Common Issues with Old Laptops and Their Solutions

In previous article we learnt about uses of Old Laptop at home. Now we will discuss about some common issues found in old laptops. As we uses them for 3-5 or more years continuously so it is obvious to get some issues in your old laptop. If you identified issue yourself it is better, Otherwise visit to a service center & let them know you about status of various things about your Old Laptop.  We have listed below some of issues which will help you in taking a decision about what to get repaired and how to in your Old Laptop.
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Laptop’s Battery life is over

If Only Battery have issue:- Laptop’s battery has life span of it. If there is only Laptop battery life is over then no need to worry. Laptop battery is very replaceable part in Laptop. Simply visit to nearest store & find a replacement battery for your Laptop. Here you have option to select local manufacturer or branded battery as per your expending capacities. If you got longer use plan for your Old Laptop then you should buy original & branded Laptop battery for it.

If Battery + Charging system got an issue:- If you found that your Old Laptop has battery charging issue, You have two option to use laptop further. One is to get repaired your Old Laptop charging which will cost you more than you expecting. Second option is to use your Old Laptop with direct AC powering. It depends on what is uses of old laptop for you. If you want for specific time running for old laptop you don’t need to get it repaired. If you want to make your old laptop 24*7 working then you should get its charging & battery option repaired.

USB Ports stopped working

If one or more USB port is still working:- As you uses your Laptop for longer time, its USB ports also have becomeUSB Hub non-working. If still there are one USB port is working in your Laptop than you are not needed to get it repaired. You can extend one USB port into many USB ports in easy way. Simply buy an USB hub which works with self power. It will avoid power failure when you plug in many USB devices in that Hub.

If all USB port has stopped working:- If there is all USB ports stopped working, then it will surely need hardware replacement in your Laptop. Or you can choose your Laptop to use for some tasks where you don’t need to plugin external devices to it.

Flip of Laptop Display become loose

Old Laptops normally becomes loose in their flip joint of display & downside laptop body. It makes trouble in keeping display in sight of our to use it. As a solution of this issue, We can do two things. First we can put our Laptop display aligned by vertical wall or other equipment surface. Second option is that we can bought a stand for putting behind laptop display to keep it stable in sight of ours.

Laptop is Slow in responding

Install Fresh Window again:- If you have rights to install windows again, You should try to install windows in your Old Laptop formatting all data on it. If there is something important in your Old Laptop, get backup of that data in various storage devices. After fresh installation of Windows your Old Laptop will start working smoothly. This time only install minimum programs which you will need to use it further.

Linux Installation:- Linux is very easy to use operating system for any kind tasking. Plus you don’t need to buy an OS as Linux is free open source software to use.

CD/DVD Drive has stopped working

external portable DVD PlayerAlthough in current time it is not so important to have CD/DVD in our Laptop. It shouldn’t be major issue for anyone. But if you need some kind disc writing or other need then you can buy external portable dvd player for this purpose. This external portable DVD player will help you in installing games/ videos from CD/DVD to your Laptop. You can enhance your use of Old Laptop by buying such portable external DVD player. You will be able to use this portable external DVD player with other computers/Laptops as well.

Laptop inbuilt Speaker sound has become terrible

If your old Laptop got issue with inbuilt speakers it have, Just get them replaced in a service center. Or second option is to use external speakers or headphone for audio listening.

Onboard Keyboard keys have become loose/un-usable

Onboard Keyboard keys becomes loose due to regular use of them. If the keys are missing on your keyboard, You can get those keys placed again onboard through a mechanic at service center.

WiFi has stopped working

WiFi is no longer working properly in your Old Laptop? For this problem you can buy external WiFi adapter or you can start using internet via a LAN cable with your Old Laptop.

Auto-Restarting problem in Laptop

Sometimes Old Laptops begin auto-restarting problem in them. It may be due to over heating in laptop. For solution double check your old laptop fan & cooling system. If there is bug, get fixed it.

And there are many problems causing old laptops not working properly. If you aren’t much tech savvy and not familiar with all the Laptop related stuff, You can get your Laptop repaired by service center. If they told something is faulty at hardware side in Laptop then ask them what is alternative ways to solve that issue in laptop.

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