Computer Safety tips – How to keep safe your computer

Most of Computer manufacturing companies have implanted many safety features in computers, but users should also maintain & operate them regularly.  Below is Computer Safety tips – How to keep safe your computer :-

  1. Backup:- Regularly backup your computer to protect all files safely. Its best to backup them before they has been lost in PC damages.
  2. Anti Virus:- Good anti virus software will protect your computer from all kind of risks. It will work for offline & online both type security for a computer. Choose the software which work best without slowing computer process.
  3. Regular software updates:-  Updating all software regularly which having option to do so, Will help in making your PC more efficient.
  4. Installation of trusted applications only in your computer will make your computer safe from unwanted damages.
  5. Disk Defragement
  6. Disk Cleanup will help in deleting unnecessary files from your computer.
  7. Proper way for starting / shutting down reduces risk of software damage.
  8. maintenance & cleaning regularly will keep your PC safe for long. Avoid from Dust, its harmful for electronic devices.
  9. Proper installation of any new hardware. For this you should use device manager to locate all drivers & updates etc.
  10. Keep secure log in options. Password protected accounts. Or you can create limited access type accounts if someone also using PC.
  11. Networking sharing options in a proper way. They should be configured to access securely all data.
  12. If computer is unnecessarily hang out then check process in Task manager, and stop them if they are not critical one.
  13. You should remove Disk from disk drive. It will help in longer life of external Disk drive.
  14. Choose better power management options. Select screensavers & enable them.

It will help you all in running your PC smoothly.


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