Home Automation Systems and Their Uses


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Recently technology innovators have started developing smart home automation systems. You may call it Smart Home Concept. We need to do many non-productive tasks in our daily living like cleaning, cooking, controlling home appliances manually etc. There are some system built up which helps in home lights switch on/off, door close/open, security alerts and alarming. It is much closer concept to bring dream home living. One can use these systems to build high end Security at their living place. Seeing popularity of Android devices in current market I have described it under two points. First point is about possible home automation tasks everyone can do using android devices. Second point is about home automation systems made by various tech companies.

Android Home Automation

Here is a good slideshare presentation about home automation using android mobiles. It has nice explanation about how you can use your existing Android smartphone for home automation. I think it will have limitation in doing tasks at home but one can go forward by this. If you are not interested in trying a complete home automation system as of now, it is good solution to try automation via this.

Other Popular Home Automation Systems

Automatic lawn Watering system– You can setup automatic lawn watering system for your home garden or back side garden. You will be able to control it wireless. Below Video will help you in it.
Home Control Systems– It is a controller system for your home automation needs. You can choose and setup a system according your priority. You have to choose that you are focused on security of home or on other things. Insteon is a home automation technology company which provide home automation solutions. Isnteon Home automation system will let you control Insteon devices at your home. You can use hub app of this system with android, iOs and Windows devices.

Home intelligence system by Notion– Its kind of complete Home automation System for you which has Connected Sensors for home alerts also. It can detect easily these things detect acceleration, water leaks, sound, temperature, light, orientation, natural frequency, and proximity. You can Get it with 3 sensor + one notion hub , 5 sensor + one notion hub, only 3 sensors, 10 sensors + one hub, 1 sensor + 1 hub options to buy from site. You can pass alerts to your family or friends via this system. It process audio to decide if specific event has happened at home. for example if a window is broken at home this system will send you alert message processing that glass broking sound. You can read more about notion here 

Qrio Smart Lock – Qrio Smart Lock is project by Sony company. It unlocks , lock door via smart phone. It will give ease of access in unlocking doors when you return home full with shopping bags. In that situation you have only option to keep bags down on earth and unlock door by freeing a hand. But if you have this system at your home door you will easily unlock the door.

Another popular Smart Door lock system is from Lockitron systems. It has WiFi inbuilt. You can lock/unlock door remotely. It provides you option to select the color varations of door lock device on site.

Automatic Home cleaning Tools– Vaccum cleaning Robot is one of best useful device for handling cleaning task. It is a good solution for your home and Office cleaning. The main thing is dust which makes ugly our home. This dust is not good for electric equipments and machines. If one has allergy with dust then it becomes big problem to clean home. You can know more about Robot here .

Lighting Control Systems– You can transform lighting into entertainment lightning or Transform living room into a theatre using Home automation systems. WEMO is nice company which provides such solutions. It has solutions for Ceiling fan control which can be configured to work in specific terms like when someone walks accross bedroom while sleeping fan will light up. It is helpful if one is sleep walking problem. And it is also useful in privacy and security of living area. Wemo Light Switch for automation  is a system for controlling home power system, water, wi-fi from smartphone etc at home.

Garage Door Automation System– Insteon Company provides this solution also. Garage door automation system let you control garage door open/close at your comfort on mobile or tablet screen. If there will be security breach to open garage door it will alarm the user to avoid possible vehicle theft from one’s garage. Even when you are out of home you will have full control over it.

Other Devices-  Smart Air Filters, Automatic swimming Pool Cleaners, automatic thermostats devices etc. are some other home automation devices. Its upon a user whether it goes for complete automation solution or require specific automation in their home. One might get thermostat only for their home, other may get sensors only, some may select smart door lock only. So it have custom possibilities as well in making automation system at home.


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Benefits of building Home Automation

  • Automatic Energy management
  • Automatic home Window blades and shades close / open
  • Even you can limit the amount of sunlight given to houseplants using home automation.
  • It provides 24*7 control on home environment. It will keep tracking of heating, cooling & moments in your home.
  • It provides personal safety and instant communication with family members.

Thus Home automation saves time, energy of user. It provides comfort, energy saving, Safety (fire & theft cases) . Plus it provides you real time access to view of your home. Let me know below in comments how you like the idea of home automation or if you have any suggestion please mention.


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