Blackberry benefits and disadvantages by year 2012

In last year we all know the craze about Blackberry smartphones, Specially in Business personalities. Blackberry has some advanced features in it which make it different from other smartphones. But in the current time where we have seeing boom in Android smartphones, iOS smartphones, Its time to reconsider blackberry benefits & disadvantages comparing to other latest smartphones.

Blackberry benefits:-

  1. BB messenger:- It is one of the most important point of its usefulness. Get messages delivered to your friends, business clients, other peoples in real time basis. No more delays, no worry about delivery on time.
  2. BB Group Chat:-Blackberry services has provided great feature of making groups & enabling them to chat in groups. Its specially useful for people who love to do work & discuss in groups about their ideas.
  3. 24*7 Online Messaging:- Whether you are walking, driving, sleeping, hanging out with friends. Lets leave things to reach at your in real time via Blackberry messaging on 24*7 basis.
  4. Security / Privacy of Data:- Using Blackberry services you should be always tension free as Blackberry has advanced security for your data. It has security of your data at level of Military standards of security. RIM server keep it personal using its different platform for data exchanges.
  5. Peer 2 Peer Communication:- Simply use 8 Character long Blackberry pin to make peer to peer communication with other Blackberry owners. It will keep your device secret & can be only shared if you know the 8 characters pin.
  6. E-mail Pluses:- Personally I have used iPhone, iPad, Android (Samsung galaxy Note) but no device can compete Blackberry in service of E-mail account handling & responding.  You can add your e-mail accounts over it. It has great e-mail storage capacity in it. E-mails receiving & Sending is very quick in it other than any other smartphones. RIM Server has made it real for users.
  7. Micro USB Connector:- It will make you connect directly to computer using it. Its one of the advanced features of Blackberry having for its users.
  8. Buddy Online status:-With Blackberry you can set your online status to online, busy or offline. As per your need you want to show your friends & clients.
  9. Know Who messaging via Ringtone:- Got some lazy in checking message? no issue set ringtone different for each contact. You will get message ringtone different for each person you set.
  10. Slim Look:- Blackberry has come in slim look. Having multiple colors. But Black color is really charming for the device.
  11. Best for Client Handling:- If you are in a profession where client need quick reply. Then Blackberry is best smartphone for you. It helps in replying clients very quickly. Thus it will help in to gain more business.

Blacberry Disadvantages / Problems in use:-

  1. Only Supports Blackberry users Communication:- Your circle should be having Blackberry device to connect & communicate. Its main problem with blackberry users. All people not having Blackberry devices.
  2. Different platform of Blackberry:- Blackberry has its different platform for messaging etc. Thus its can’t work with other platforms to communicate.
  3. Disturb in personal life:- Being 24*7 online messaging of blackberry sometime make it disturbing for personal life. Friends may ask at 12 am “what u doing buddy?”. Isn’t it irritating?
  4. Lack of major App support:- Its not having major app developers support as iOS and android is having. Apps makes more cool smartphone of 2012.


Blackberry is still good for business persons. But for personal use it have limitations. People who want real time messaging services, contacts anytime are recommended to use Blackberry smartphones.


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