Airtel money concept will bring you shopping at fingers

Nowadays its time to Mcommerce. Mcommerce is doing transactions of goods & services using mobile devices. There are many things which can be done easily via these devices. Its making available e-shopping on mobile devices.In western countries these kinds of services are very common. UK has above 90% ratio of mobile banking users. But in areas like developing countries are still have to improve this ratio. For example in INDIA all services are in just primary stage. They are being introduced these days. Airtel money concept will bring you shopping at fingers in India.

Airtel Money is a service being provided by airtel for mcommerce in INDIA. Its booming in Gurgaon NCR circle in INDIA. And being launched in other areas of country.  Below is some main things we can do with airtel money concept are :-

  1. Now you can get all kind tickets on mobile. Flight booking, rail ticket, bus ticket, boxoffice ticket, event tickets all will be available through mobile booking on airtel money.
  2. With Airtel Money you will get Movie vouchers, mobile vouchers, Hot deals discounted coupons & loyalty cards at your fingers. Many people already taking advantages of such schemes.
  3. Ringtones, wallpapers, games purchasing is more easy with Airtel money. You can do all these on your mobile phone even its just simple handset.
  4. Airtel Money will make you able to send money through NEFT or direct transfer on another airtel money account. This service has made it more useful for all indians.
  5. If you want to track location of your friend or want to do something with location based services then Airtel money will help you in doing this.
  6. With airtel money you can do mobile banking in a easy way. Its the main aspect of airtel money concept. You can view bank account transactions, check balance or send money to other account easily via this.
  7. With Airtel Money concept you can do recharge mobile, pay mobile & other utility bills easily via your mobile handset. It will work on all kind of mobile phones.
  8. You can do shopping with Airtel money easily. It will work like as shopping with Debit cards we currently doing. No need to bring cash along with to do shopping.
  9. Loading money to Airtel Money is very easy. You can load money via Internet banking.
  10. Airtel is giving offers on using Airtel Money for all kind services payment of Airtel as DTH recharge, bill payment, Mobile recharge etc.
  11. Some other Merchants also offering great deals on using Airtel Money as payment option.They are giving special offers on beverages, drinks, dining.

Still in India it will take time to boom up the mcommerce industry. But in many areas its already being run by Airtel. Specially in NCR this service is working successfully. Now it has been launching in other parts of the country.

It may bring revolution to the payment options we using in to make payments whether its offline or online. Its quite interesting to use such devices for shopping etc. Its new experience for everybody who haven’t tried it yet. I will recommend to try it.


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