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Free Android Apps for WiFi Management and more Tasking


WiFi is one of the powerful medium to interact with other devices. Using WiFi we can share files speedily between devices. Basically we all love WiFi for its Internet connectivity using via a WiFi modem Router but we can use it for more tasks in home and business environment. WiFi feature in tech devices enabled […]

How to Use Android Smartphone for Business Productivity


Doing business requires completing many tasks like schedules, meetings, management, travelling etc. In current competitive era every business person need to finish all tasks efficiently in a timely manner. Most of business person like to have latest Smartphone or Tablet. It is always useful for them to manage tasks on the move using these Smart […]

Android Smartphone Security- Pre and Post Safety Tips

Android Safety Tips2

Android is most popular mobile OS which is having major support from 1st party and 3rd party app developers. This has made Android viral in past 2-3 years. Android devices also have security concern and issues which should be avoided or repaired regularly for security. We have started to use android devices for both personal […]

Use Your Android Smartphone for Safer, Easier and Entertaining Car Driving


Android has become most popular Mobile OS in current time. It has huge support of third parties to develop apps and tools for making life easier. There are many ways you can use your Smartphone to enhance your car in a high tech tasking. It is good to use technology you have in your Pocket. […]

Home and Workplace Automation via NFC enabled Smartphone


NFC is a technology where a short length WiFi connection is available to connect devices and NFC tags. NFC tags are smart chips which is having WiFi connectivity with a customizable program writing support in it. Via these tags you can set automatic tasks over your Smartphone whenever they connects to that particular NFC Tag’s […]

Google Nexus 5 More Advantages With Kitkat Android Version

Nexus 5 with Kitkat featured

Google has continued doing innovations in technology field since last decades . In the field of Smartphone and tablet manufacturing Google come up with Nexus named Smartphone series in Market. Google has previously launched Smartphone like as Nexus one, Nexus S, Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 4. And those Smartphones have good responses over market in sales. […]