantic SMS for your lover. You can share these love Quotes via SMS, Twitter, Facebook etc. mediums for better bonding of your relationship. Plus it have proposal Quotes also to help you in saying you have to say. There are flirting Quotes as well available if you want flirt with someone in day to day life.


Sad Love Quotes

Sad Love Quotes

It is really hard moment in life when someone has broken your heart. This app have good love Quotes to deal with broken heart. You can share these apps on social networking sites as well beside SMS messaging.  You can hand pick some quotes for later use and make them mark as favorite in this app.



It is one of the basic feature every phone having as of now. So it have larger communication base for users than any other method for messaging. Just find a SMS suited to your mood at particular time and send to your contact. And let them know how you feeling at that time.

For sure there will be some other apps you have used previously for finding SMS to send loved one or contacts. Let us know below in comments if you have any query, suggestion or feedback about it.

How to Use Android Smartphone for Business Productivity

Doing business requires completing many tasks like schedules, meetings, management, travelling etc. In current competitive era every business person need to finish all tasks efficiently in a timely manner. Most of business person like to have latest Smartphone or Tablet. It is always useful for them to manage tasks on the move using these Smart devices. There are many apps and tools available with Android Smartphone to enhance productivity, management and more easy business tasking. We have listed some of the points which will help you in using Smartphone for better business productivity.

Android smartphone for business Creative Tools

android smartphone for businessPresentations making:- Presentations are great way to present great business concepts, plans and strategies to board members, staff members or even clients. If a business person is on move and a client demands presentation on something, That person can now show presentation using Android Smartphone in minutes.  Presentation Remote and deck slideshow presentations are two good apps for presentations via Android Smartphone.

Office Documents Editing:- Microsoft Office documents are very important for arranging all business related within tech devices. You can edit Excel, Word and Powerpoint files using android apps like as Kingsoft Office 5.8 (Free).

online clipboard:- Online clipboard is helpful in making clips store online from any device to access online anywhere. With your Android Smartphone you will be able to use and manage online clipboard for later use. One example of such online clipboard apps is Clipper – Clipboard Manager.

Cloud Storage Service Client on your Smartphone

Cloud services are becoming popular day by day. Many businesses already adopted it and they started working on BYOD (bring your own device) trend in their offices. In such a environment having cloud services client on android smartphone will let you track all office tasks from anywhere. It will give you access to all important files on your Smartphone screen. Two popular Cloud storage service providers are Dropbox Cloud storage and Google Drive Cloud Storage.

Easy Business Travel

Whenever you are on business travel You can find Flight related info via Android Smartphone. There are many Android apps which will help you in hiring a taxi, finding restaurant and hotel finding when you are on travel. In a situation You are going by car for business travel than there are many technologies in Smartphone to help you in Easy and more productive while car driving. It will provide you traffic and weather info updates on the way. You can find best travel apps here

Business Contacts Managing

Share your business cards virtually bump is good app for sharing contact information in easy way. If you want to share your business card with other person, Simply bump your Smartphone to the other person Smartphone. And this app will share your contacts automatically.

Linkedin:- You can have this great business connection making community app on your Smartphone. It will give you chances to connect with more business easily. You can also use it to find resources for your business by finding other business contacts.

Virtual Assistant like Tasking

To do List Making:- Your Android Smartphone is much more smarter to assist you in making to do list. It will alarm you on pre set timings about activities and projects you need to finish. There are many apps to making to do list on the move like as

Schedule Making:- You no longer need to carry a physical paper to see about appointments and meetings. All these task will be handled by your Smartphone easily. You can start taking business important notes easily via apps like as Evernote, Lecturenotes etc.

Easy business finance statistics and management:- Use FreshBooks Cloud Accounting, Palm Finance, Expensify etc. apps for managing both personal and business financial transactions on Android Smartphone.

Business messaging and social networking

Skype:- No need to say words in praise of this great social networking, video calling, VOIP and messaging app. It has plus point that it supports all major platforms available worldwide with best reputation in market. You can use this app for better business communication with clients, board members, researchers, staff or other field specialists in easy way.

BBM:- It has been favorite choice of business person for making business communications and messaging. After making this available for Android platform it has becoming easy for Android Smartphone users to communicate with business person who have Blackberry Smartphone with them.

Hootsuite:- For a business person it is always difficult to visit all social platforms for spreading any message, press release, news or report. Hootsuite is great solution for this problem. This is good Social platform management tool for managing all popular social platforms. Business person may use this tool for sending same message across many social media platforms.

Using Google Productive Services

Gmail:- It is one of the best and easy to use e-mail service. Most of business person love to use Gmail for their e-mail needs.

Google Now:- Let Google bring things to you which you need at particular time via Google Now service. This is nice service from Google to let business person relax in their busy life schedule.

Google hangout:- Google hangout is good option for making online meetings scheduling and broadcasting video message around the world. This service is getting huge response in market due to its performance and usability.

Google Places:- Google places is good solution for listing your business on the map. Beside this business person may use this feature to find out local business which might be useful for their business to grow. It is another good way to find out and making local business connections.


There are many possibilities of doing business related tasks using a Smartphone. Let us know below in comments if you have any query, suggestion or ideas about using Smartphone for business productivity.

Android Smartphone Security- Pre and Post Safety Tips

Android Safety Tips2Android is most popular mobile OS which is having major support from 1st party and 3rd party app developers. This has made Android viral in past 2-3 years. Android devices also have security concern and issues which should be avoided or repaired regularly for security. We have started to use android devices for both personal and business purposes. And we want privacy in both areas so no other person can misuse our information or harm us.

Tips to follow for Security of Android Smartphone

Avoid Malware and Adware app installation

There are a lot of apps available on Google Play Store. Some apps have adware and malware coming along with their installation. So always we should focus on reviews of that particular app. For more trust we can see how many people have installed that app, developers of app are well known?, Which kind of permission that particular app is asking on your Smartphone? You should see if app is asking some hardware and resource permission which is not required to run that app.

Strong password credentials and other type security locks creation

It is one of must thing we should carefully set in our Smartphone. We should try to create passwords for phone unlocking with combination of strong password credentials. It will protect other person from assuming and hacking your passwords easily. Android Smartphone have other security lock ways also like pattern lock. It will be nice if Smartphone companies will implement biometric security locks in coming years. This kind security measure will help in getting less security breaches.

Network communication methods and allowing secure connections only

Most of Smartphone devices today getting security issues due to unsecure network connectivity via Bluetooth, WiFi, Internet etc. Any hacker will only able to hack your Smartphone whenever it can connect to your device. If you avoid that connectivity you are more safe from security breach. To avoid this try to establish secure connection following data security passwords and methods for networks. When there is no need of a network communication try to turn off that. If you don’t need Bluetooth or WiFi connection for next 2 hrs. Just turn off them. It will save battery, hardware resource uses in your Smartphone and will also protect your device from possible security risks.

Security updating in apps

Internet connectivity on your Smartphone will have larger options to protect it. Sometimes app developer miss something in their apps which may cause security risk in Smartphone. To avoid this you should update those apps on regular basis for more security measure.

Installing latest available mobile OS is also important for modern security risks. It is because developers  of OS always focus on ongoing and latest security risks.

Encrypt your important Data

You have something which is important and sensitive for your personal or business needs? You should make that data encrypted on device using some tools on your Smartphone. Go to Settings > Security and then select Encrypt your device. It will start encryption of your device. It will take about 1-2 hrs. of time in encryption. After the encryption will be complete it will make your Smartphone more secure than it was previously.

Don’t let your Smartphone in wrong hands

Smartphone is like personal wallet, watch etc. things which shouldn’t be give to other person. It may be less known person on bus or new contacts in your life. You should be aware about making sure your device isn’t in easy reach to them. And in a case you have sensitive and important data on Smartphone, You should never let it give to other unknown or less knowing person.

Resolving Security issue which is already present in Smartphone

Antivirus Software installation in Smartphone

Like we do on our PC purchase, We strongly believe that there should be antivirus installed in our PC. The same thing apply on Smartphone. Some popular Android Smartphone available free of cost are AntiVirus Security – FREE by AVG, Mobile Security & Antivirus by AVAST Software and Norton Security by NortonMobile. These are popular antivirus software developed by reputed companies in this field. AVG, AVAST and Norton is already doing well on PCs, and they are trusted one to be installed on our Smartphone.

Scanning via PC Plug in

Another method to making safe your Android Smartphone is scanning via PC plug in. When you plug in device to computer it will automatically scan your Smartphone for any kind malware, adware or viruses. For example when you plug your Android Smartphone to a PC having Windows 8 installed. It have already Windows Defender program which will scan your Smartphone for any security issue. It will fix the security issue in your Smartphone.

Formatting or Hard resetting Smartphone

If you believe something unusual within your Smartphone and there is nothing important data to lose. You can go for formatting Smartphone and hard resetting using commands. For hard resetting you will have instruction over internet forums and blogs telling about it step by step. It will make your Smartphone again reset to factory level OS settings. Sometime it is must have thing to do in your Smartphone if its not getting recover by other methods.

Wipe out if Smartphone has been stolen

What if you have lost your Smartphone having important data in it? In this situation the only option for you is to wipe out Smartphone remotely. Google Apps for Business, Education, and Government can be wiped out following Instructions here

You can install this app for wipe out device remotely Autowipe. It is helpful app to wipe your stolen or missing Smartphone having important business or personal data.



In summary there is always two ways for maintaining everything in life. First is pre maintenance strategy and second is post maintenance strategy for repairing anything in devices. Pre maintenance is always good in comparison of post maintenance. So we should focus on security measures and tips on Smartphone before it get hacked by someone un-authentically.

Let us know below in comments what kind security issues you have found in your Smartphone. Yours welcome to suggest as well about more tips on security issues with Android Smartphone.

Use Your Android Smartphone for Safer, Easier and Entertaining Car Driving

Smartphone using while Car DrivingAndroid has become most popular Mobile OS in current time. It has huge support of third parties to develop apps and tools for making life easier. There are many ways you can use your Smartphone to enhance your car in a high tech tasking. It is good to use technology you have in your Pocket. Plus you can do this using your Smartphone without paying a single buck to anyone. You no longer need to buy GPS devices when you already have in your Smartphone. Here we will discuss about how one can make his/her car driving experience more fun full, useful and entertaining.

Car parking, fuel stations and service centers searching

  • Google Local Places app To find nearby parking places, fuel stations and service center locations you can use Google Places app on your Android Smartphone.
  • Using Parkopedia Parking app on your Smartphone you can find available parking slots nearby your location. It is user added parking database which will have a large collection of garages nearby you.
  • GasBuddy will help you in finding cheapest nearby fuel stations. Just select a station nearby your location searching in this app.

Traffic status, best routing and GPS Navigation

  • Traffic Monitor and Mapfactor They are popular apps which will bring best route for driving to destination. It will not only suggest you point to point while driving but also give you suggestion about traffic jams, accidents and real time condition on a particular way.
  • Fast food Reality will help you in finding fast food chains from your current location. It will suggest you restaurants like as McDonalds, Burger King, Dunkin’ Donuts, Starbucks, Pizza Hut etc.
  • Waze is good app to know real time alerts from real people who are on those routes. It is accurate real time reporting of that route.

Music And Video playing

  • AALinQ Car Music Player is good solution for connecting your Car music player to Android Smartphone. Secondly this app has Large fonts and vivid colors so you can easily play and control music playing on Smartphone.
  • Pandora music is good music playing app while you are driving.
  • Google Play Music is another good app for listening music on your Android Smartphone. After connecting to car music player it will play music in your Car as well.


Car controlling via NFC Tags

  • Turn on GPS:- You can program a NFC Tag for your car dashboard. Say when you tap or place phone on that particular place on car dashboard your Smartphone will automatically turn on GPS in your device. And it open related map navigation apps instantly.
  • Auto run Car stereo connecting and playing apps:- You can also program a NFC Tag for automatically connecting Your Android Smartphone to Car music system. All you need to do is place or tap your Smartphone on a NFC Tag which you programmed for music playing.
  • Profile activation when you are in Car:- One more tag idea we have currently is that you can program a profile activation when you are in car by taping on that tag.
  • Bluetooth Connecting Tag:- You can create a NFC Tag for auto connecting Bluetooth headset or car stereo. It is much entertaining way to connecting devices available in your Car.

Car finding on Maps

Car Locator app will locate your car on a map. Some person forget where they have parked there car, in such a case this app will surely help you in finding car on map. Or if some other person is driving your car than you can see him/her on map using this app.

Auto answering a call and listening messages when driving

  • Auto Answer Handsfree Car app will automatically receive incoming calls and put your phone on speaker mode. This is very useful when you driving a car. It will assure road safety while driving. You can use this automatic method for receiving calls hands free.
  •® is good solution for listening SMS, E-mail text when you are driving. You can now listen all messages hands free on a highway in car at speed of 70 miles per hr.


Car mileage, service schedule and running speed monitoring

  • aCar app let you know about your car mileage, Engine oil and filters condition based on service statistics. You can see monthly activity as well via this app. You can record fuel filling frequency and mileages via this app.
  • Car Dashboard is good app for monitoring car activities like as running speed, speed alerts, current temperature, altitude, compass etc. It will give you speed alert which will help you in safe driving.


And there are many more apps you already using while driving a car. Let us know below in comments about those hidden but useful android apps best for using while driving a car.

Home and Workplace Automation via NFC enabled Smartphone

NFC3NFC is a technology where a short length WiFi connection is available to connect devices and NFC tags. NFC tags are smart chips which is having WiFi connectivity with a customizable program writing support in it. Via these tags you can set automatic tasks over your Smartphone whenever they connects to that particular NFC Tag’s WiFi. Mostly people aren’t much aware about this technology. They are generally using NFC for making of payments only. There are limitless possibilities you can do with NFC tags and Your NFC Smartphone. You can custom program a NFC tag as per your own need.

Automation at Home and Workplace using NFC enabled Smartphone

Home or Office Door Unlocking

You can create a NFC tag with your Smartphone to enable home or office door unlocking. You can unlock this by taping your phone on a NFC Tag installed on door. This Tag should be programmed for door unlocking with required NFC supported door locker. For example lockitron is a good NFC supported door lock to use. It will give you access to lock/unlock your door from any place wirelessly.

Home Lights On/Off

Everyone wants to use auto light on/off options enabled to their desk or bed side. You only need to place a NFC tag or Sticker at a place where you want to use this function. You can control Philips Hue Lights with NFC Tags. You can know more about how to control Philips Hue Lights via NFC.


Smartphone customization via NFC

NFC Basic is good app which let you write tags about profile customization in a easy way. Using this app You can create tags for contacts, SMS, Phone, E-mail, Silent profile activation, Bluetooth enabling and much more customization task which Android supports. This will make you able to use automation for many tasks you want to use on your Smartphone with a simple tap.

WiFi hotspot creation at home or office

InstaWifi is a good app which let you share your WiFi connection with your friends or family members without letting them know your WiFi passwords. This app will help you in making WiFi hotspot by simply tapping on a tag. Secondly if your WiFi password is very complex to remember you can use NFC tag beside remembering or writing that password on a paper.


Bluetooth Devices Controlling

You can create more custom NFC tags searching over internet about how to program a NFC tag or Sticker. Using a NFC tag you can control Bluetooth Speakers, Bluetooth Keyboards, Bluetooth Mouse, Bluetooth Printers and more devices. You can do tasks like as auto music playing, volume up and down Or controlling computer via Bluetooth.

flight mode and alarm setting when on to bed

If you don’t want anyone to disturb you while sleeping. You can set a NFC tag near your bed side. Whenever you put your phone there, It will go in flight mode and automatically alarm will be activated in Smartphone. To do so you only need to use a NFC tag at your bed side. Or you can set some more custom NFC tags which will enable some setting in your Smartphone for early morning setting activation in phone.


Above ideas will help you in getting some automation at your workplace or home. You can imagine a lot more situation based tags for using at home or office place. Let us know below in comments if you have rocking idea to make automation at home or office. We will be happy to answer your queries in below comments.

Sweet Features of Kitkat Version–New Dessert from Android

kitkatAndroid is best dessert maker for tech loving persons. This time Android developers have served Android Kitkat chocolates as dessert. There are limitless to do creative tasks with this new android Kitkat version. It has made up smarter usability of both older devices and Latest devices. Below are some main features which is awesome in Newer Android version 4.4 named as Kitkat.

New useful pre-installed Apps

QuickOffice, E-mail App, Downloads app, Photo Editor app are some new pre-installed apps coming with Kitkat version. QuickOffice app will let bring more features for creating and editing of documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. New Downloads app in this version will help managing all download related things in your device. Previously android devices are missing this kind download manager for all kind download tasks. Android kitkat version have pre-installed Photo Editor app for editing photos in better way. It is awesome to enhance photo shoot experience on your device.

View Only things You Love to see on Screen

In this Android version, You will see things in full screen mode which you want to see. For example if you are watching movie you will see movie on full screen without status bar, notification bar etc. All these options will be available when you touch the edge of screen on Android device. It has more immersive display for reading text on Android device which will help in better E-book reading.

More Smarter Compatibility and Performance

It has fast touchscreen responding and faster Multitasking with Less Memory needed to run Kitkat version. It will work fine even with 512 RAM as well. It will support wide range android devices available in current market. It brings chances for both old and new models of Smartphone and Tablets to have such a beautiful Android version update. So no doubt it will be huge demanding android version in recent time.

Online Entertainment Media Streaming

Seeing upcoming demand of online entertainment, Chromecast with this android version will help you in online media streaming with this Android version. In future fastest internet connectivity will bring all media available online including movies, video albums, serial episodes, live shows and much more. So Android Kitkat version is making Android devices ready to handle that online entertainment media with Chromecast.

Mixed up SMS, MMS, Emojis and Hangouts

It’s time to mix up all SMS, MMS, Emojis, Hangouts etc. messages at one place with Android kitkat version. It is bringing all conversations in a single place for ease of users to communicate with each-other. Emojis will bring beautiful smiley to express your thoughts and feelings with your contacts. As per a Chinese Quote that an image can express over one thousand words. Emojis will help you better expressing.

Cloud Print Manager

Many organizations and people love to use Cloud features for their personal and business uses. Android kitkat version is taking care of this and It brings cloud printing available on your Android device. Only your printers should be connected to Google Cloud Print or HP ePrint to use this feature. Possibly in coming time other printer companies will also enable their products to use this feature.

Customized Contacts and Caller ID

If you calling a person often, New Android kitkat version will sort that contact first. Beside this you will have smarter caller ID whenever any person calls you. If an unknown person is calling your Smartphone will lookout for Google local business listings related to that number.

Say “Ok Google”

Just search terms saying “ok Google + Your Search term”. Google now has much more features in the latest Kitkat version of Android. It is bringing UI nearby to human voice operations.

Device Screen Recording

With New Android kitkat version you can record device screen without any new app installation. It is useful for recording activities happening on your screen for later use.

Secured NFC payment Option

Now you can send payments to nearby NFC enabled devices securely. It is good solution for on the move payment options. Android Kitkat version has been more customized to use these secure digital wallet payments.


You want to know more about latest Android kitkat version? For this you can read Android Quick Start Guide ebook available on Google Play Store. Let us know in below comments if you have any Query about Android Kitkat features. Any suggestions are welcome as well.

Creative And Fun Things You Can Do Offline In Android Device

Offline Android device usesModern high tech Smartphone and Tablets have enabled us to do creative and fun things easily. Mostly we love these devices to use with internet connectivity but sometime it become unavailable for us to use internet. There may be many reason for non availability of internet like limited data plans, temporary network issues, Network is unavailable at that place etc. As being habitual of Internet use with these devices we normally aren’t aware about its offline uses. Here we have listed some of creative and fun things you can do offline with your Smartphone:-

1. Offline Game Apps:-Many game developers have focus on this fact that users may want to play their game apps in offline mode as well. To know this we need to first install app and testing if we could use it offline. Or secondly we can Google about offline playable game apps. There are some good suggestions available on tech blogs and forums.

2. Creativity with Photo fun Apps:-Our mind love seeing images and videos each and every time. In case you haven’t internet connectivity you can take beautiful snaps of things happening around you. There are many things which are beautiful and happening continuously. Many android apps like as Snapseed, Photofunia, Cymera etc. will make you able to do many creativity on your Smartphone or Tablet.

3. Audio, Video Creativity and fun making:-You can’t limit yourself in taking photos only. You can make live recording in videos, audio files of things happening interesting around you. As being human we all have different kind of interests and we should try to capture things which we love. It may be birds, tress, children, places, designs or any other thing as per your interest.

4. Offline stored E-book, Comics and Magazine Reading:-Your Smartphone or tablet is very handy device for carrying digital library with you all time. You can download E-books, comics and magazines directly from Internet or via Storage mediums as PC, memory card, flash drive etc. Having installed this kind digital material will make your device very useful when your device is offline.

5. Movies and Video files playing:-Album videos and offline movies stored in your Android device will entertain anytime you have non-internet connectivity. It is always wiser thing to have video and movie files stored in your Smartphone or Tablet. You can view things on larger screens as well connecting your smart devices to TV, Projectors, PC Monitor etc.

6. Office Task completion, Presentation making, Writing and Editing files:- There are many apps which will make your Smartphone or Tablet advanced in creating presentations, editing them. It is important option to use if you have missed some tasks at your office desk.

7. MP3 Songs and favorite Music track playing:-Music is a great way to reach on entertainment level with emotions. It is not only human who loves music, even birds express their moods by singing. Our digital life is making it much easier to play music tracks anytime anywhere. Your android Smartphone will entertain you by many high end audio and music playing apps whenever you haven’t internet connection available.

8. Offline Dictionary App for translation:-Mostly we don’t like to do word analysis on our Smartphone. But sometime it is best practice to do some learning in a time when internet is a issue. There are many offline dictionary apps available to work without internet.

9. Pre-installed Apps on Smartphone:-Today all popular Smartphone manufacturers are enhancing their products with software pluses. In this way apps are very popular these days. Companies are giving out pre-installed apps on Smartphone for better use. For example Samsung is providing its ChatOn messaging app pre-installed with its Android devices.

10. Wallpapers, Screensavers and Customizing Smartphone:-Our Android Smartphone and Tablets have become personalized things in current time. They are much like our personalized things such as watches, pens, bags etc. We all need different varieties and features in these personal things. The same rule is applying to Smartphone and Tablets. We all need them more & more customized as per our Interests. Users can do much more customizing things on Android devices whenever they are offline. It has wide options to customize like as wallpapers, screensavers, settings, views, displaying patterns, UI customizing, Rooting device & many more.


We have tried to include some things above which you can do offline. There are limitless things you can do with your android device. There are surely some creative ideas, tasks which you already doing apart the above list. Let us know in below comments which things you love to do when you haven’t internet available on your Smartphone or Tablet.

Google Nexus 5 More Advantages With Kitkat Android Version

Nexus 5 with Kitkat

Google has continued doing innovations in technology field since last decades . In the field of Smartphone and tablet manufacturing Google come up with Nexus named Smartphone series in Market. Google has previously launched Smartphone like as Nexus one, Nexus S, Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 4. And those Smartphones have good responses over market in sales. Google has developed their popular Smartphone by co-working with popular Smartphone manufacturers like as Samsung, LG. Now Google has co-developed Nexus 5 Smartphone for users with LG Electronics. Google Nexus 5 Smartphone is first device coming with latest android version Kitkat. Most android lover like to buy Google devices because of its latest updates and versions are easily available to smartphones. With Android Kitkat version Google Nexus 5 has following features  and specifications:-

1. Appearance of Smartphone:- Google Nexus 5 has come up with Smartphone body using polycarbonate shell. It has 5” Screen size which is good for better display. Although technically screen size is 4.95” but Google has marketed it saying 5” screen size.

2. Speed And Memory:- Who doesn’t love speed and more memory in tech devices? Google knows this fact very well. Google Nexus 5 has 2.3 GHz quad-core Snapdragon 800 processor with 2 GB of RAM Memory in it. You can expect Nexus 5 working more speedy and accurately with above configurations.

3. Battery Type And backup:- It has come up with 2300 mAh battery which will expected to give out good battery backup. The longer battery for using is always a plus point for recent Smartphone.

4. Camera Features:- It has 8 MP rear camera in it. This camera has Optical Image Stabilization features for better quality image taking for professional uses. With Nexus 5 you will be able to take more stunning images and video clips in easy way.

5. Network Support and Connectivity:- It has support for most recent network connectivity like as 2G, 3G, 4G LTE Networks. Beside this it has WiFi connectivity with latest supports available in market. It has NFC communication technology with more advance support.

6. Sensors and Functionality:- There are two sensor types step detector and step counter in this Smartphone. It will function based on walking, running of user which is new experience for users. These sensors are inbuilt in hardware for better functionality.

7. OS version & Features:- Nexus 5 has newer Android version release coming with it. This version of Android will keep away old fragmentation problem from Smartphones during longer use. It will provide home Screen along with “Google Now”. It will have more improved NFC, Voice Command functionality, Google Hangouts and HDR+ camera recording in this version. This will make Nexus 5 more advanced Human User Interface device to use.

As of now Nexus 5 is available in USA to purchase but it will be available soon in other countries. Nexus 5 is good Smartphone for users who want to go with latest hardware configuration and Android support in their Smartphone. Let us know below in comments if you have any query about Nexus 5 Smartphone.

Android Apps Normal Issues, Risks & Solutions

It is time of having latest apps in your smart phones and tablets. We no longer need to install 200-300 MB file sized photo editing software for making changes to our day to day images. We can do that task easily via apps available free of cost. There are many more tasks we can do easily via using those apps. But these free apps have also having dark side of uses. Normal users don’t care much about them, but they are very important for us in current tech world. We have list out some of common issues & possible risks below with their solutions.

Android apps Normal Issues along with Solutions

1. In overall app reviews we found that there are more issues found in free apps in comparison of paid apps. The main reason is that free apps are dependent on ads for revenue generation.

2. This kind ad showing, pop up coming and other update related notifications from apps are really annoying for us.

3. Some apps get run time errors and crashing which is bad thing at user end.

4. When we start an app and it shows blank Screen instead of starting. It feels very odd.

5. When we install app asks for permissions of using various resources in our device. Normal users don’t care about it and accept it immediately. We should always care about checking which permissions it is asking. If it were asking permissions which you don’t think are useful for that particular app application. We should decline that app & look out for another app.

6. Some apps require internet connection to start them. It is also unacceptable for users who are tight with their data plans.

7. Other device functioning problems are hanging whole device and freezing device. After this situation they require force shut down.

8. Some apps uses higher amount of hardware resource available in our device. Using higher RAM, Processor and more drive space are common things we should consider about any app.

9. In some cases there is fast Battery Drainage by apps. We should also avoid such apps because we wouldn’t enjoy plugging charger to device while using it.

Associated Risks of using free android apps

1. One common issue is that if we allow android device to use more resource than it actually require running those apps. It may misuse our device for some specious activities.

2. Our smart devices are having a lot of private details about us. So there may be our privacy in danger by hacking someone.

3. It has Security risks also which includes individual risk, financial risk, social status risk, criminal involvement risk without knowledge.

4. It may cause you extra network calling & data charges via those apps.

5. It will give you frustration due to not working properly. Those blank screen & crashing acts will make you feel bad experience.


All these above issues which were found in Android apps are nothing in comparison of their benefits. But still our privacy & security is first thing in tech world to assure. We will suggest you to installing & using apps which are according your needs using less hardware resources, less ads and smooth working experience for your device.