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Your phone says a lot about you, not that you need to change who you are for anyone. Our phone is an extension of your personality and as such you will personalize it with ringtones, videos, music and, yes, wallpapers. Wallpapers are images that can be seen on your phone when it is on standby, or even when accessing your menu. The options for the kind of wallpapers you can get for your phone are endless, but your phone type can sometimes be the only variation in the mix. You can get still wallpapers, live wallpapers or even video wallpapers if you so wish. There are a good number of resources where you can get the best wallpapers for your phone.

Photo of a girl on the phone screen

If you want the best wallpaper for android phones, look no further than your very own gallery. Pictures taken on that road trip, family reunion, photos of your family and friends and nature images you have taken over time can be your wallpaper. This is actually the best definition of personalized wallpapers for your android gadget.

If you are looking for something more professional, abstract or unique as wallpapers, then Google Play store is the one stop shop for all your Android needs. You can get not only apps for your phone but you can also download countless wallpapers for your phone and even other apps such as Whatsapp. If you are worried about being charged for wallpaper downloads, you can simply look for those that are free to download. You must also ensure that you choose wallpapers that will not slow down your phone or affect your phone’s performance in any way.

Some of the apps for wallpapers that you can download include:

  1. Zedge Mobile: This is a mobile app that lets users download ringtones, music, message notification tones, video clips and wallpapers for Android. All you have to do is download the Zedge app on your phone and go through the easily navigable menu and array of wallpapers selections. What is great about this app is it lets you preview the wallpapers before giving you a one-step option for a free download.
  2. 500 Firepaper App: This is an app that has thousands of high quality images for you to choose from. You can select the category of wallpapers you would like, the duration you want each different wallpaper to last on your screen and you can even give your phone the option to update the wallpaper library.
  3. Muzei Live Wallpaper: This is the perfect app to download when you want to see a different live wallpaper daily. Muzei is actually a museum in Russian and this means that the app lets you see celebrated art pieces from around the world on your phone daily. Should you feel that you need something closer to home, then you can choose to have the Muzei effect for your personal photo gallery.
  4. Backgrounds HD App: This is an app that has well categorized best wallpapers for Android gadgets. The wallpapers are OGQ (the developers) staff picks that are high quality, beautiful to look at and are worthy to be your wallpaper any day.

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