Bypass internet sensorship in a VPN Network

Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a network which allow remote users to connect to a network bypassing internet censorship. Many organizations use it to make all  process done with a central network. VPN network users can use all available resources of that remote network including printer, scanner, fax etc.

Bypass internet sensorship in a VPN Network:-

For this you need to download & install some client side small softwares. Install them & configure to make it use. For example one free open source software is available at  . But keep attention you will need to configure it properly.


On Windows 7 You can configure like this

1. Go to Control Panel >>Network and Internet>>Network and Sharing Center

Click on Setup a new connection or Network



2. Select “connect to a workplace” And Click Next.

3. It will ask you if you want to use VPN with already configured Internet connections. IF you don’t want then select “no, create a new connection”. And click Next.


4.On the next screen it will ask you how you want to connect with VPN. First option is using via your current internet connection. Second option is for Direct connecting to VPN.

5. Setting up Network details:- When you will select connect via Internet connection It will ask you more details as below


VPN Security features:-

VPN networks uses normally IPSec, SSL/TLS, And PPTP standards for setting up.  PPTP has lower security than other standards. But it can be used for internet censorship bypassing. SSL/TLS are more secure & easy to configure standards You can use it if not want too much security. Last but most secure standard is IPSec but it is difficult in setting up. You will need some extra technical knowledge for it. Its best if you want higher level security for the network.

Advantages of a VPN Network:-

1. VPN networks uses Encryption technology of DATA. This security standards help great in bypassing internet sensorship with higher security.

2. If your location are sensored one then VPN will work perfect for you to browse with that locations.

3. VPN helps in utilizing all available resources at a remote network. Thus it helps in maximum use of available resources.

Disadvantages of a VPN Network:-

1. They may need some client side software installations so can’t be used in public internet hubs as cyber cafe, airport etc.

2. The remote users should have technical skills to configure VPN network properly. All people have lake of it.

3.  VPN network operator may watch on what you are doing over internet. This happen when you don’t know about encryption standards & all security features in that network. And it may cause some dollar cost also for using.


Still I would like to say VPN is best option if you want to bypass internet sensorship easily. Any network can be used remotely with this feature if well configured.



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