Top 5 Games Smartphone Apps List

In this high tech era, everyone loves to play games on android smartphones. The world of mobile gaming is full of excitement. The market and app stores are flooded with a great plethora of free top games for android phones. The craze of android games is growing rapidly amongst the android phone users. You can find a wide variety of games on Internet and game stores but it is difficult to find gems from the junk.

Top Games Smartphone Apps List

We are here we are sharing top 5 games for android smartphones. This list includes a mixture of free and paid games. All of them are entertaining and full of fun.

Wire Defuser

wire difuser Android game appPuzzle games are all time favourite of all age groups. Wire Defuser is also a fairly therapeutic variety. It is an intense time limited puzzle game in which you have to diffuse the bombs within the given time. This wonderful game is full of excitement and thrill. This free top game for android mobile users comprises of 80 levels after clearing which you can unlock the hardcore level. It involves numerous knobs and bomb dials.


wressler android GameThis game has successfully occupied the second rank amongst the 10 top games for android phones. Wrassling is a beautiful, hilarious short game in which you need to control some flailing ‘wrasslers’ who are competing in the royal rumble match. It involves lots of jumping, pushing and throwing which will make you laugh. The Commodore 64 style graphics is mated with the haphazard looking game play appears extremely hilarious and equally charming. The cute 20 megapixel sized Wrasslers of this game keep you entertained throughout the game.

Monument valley

Monument valley Android top gameThis is a very pretty game which is full of beautiful graphics and brilliant colors. This game involves some weird geometric shapes, colourful bending and rotating maps, and natural sights. The player will enjoy walking on walls, turning the floors, flipping, avoiding crows etc. This short paid game for android smartphones appears like a joyful ride and comprises of 10 multi layered levels. You just have to pay $AUD 4.90 to play this awesome game.

Driver Speedboat Paradise

Driver Speedboat Paradise latest android gameThis exclusive top game for android download is best for all adventure gamers. It includes speedboat racing and mafias. The vibrant color graphics appears quite charming and eye catchy. Driver Speedboat Paradise is a thrilling fun ride game that offers you the chance to customise your boat to make it look more interesting and fast.

Silly Sausage in the Meat Land

Top games for Android phone Silly Sausage in Meat LandWith the mind-blowing visual style, Silly sausage is a brilliant android game that is featured with combined addictive game play along with rudimentary graphics. This game is a varied, challenging platformer. You will love to control to control the winding body of the stretchy sausage dog through various levels filled with pipes, spikes, treasure and keys. It’s not as easy as it appears and is full of exciting rewards. It is amongst the best free top games for android mobile users.

Please share below in comments about any entertaining & good Android Smartphone game if you have experienced.


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