Built in apps and features in apple ipad 2 review india (iOS 5)

Apple Ipad 2 comes with useful built in applications these aplications are really amazing. I am using ipad 2 from last 6 months since my purchase of ipad apple upadated ios many times most liked update was iOS 5 with more than 200 new features.

Below is most features of apple ipad 2:-



Email is really very nice feature of apple ipad 2. I got more than 20-25 mails daily when emails comes ios 5 show email notofications on main screen with sound, So i am able to reply that email in quick way.
here is snap of my ipad email:-

It is very easy to reply email just click on reply email option, however cut, copy, paste is so easy just hold your fingures for 2-3 seconds you will get select, define option.






FaceTime feature allows ios users video calling using wifi or 3g (ios 4 users can call through wifi but improved FaceTime in ios 5 for using 3g video calling). FaceTime on iPad 2 lets you drop in on your favourite people and see how they’re doing. And what they’re doing. And who they’re with. You could be anywhere, they could be anywhere. With a tap, your iPad 2 calls someone else’s iPad 2, iPhone 4, new iPod touch or Mac over Wi-Fi.1 And there you are, face-to-face, in the middle of a friend’s party or with your family on the sofa. The big, beautiful iPad display is a great place for a face, because you can really see it. Not a smile or laugh goes unnoticed, especially when iPad goes round the room and everyone waves hello. If you’ve ever missed something big and eventful, anything small yet significant or someone’s smile, FaceTime helps you miss everything a little less.



It is funny feature by apple when you get bored. When i newly purchased ipad2 we went for a meeting but we have to wait 2-3 hours but thanks to photo booth that entertained us at higher level. When the mood upset, turn the camera on yourself, make some faces and start shooting snapshot-style. Choose various effects and Twist up your face, see yourself doubled or look like you stepped into a comic book. Photo Booth is great for parties or just for kicks And the fun keeps coming as you keep snapping.



Now get access to internet anytime anywhere (wifi, 3G, Edge), it is very easy to get access to favourite website in just slide to unlock and you are online. The Ipad makes it very easy to explore internet, easily hold web in your hands like a book or magazine with multiple features like multiple tabbed browsing, zoom in and out, text and tab links.


Download digital books from itunes store or read PDF format books on ipad very easily like a book and you’ll be even more well-read. Every story is gripping on the beautiful iPad display. Flick through page after page of bright text and gorgeous illustrations. When you’re ready for more, shop at the iBookstore. And wherever you go, pull out your iPad, and get pulled back in.


The larger screen and long battery life makes life cool watching movies, videos offline or online. The large screen and higher resolution screen makes iPad perfect for watching any kind of video from home movies to podcasts. You can use ipad smart cover as stand for watching movies.




Take Smart Photos and share them online instantly with friends and others with dual cameras.It’s super-advanced show-and-tell for photos. Swipe through them one by one in all their full-screen glory. Or choose a favourite song, pick a fun transition and create a slideshow. Turn iPad into the perfect frame with the iPad Smart Cover. Although iPad didn’t have flash light so you will get difficulties when taking pictures in dark light.

Find My iPad

Find My iPad

Oops if You lost or misplaced  your iPad. Don’t worry, Find My iPad will help you do just what it says.2 When you first get your iPad, set up Find My iPad in a few simple steps. Then if you lose it, you’ll see the approximate location of your iPad on a map. And before you know it, you and your iPad will be easily found.



If you are music lover then it is really attractive feature for you.  Colours sing out on the big iPad display, so your album art rocks. And when you flip through your favourite albums in Cover Flow, you’ll see just how great your music taste really is. Although you need buy Apple earpiece for listing music in good quality because iPad has mono inbuilt speakers but it still rocks!!

App Store

App Store

Download Thousands of applications for iPad and convert its uses as Laptop. Tap the App Store icon and you’ll find over 90,000 apps made for iPad, and counting. There are apps for anything and everything — from entertaining the kids in the backseat to packing for your holiday. Many of them are free. You can download them fast. And every trip to the App Store makes your iPad even better. So enjoy download unlimited games, Apps from Apple.



Now finding destination is too  easy just tab maps and start searching your direction and you will be got directions. It doesn’t matter you are Pedestrian or in Vehicle it will show your path like a GPS.

Game Center

Game Center

Are you Game lover? if Yes.. then you will get lot of games on game center find friends for group playing and it is just so easy it automatic find game partner for gaming. iPad is your playing field, and now you can invite anyone to get in on the game. Round up a group of friends in your gaming network, or go up against people you don’t know.

youtube on ipad


Now get access to millions of videos from youtube. YouTube is just one tap away from your hands, watch unlimited videos for unlimited entertainment.



Found great idea just add it to notes. You never know when a great idea will pop into your head. Before you lose it, pull out iPad and jot it down. The big display is the best place to keep important information, make to-do lists and take notes. You can even email yourself reminders.



Calender is cool feature it show’s you to do notes, date time, events to be done by the date.



Add contacts to you ipad from browser or email.Contacts isn’t just names and numbers. It’s email addresses, IM nicknames, birthdays, anniversaries, websites and anything else you can think of about everyone and anyone you know.



11 thoughts on “Built in apps and features in apple ipad 2 review india (iOS 5)

  1. Dalton says:

    IJWTS wow! Why can’t I think of tihngs like that?

  2. Rezwan Haque says:

    Hey, Could anyone help me to find out the solutions of following questions? I am hoping to buy a ipad-2. but I am facing some questions for ipad-2—–
    1. I am a heavy internet user. but in my country (Bangladesh) WiFi is not widely available. What we have are Wimax, Cell phone network internet like Airtel or Grameen phone, Broadband. I have heard that, except WiFi, some facilities for using internet is either slow or unavailable for ipad-2. Is this true?
    2. Can I use Internet download manager for ipad-2?
    3. Can I use Microsoft office foripad-2?
    4. 3G is not available in my country. May be we need at least 1 year to hit 3G. So do I need to buy 3G ipad-2, if extra facilities available?
    4. All I do through my netbook(atom processor) are browsing, audio & video-movie entertainment, presentation, dictionary, skype & multitasking etc
    5. I always prefer Blackberry phone(I know i-phone is better,but it seems a big & plain mobile to me, i hope you understand). Actually I’m looking for right combination of mobile+tablet/netbook. So, can Blackberry playbook serve all my needs what I have mentioned earlier? More specifically, which combination is better for me in terms of data plan+ above condition in Bangladesh? Blackberry mobile(I’m already a user)+ipad-2? Blackberry mobile+ Blackberry playbook? or Iphone+ipad-2? I have also thought about Windows tablet- Acer Iconia Tab-W500, but can I install Windows 8 by formatting Win 7?
    Please do care to answer all of my questions. After your suggestion, I’ll decide to buy. Because I know how they works but I don’t know the internal or hidden info of these devices.
    Dhaka, Bangladesh

    1. There is no utility of iPad if you don’t have internet connectivity using wifi or 3g. Although you can use iPad on 2g network it works good with airtel network but there is speed problem you will get too low speed of internet on 2G or 2.5G network. No you can’t download anything on iPad 2 because apple allows downloads from iTunes only. So forgot iPad if you want downloads on iPad using other websites. One another thing iPad doesn’t support flash flayer which means it will show only HTML 5 Videos on your iPad and you can only watch videos no download option in iPad. iPad has inbuilt youtube which let you to stream videos but not possible to stream videos if you don’t have 3g or wifi. Office documents are supported if you purchase app from apple store.

      I will not suggest you iPad, Blackberry PlayBook or Acer Iconia Tab. At This time you should buy a temporary Android based cheap Tablet device so you can use that until you got 3g connectivity in your area or adjust with your blackberry phone. Android devices support office documents but editing documents is not much easier as on windows computers.

      There are lot of android based tablets which would be better for downloads and cheaper than iPad.

      1. Rezwan Haque says:

        First of all, Many many many Thanks to you for your reply. You’re really so helpful.

        I have read your reply, but again it arises some question. Am I trouble you,if I ask you further. If you don’t mind Please let me ask these question.

        1.We’ve Wimax- which is greater than or equal to 3G. But I have to use their USB modem or ethernet cable. Does apple ipad-2 or Blackberry playbook support this?In my living place,there is a normal WiFi facilities, but with IDM its download speed is avg 25kb. Is this helpful for these Tablets? I’m an Airtel Bangladesh user. My Blackberry has normal 2.5G internet connections(Not Blackberry Internet Service-BIS, which is very costly in Airtel Bangladesh,only 1GB is 950 TK. & no other packages). Now you give me decisions considering Wimax, low speed WiFi & Airtel Bangladesh. Am I need to buy BB Playbook or ipad-2 or no one?

        2. When I’ll visit a website, suppose I need to download a picture or office document or pdf file or 3rd party software or application like dictionary or skype. Can’t I download that in ipad-2 or BB playbook?

        3. Do I need to buy i-work of microsoft office from Apple for my own, if I copy it from any other apple laptop or macbook? word and powerpoint is so much important for me.

        4. Do ipad-2 or BB playbook support subtitle file of Movie,caz all I do is browsing & entertaining

        5. But what I know BB playbook & Acer iconia TAb W500 shows Flush player.

        If still your answer is no, then please please please suggest me some “cheapest but thinnest” tablet like ipad-2 or BB playbook.
        look, bro, I;m not arguing with you, I’m just trying to know the best,that’s why I’m asking these questions. Please read all the point carefully & give me your opinion.

        I addition, if I forget about tablet & want to buy 11.6 inch old edition Macbook air replacing my current netbook, so,what will be your opinion?

        Thanks again!

        1. 1. No there is no option for modem or ethernet connectivity in iPad2 or Blackberry Playbook. If you have wimax wifi modem then it will share wimax in iPad or BB playbook. 25kb download speed is too low for video and entertainment, not recommended for you. Wimax wifi modem is best option for you. Your iPad or bb playbook device will connect using wimax modems wifi.
          2. You can download pictures, PDF and Office Documents in your iPad 2 but you can’t download Videos, Music. You can download third party applications on iPad using apple App Store which is inbuilt app in apple iPad. You can download all popular social apps like Yahoo messenger, SKYPE, Aim, twitter, facebook and almost all popular apps. I will still not suggest you Blackberry Playbook because iPad iOS has millions of Apps in apple store but playbook OS didn’t have much applications. iPad 2 will be able to store music or videos using PC. No direct download method is available for iPad. Again i am suggesting you Android based Tablet which let you download and sharing freedom but apple iPad security is higher then android. Go for Apple iPad if you have Computer for syncing iPad with your PC.
          3. Yes you need to buy iWork for office support no other method is available you can’t download pirated software on iPad.
          4. No they support MP4 Videos, you need to convert videos in MP4 format here is article for watch any format vidoes on ipad this app support subtitles.
          5. Yes they support flash player but Blackberry Playbook not recommended for you, Android Tablet is still best for you.

          Again you can Buy iPad 2 if you wimax has wifi sharing option And you already have PC Mac or Widnows, No better option is available after iPad2 or iPad 3.

          You can choose Samsung Galaxy Tab, Sony Tablet, HTC tablets and many more cheapest available for buying……..

  3. Rezwan Haque says:

    1.When I go to outside of my room, I use Airtel Bangladesh internet using my BB or as modem with netbook. But in my room I use WiFi. Can you give reasons why BB Playbook is not recommended for me?

    2.Could you please explain why I need these all app, where I use my netbook only for browsing, pendrive for copy movie,audio-vedio-movie with subtitle entertainment. Moreover I know I have to purchase app if I use ipad but Playbook got huge app too from google store like android. All I know, playbook got 3G too. Can’t I use tablets browser for browsing like google chrome or firefox?If yes,then why I need these app for Playbook or ipad-2?

    3.Playbook got office too & it works very well I heard.

    4. I know ipad & playbook both have USB port+ Bluetooth. So, can I use these technology to get song & movie into my device?

    5.I addition, if I forget about tablet & want to buy 11.6 inch old edition(core-2-duo) Macbook air replacing my current netbook, so,what will be your opinion? Is this a better choice than tablet?

    Thanks bro!!!

    1. 1. bb playbook has too low market share.

      2. Blackberry playbook is not Android based tablet so you won’t be able to download Android apps from google Android Marketpalace.

      3. yes bb playbook has office but never heard that BB playbook will compete Android Tablets and iPad.
      4. not sure about BB playbook but you can’t get songs using bluetooth in iPad.iPad allows only iTunes transfer using PC or iPad itunes.

      5. this isn’t better choice than tablet. Because computers going to be Tablets soon. As microsoft windows 8 is specially designed for Tablets so competition will begin now in tablets. More powerful tab features will come soon.

      Still Android Tabs and iPad is best.

  4. Rezwan Haque says:

    1. I know Ipad is last option for tablet user & Android is affordable. But I’m looking for a “portable,thinnest but cheapest” device which can serve me best. I don’t need to compete with Android nor need best market share I’m just looking for a device which can best serve to me. Ipad is my first choice though ipad cost huge , but it seems not fit for my country, I’m not interested to make download from Apple store. Caz we guys are ready to buy a device but not to buy app, I hope you understand as an South Asian. But you’re right this is the time for Tablet, browsing & accessing is comfortable for direct touch input. If you have a thinnest but Cheapest Android device you can suggest me.But I haven’t find one like ipad or Playbook.

    2. For your kind information, May be you don’t know Blackberry opened playbook for Android. So,I can use app from Google store like android.

    3. I’m afraid whether you’re talking about Tablet battle competition or Office is not better in playbook than Ipad or Android. What I know, Office is best in Playbook. Am I right?

    4. Suppose I have a office file & movie in Pendrive, Can’t I copy it in Ipad & Playbook?

    There is some Basic question–what I normally do in my netbook.You just give me Yes-No answer. I don’t have app in my netbook now. So, why I need these weird app after buying Tablet?
    a. Can I access pdf file in Playbook? ,
    b. without WiFi what facilities do Playbook & ipad have to use internet?
    c. Can I use 3G in Playbook?
    d.Can I use Dictionary?
    e.Can I use internet in playbook, like google chrome or firefox in pc or laptop?
    f. You have mentioned that I can use any video format in ipad Can I do the same in Playbook? Caz for English movie I need subtitle.
    g.For Zip file what type of software support I need in Playbook & in ipad?
    h. For access windows live email, what should I do in ipad & playbook? Can’t I use normal browser to access windows live email?
    i.Can I downlood anything from Internet using playbook unlike ipad?As you said I can use third party software so may be I can use Internet Download Manger(IDM) too.

    Please Bro, Give me these answer+ your Android device suggestion. Then I’ll compare Ipad, Playbook & your suggested Android device. From last couple of days I hope you can figure my condition. Don’t consider me as an Businessman or anything. Consider what I have said before & what I need.


  5. you can use andorid apps on blackberry so go for bb playbook. You will be able to do everthing on playbook, Andorid market palace has millions of apps.

  6. Rezwan Haque says:

    Hey bro, I’m not arguing with you, I’ve said you before. May be I’m annoying you, that’s why sorry. But I’m just trying to learn my best. That’s all. I’m not ignoring your suggestion but except Samsung suggest me any good thin,portable tablet like ipad-2 or Playbook. & Please answer my last email, you haven’t said anything about my last mail.

    Lastly ipad-2 is my first choice, then I have playbook then you recommend me one good android tablet but must thin & portable ,not like netbook. After your next email I’ll compare & let you know which tablet I’m buying.

    Waiting for your answer of my last email & suggestion of best Android Tablet.


  7. Have a look on Samsung Galaxy Note and Galaxy Tab both are thin like iPad .

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