Blackberry Apps World – List of useful Apps

In a time when Blackberry is facing problem in competition with other giants of Technology,  Blackberry apps world has shown some good progress. This is surely make a ray of hope for the company to start things in a new & innovative way. RIM has now over 70000+ apps available to download & use for users worldwide.

It is being assumed that Blackberry is going to downwards in sales & popularity, But real fact is that still Blackberry has a strong Client base with 75 Million Blackberry users around the world. There are about 75 million apps being downloaded in a day via Blackberry App world. In current time Blackberry has more earnings than Android apps in market value of apps market.

Blackberry Apps World – List of useful Apps:-

  1. Photo studio:- You missing Photoshop when you are outside of office? Blackberry is going to help you a lot in editing photos as you do over photo shop. Photo Studio is a smart app using this app you can edit your pictures.
  2. Capture It:- Specially useful app if you need capture screen randomly. This app will capture your smart phone screen. This is a free app available to download & use. Take screen shots for your apps, themes, running thing over the smartphone.
  3. Blackberry protect:- You must have this app installed over your blackberry phone to make all data secure. In case you lost your device you can lock, track the location of device. Or if you want you can wipe all data as well.
  4. foursquare:This app will help you in meeting friends, finding place nearby you. Sharing content over this device is very easy to do task. Newer versions of this app are more smart to use.
  5. NotePad:- You can save quick & short notes on the playbook via this app. It is very useful for bookmarking, note down something roughly or something which will be used later in doing something useful.
  6.  Fancy smiley:- In sending e-mails, SMS, IMs or other chat interactions we generally need smiley. Although it is not required, but for a better impression of chat it should be used. Color & beautiful smiley can be send via this app. You can send country flag as well in e-mails etc. 
  7. Screen grabber:- You can grab your screen running items via this app. You can e-mail, SMS those screen captured items simply. It is a free app available to use for your screen shot needs.
  8. BeeTag :-  This QR reader app for real time scanning. It is fast & accurate in code detection. Simply install it in your Blackberry device if you want to use QR Code Scanning feature.
  9. Battery saver pro:- Battery is common issue in current time. Battery is requirement of current time for any phone’s  better performance. This app will help you in optimizing battery performance to increase more usability of your blackberry smartphone.
  10. Poynt:- It is a smart local search app for your all kind businesses, restaurants, people finding need. Sometime this kind apps are very helpful specially in a area where you are visiting for first time.
  11. iCircletheme:- A custom theme with nice looking graphics, icons can dramatically change your smart phone look. iCircle theme is surely going to help you in this act. You can make custom look via this theme.
  12. Blackberry Bridge:- This app is helpful in pairing Blackberry Smartphone & Blackberry playbook tablet device. This type connecting will help you in sharing content, e-mails over both devices.
  13. BlackBerry Messenger:- Blackberry messenger will allow you to share e-mails, pictures, videos, fun with friends in a easy way. You have to provide pin to share these content over messenger. You can make chat with your friends & do plan many things.
  14. Amazing Pool:- It’s a nice game to play in free. Simply install it on your blackberry for free to use some fun of a amazing pool game. You can have good experience to play pool game in your bed room as well via this app.
  15. Photo Editor Ultimate FREE:- This free app is very useful in editing photos in few clicks. You can edit brightness, crop, set other effects etc. over the image. It have Many tools to access any image in the editor & to do editing.
  16. Cosmos:- Know the beauty & extreme peace of universe. Feel like universe in your blackberry device via this app. For a person who love this kind virtual world, this is best tool.
  17. Viigo:- This app is best for knowing all things happening around you. Whether it is Movie, shopping, news, events or any other update nearby your place, all will be available to you.
  18. Chopper Pro:- You want to fly a Helicopter in your blackberry? If answer is yes, chopper pro will let you do this. This is free app to play the interesting game. It full version game available for free.
  19. Talking Monkey:- It is a fun app for your blackberry device. It will repeat your words to do something more interesting. Specially children are crazy about this kind apps. Make your child happy today with this app.
  20. Google Maps:- No need to mention more about Google maps. All we are know the benefit of this great free platform for viewing geographic locations. It is available to download for blackberry device for free.
  21. UPS Mobile:- This is useful app if you have done shipment with UPS company. This app will provide shipping related status etc. in timely manner via this app.


This app world of Blackberry has made something really notable achievements in current years. This app world has many more apps which are very useful for both business purpose & fun purpose.


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