DIY home security using Old Smartphone

We are seeing coming of new smartphone models in almost every week. After using a Smartphone for 1+ year time, a normal user plan to buy a new Smartphone . Because they see new devices which has more features & better performance having smartphone in market. When we got new device our old devices become spare thing for us. Out of us some people give away old smartphones to others, some people recycle them, some other sell them to others.  Here is how you can also use it is as a good device for DIY home security. It will require you minimum or no cost in DIY setup of home security using your old smartphone. Here is brief of some of DIY options to do it.

DIY home security

How to make android phone based DIY home security system– Here is a cool Youtube video to demonstrate how you can connect and use your old smartphone as  a security camera.

DIY home security smartphone as security cameraMake it Home Security IP camera Streamer– If you have installed IP camera at your home you can stream that camera easily via Smartphone. You can’t use always your new smartphone, tablet or computer to streaming as you have to do other tasks also on them. But you can use your spare android Smartphone continue 24*7 as IP security camera monitor. To do so you need to find an app to stream it via your smartphone. Most of IP camera manufacturers provide Smart phone access via apps.

Upcoming Projects which will help you re use your Smartphone in home security-

rico DIY home securityRico– It is available on pre-order as of now.The pre-ordered devices will be shipped in November as mentioned on their site It will have nice looking case. You just have to configure things properly with it and smartphone. After that just put your Spare smartphone in its beautiful case. It will turn into a smarthome security device. It will give alert if something wrong with air quality, humidity, temparature at home.  Its funding project is listed here

Bemo Smartphone Thermostat– Bemo is new kickstarter funding project. It is a product which will replace existing barometers you have installed at your home. The company will provide an app to control it on your Smartphone.  It will work with your Smartphone. So  instead of throwing away or recycling your old smartphone you can use that as a thermostat for DIY home security.  It will provide wide range services via it like calling in emergency, media controlling at home, energy management, wifi and SMS etc. Its funding project is listed here.

Use to check home surveillance– canary-  Built in Siren, HD video camera, motion detector, High quality Audio recording, Air, humidity, temperature detection of home environment, Connected via Home internet. Can be accessed via a Smartphone you own. It may be useful in a term when you want monitoring of home when you are at office or other place.  You can also fix it up in a place to see anytime streaming via it.

Creation of Fixed 24*7 Wi Fi & video Chat for you and your family at home– This will be one of the best use of your old smartphone if you are out of home for many days. You can use it with Skype. It is an easy way to do VOIP calls. You may also use other apps for this purpose. for example oovoo, Google Talk video chat,   FaceTime etc. are some good ways to use your old smartphone as video chat platform.

DIY home security barometer on old smartphoneOffline Weather Reading Device
Barometer apps to let you know weather conditions at Home. Although it will require that you know how to read a barometer. You can learn here to know how to read a barometer. Here is a table to know conversions of units in barometer readings… Use it like just a barometer device to show you home environment conditions. To download this app go here -

DIY home security For monitoring Individual home Automation devices & sending alert to user– There are many individual home automation systems and devices available in market. The plus point is that most of them supports Smartphones. It includes smart thermostat, smart pet feeder, security Cameras,Home Media Controller Device etc.

Make it Baby Monitor Device

You can use dormi baby monitor android app to monitor your kids activity. It works on all kind networks like 3g, 4g, wifi etc.  It works after pairing devices. See below Youtube Video about its features. Using parent device you can access the video of child activities in live.

Benefits of DIY home security system using Old Smartphone

  • Environment safety
  • Your security system built up in low cost
  • Nice performance & high end features due to power of smartphones
  • Extended uses in special cases.
  • A wall mounted Smartphone utility also

So next time you plan to buy a new Smartphone keep above points in mind, think about possible uses of old smartphone in DIY home security. It is better in reference both economic and environmental for a smartphone user. Let me know below in comments about your views, ideas or suggestions about it.


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