Advantages and Disadvantages of Mobile Phones


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It was time in our life when Nokia 1100 handset in our hands was surprising device. We all know how things changed rapidly and it brought smart mobile handsets in our hands. Now most of us own a Smartphone or Smart tablet ourselves. We have mobile devices in our hands which can be used more than we are currently doing or we could do in our past with mobile phones. Most of people are still unknown of hidden advantages of mobile phones. If your device is Android, iOS or Windows based (In most cases they are)  chances are that you aren’t using it in full possibilities. So next thing comes in your mind is that how you can use it more efficiently? To do so you have to know the advantages of these devices.
Below are plus points of using mobile phones:-
As part of Routine Life– Now making call and sending messages has become our daily routine part. Mobile phones are very useful in business. In businesses on every step mobile has become important device for example in meeting fixing, in talking to customers, in production status reports & much more. There are emergency phone numbers for all kind tragedies in life whether it is fire, accident or crime situation. Just do stuff in free time on your device. You will find hidden things usable with it. Playing games Finding Useful APPS and using them efficiently
Entertainment Advantages– Using a mobile phone you can listen Music and watch videos anywhere at any time. You can play a Youtube video, you can watch a missed TV Show Or you can watch a movie using a mobile. You can view a movie sitting on a rock at seaside or at roof at night in cool environment. It made human living more easy in critical situations as well. It gives company in free time.

Relation making & socialism– Now Social networks has connected a millions people around the world with their smart devices. You can use Facebook and WhatsApp to make more friends or other relations. You can do capturing of  Videos & picture of the moments. You can do Video Calling & Real time face to face talking with your loved ones.
Research & Knowledge advantages– Like we are habitual to do Reading Tech tips blogs, E-books, forums, support communities over internet on a computer. We can do the same stuff on a mobile phone also which have internet connection. Latest websites are designed mobile friendly, So it became easier to browse sites on mobile also.


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Travel– Start using Maps and GPS for Travel destinations & Routes finding on your mobile phone.You can do Tagging a location coordinates for later visit (in case you have doubt to forget the route of the place). To find Room on Rent for office or home use You can search it on your mobile apps. On the move note taking, Task scheduling, Making written plans, diagrams on the move are another usability of these devices while someone is travelling.
Connecting external devices– Connect your mobile to do various tasks on TV, Computer, Tablet, Printer, Smart home appliances,Smart lights, Smart Door & Locks etc. Although its latest to try home lights, doors & locks in it. You can control these easily via your mobile phone in a easy way.
Advantages in better Home living– Use your Mobile phone to know recipes you can make at home and gardening tips. You can do better resources management at home using these devices. It can be good device to entertain your kids by allowing them to play games.
Mobile payments & Shopping– It is early to predict about the future of mobile payment systems but if it works well it will surely let make people have their banks in their pockets. People will no longer carry wallet to pay in their living they will simply pay by their mobile phones. Apple Touch pay is one of the most recent example of this system.

Its enough talking about advantages of mobile phones. But its not totally away from disadvantages. Below are a few disadvantages-
Disconnection From Real Life– Mobile phones bring a lot of boon in our life but it disconnect us from real life. It causes less Time Spent in Real Life Activities, Health & Fitness Issues, Tech addiction, Weakness in Relations in our living. People have no time for a friend sitting right his/her side to do chat with an online friend (virtual friend).
Financial Problems– Addiction of mobile phones lead to monetary expenses, Load of EMI’s, Bills, Data plans in our livings. It may be reason of financial trap for average income person or for students.
Privacy & Security Concerns– As for many useful apps has come up for using on mobile phones, the risk of privacy issues & security breaching has becoming more serious thing.
E-waste & Environmental Issues–  Mobile companies are launching new handsets rapidly which causes a lot of e-waste mobile phones in market. As companies doesn’t care about recycling of old mobile phones, it is becoming matter of loss for environment.

Finally I have to say a person who will try to do stuff with Smart phone will know much more stuff than above. It is a source of unlimited tasking in our day to day life.


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