Astonishing Features of iOS 9 You Should Not Miss

Recently, Apple launched the beta version program of iOS 9 & until now it has released 4 beta versions. In every beta version Apple removes the flaws and bugs that were present in the previous release. You can also sign up, download and install the beta iOS 9 on your Apple device.

There are some features you can find out in iOS 9 which were not there in iOS 8, such as spotlight search, CarPlay, power saver more etc.

Everything you need to know about iOS 9

Apple puts huge efforts for refining its mobile OS every year and this time it has also brought some changes in the newer version of iOS. Let’s look at some of those:

Siri with Spotlight search:

Apple iOS 9 offers a slightly revamped design of voice assistant app “Siri” with Spotlight search that deliver more relevant results for time and location based queries. 

Advanced security:

iOS 9 provides 6 digit passcode option that provides more than 2 million password combination.

Car Play:

It lets you connect your car stereo with your iPhone/iPad so that you can play music wirelessly

Power saver mode:

iOS 9 features a “power saver mode” that ask you to enable it whenever battery reaches to 20% and 10%. This mode shuts down background data and apps add up to 2-3 hours battery power.

If you are looking forward to get iOS 9 for your iPhone or iPad then you have to wait until September 2015 when it will be launched officially. For now you can download the beta version and use it on your devices.

The iOS 9 offer variety of features, you can find more information about them in the infographic which is created by Nine Hertz – An iOS app development firm.


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