Top 5 Free Android Games and Apps

With the increasing popularity of the mobiles and laptops, the number of apps available for this platform has rocketed. These emerging free android games and apps have changed our relationship with the software in a drastic manner. Most of the time, you don’t have to pay even a single penny to enjoy some of the best android game apps available in the market. But it is difficult to find the best ones from tons of half-baked free apps. We are here with the handy list top five free android games app that surely consists of the best stuff. This list is made after filtering all aspects including music, security; budgeting note taking etc. It will be a pleasure to download these free android games on your smart devices.

  1. Trivia crack

travia Track free Android games app

This is the best amongst rest of the free android games. In this game, the player will test their brains in the customised duels against the random players or their friends. You can purchase the coins for upgrading and for getting the power-ups. The active community behind this game will keep on submitting the new question so that the player don’t lack fresh content.


  1. Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

Hearthstone Heroes of Warcraft - free android games app

Heartstone is a fantastic card based free android game app download in which the player needs to summon the cast spell cards and creature cards to defeat the rival hero. You can choose between the nine characters which are available with their unique set of abilities. The difficulty increases with the coming levels. It increases the thrill and exciting of this game. You can earn the bonus coins by completing the daily quest.


  1. Crossy Road

Crossy Road free Android Games App

The theme of this game is simple and quite appealing. You need to get the chicken on the other side of the road. The twist is that there is no other side. Actually you need to dodge the speeding trains, emerging traffic, hungry eagles and torrential rapids for long before the grisly and inevitable end. If you are an old school gamer then it will appear similar to the Frogger. Crossy Road is a very fascinating addictive game that contains accessible controls and adorable graphics.


  1. Smash hit

Smash hit - free android games app

Smash hit as its name depicts is a target practice game in which the player need to tap the screen for tossing the marble in order to shatter the glass obstacle. You will lose the marble with every bump. The game will get over once all marbles are lost. You can start with the free version and can later upgrade with the premium one. You will enjoy hitting the marbles with your friends.


  1. Dots

Dots free android game apps

This is light, casual puzzle game for android devices in which the player have to line up the dots of the same colour within the given time. The time limit made this game more exciting and interesting. This game not just entertains you but also sharpens up your mind and enhances your problem solving capability. You will get bonus points for tracing the close loops in the minimum time. You can turn this sharply designed fun game into multiplayer mode and enjoy it with your friends and relatives.


Off course you have also like to play other free android games on your Smart phone or tablet. Let us our community about your experiences with those game apps below in comments.


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