4G benefits – Changing your life with Speed, Quality, Easy to Go

Lets assume today I will say you to operate a P-II computer for some kind document editing. That will be very boring & most of us even can’t run that PC. And when it comes to speed, technology always loving it. Crazy loving aspect of speed is seen in Smartphone boom in USA. According to sources 50%+ people in USA having smartphone by today.  Same thing apply to telecommunication field.  These days 4G technology is advanced Technology in telecommunication sector.

4G is a fourth generation mobile internet connectivity service having speed of 100 Mbps & more. How can this technology change life in a smart way? Its very simple question to be solved. Below is some points to see as 4G benefits – Changing your life with Speed, Quality, Easy to Go :-

  1. Educational 4G Benefits:-A teacher can teach thousands students via remote student learning centers developed with 4G technology.  As 4G has advanced speed so students will have real time experience of learning. They can interact with teacher in no time. Specialists of subjects can now get reach to thousands of students at same time.
  2. Remote Medical services Benefits:- With 4G technology Doctors can do medical treatments with ease. They may operate surgery remotely using this fast internet service.  A kidney specialist can now treat from sitting at computer desk to thousands miles away patient. Real time operation of such treatment are possible in fast & accurate speed. Which is possible with 4G as of now.
  3. Rural Area connectivity benefits:-Rural areas will get fastest connectivity via 4G technology. People living in outside village of a country can now get updated faster using 4G technology. They may ask Agriculture expert showing crops in live stage related to issues. They can get special benefits of connecting with advance knowledge available worldwide over internet. The concept Global village will be more easier with 4G technology.
  4. E-Governance benefits:- E-Governance in developing countries like as in India it is growing. This has provided many government services on centers. So people have no need to be in queue & visit Govt. Offices again & again. 4G technology will make this process more easier. Now there will be some more kind services provided on base of the fastest internet speed.
  5. Entertainment benefits for individuals:- 4G speed in your devices will make possible to stream HD movies with best quality videos. Users will be able to view Youtube videos in higher resolutions. With 4G users can play online games having large loading size of game. Some 3d Virtual world service provider sites are needed to faster internet speed. And this technology made its possible to play easily. Beside this if you are viewing some online channels then with 4G technology you will be able to watch news more clearly.
  6. Business benefits with 4G:- Business persons no need to go physically for any conference. They can choose to arrange video conference with 4G technology. As it will be fastest internet available in market, it will make live experience for clients, business mates to do video conferences. Beside this saving time of business works via doing fastest process of all kind internet related needs it will help great in business.
  7. Remote computer operation Benefit:- 4G technology will make possible to access your computers/laptops remotely as you doing sitting on your computer table. Say we use Team Viewer application to get access of remote desktop but it has some kind streaming issue in display. But with 4G it will stream like as live. Team viewer in android devices is supported as well. There are many other applications which providing this kind facility.
  8. Best Quality Audio & Video streaming 4G benefits for users:-One of the best advantage of 4G technology will be that it will make video quality available in best resolution as it is in source. Currently we can’t view high Quality HD videos live without interruption. Now 4G speedy internet will make it possible.
  9. Quick Browsing of websites:- In 4G technology sites which is having page size maximum & slower browsing speed will be opened more quickly. General sites will be opened quickly. All we have to just click & it will be opened.
  10. Fastest Download Speed:- If you have to download in GB’s then what? You have now option. You can download GB’s data using 4G technology if you have unlimited 4G data plans from operator.
  11. Media Storage benefits:- People who works with graphics, video editing, image editing may be more benefit from the 4G technology. As we all know all this kind media files have large file sizes. So if they have need to download some kind themes, tools, applications, effects etc. then they may  be able to download all those very quickly.
  12. Time Saver & no more irritated over internet:- If your internet goes interrupt, It will irritate you. With 4G it will matter of past having slow speed browsing. It will save time of users. And they will be like to browse more sites in less time.
  13. Automobile driving, navigation & communication benefits:- Automobile sector will have much effect of 4G technology. It will help cars & other vehicles in driving, navigation & communication patterns. If possible concept of Google Driverless project goes approved & accepted by worldwide. It will change the way of driving & navigating cars using 4G type fastest internet technology.

Its a little things listed above. With 4G we can do much more. Let me know what you think about 4G benefits in below comments.



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