About split air conditioner features, installation and Benifits

Know some cool things About split air conditioner features, installation and Benifits. Split Airconditioner is most popular type of air conditioner which uses by people. It is different from window air conditioner. It creats low noise  rather than window AC.  So , it prefer low level noise area like bad room, meeting hall, library etc.  Generally, it use there our space doesn’t  have window. It is like a window airconditioner but it divided in two units. One called indoor unit and other called out door unit( IDU & ODU).


Indoor unit OR  IDU

Indoor unit has only cooling coil and blower fan only . Some times expansion device also installed in the IDU . But now expansion device installed  in the out door unit because it creats noise. IDU doesn’t have any heat rejection& noisy component like compressor or condensor. IDU installed in the room or wherever you want to cooling. IDU installed on the wall at the height of 6-7 ft. from finish floor level(FFL). Bcoz occupancy zone is till 7 ft. height from FFL . If we installed IDU above 7 ft. then compressor efficiency will decrease. Bcoz compressor works more time.

Outdoor unit OR ODU

ODU installed out side from the room because it has all noisy & heat rejection components. ODU has compressor, condensor & expansion device.  We should installed ODU at the low level from IDU. If IDU installed on the wall than ODU should at the floor OR below from IDU . Because when compressor works , the lubricating oil mix with  refrigerant and travel in the system with refrigerant. when the ODU installed above height from IDU , the lubricating oil stored in the IDU and works as insulation. This oil insulation decrease heat transfer rate between circulated room air and cooling coil. Thus we can’t achieve desire cooling and decrease oil level in the compressor.Due to lack of lubricating oil, start friction  in the compressor& heatup and also decreases the system efficiency.

we connect ODU and IDU by two copper pipe lines( suction & dicharge line). The distance between ODU& IDU should be 10 to 15 ft. More than 15 ft. is not acceptable because more distance of ODU& IDU also decreases system effiviency. The idel distance between ODU & IDU is 10 ft. In this distance system will efficient.  In the split air conditioner suction line should be insulated by nitrile rubber sleeve OR any good thermal insulating material. Insulation decreases system super heating.


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  1. Naresh Rijal says:

    What will happen if ODU & IDU connected in 5ft only. Technical reason please.

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