Download NCERT Books on Android Tablet

All NCERT books on Android Tablet is available in PDF format. Now this era is era of technology so everything is going digital and faster through use of machines. The Indian Government or Non Govt. organizations are using internet for speed up their tasks and public services. Nowadays technology used in admissions, online exams, e-book reading and online newspapers. You haven’t need to pay for paper. Because almost everything is available in digital edition. The E-books are available online cheaper than paper edition.

Digital Books

The Government of India open a tender for cheapest tablet in India, The Datawind company won this for designing cheapest tablet for Indian market. The Aakash Tablet designed & manufactured by Datawind. It is cheapest tablet in world. Behind Aakash, Indian Govt’s main target is to offer digital education to students using Aakash. By using Aakash students will get ebooks, etuturials and other knowledge online using cheapest and lighter tablet. There are all NCERT books are available in PDF version, so students can download all books from class 1 to class 12.  It means device will cost one time and it will save books price from class 1 to 12. So it is time to go Digital. All other universities, libraries, news paper and magazines are available in digital format.

Download NCERT Books from Official

Do you have Android tablet or mobile? If yes then you can download NCERT books on your Android tablet.  The NECERT books are available in PDF format from official website


You can get a app available for Android devices. Get App from Google Play

ncert books on android from class 1 to class12 (Mobile) ncert books in differnet languages on android app (3)

After Download NCERT books on Android tablet, you can read them anytime anywhere. No need to carry books with you.

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  1. Hello Surendra,

    Thanks here for sharing the download link of NCERT so it will become easy for any one who want to download NCERT online or wanted to read online and also no need of worrying the book if not available in the market.

    Thanks to Indian Government for providing download link.

    1. yes, and tablets make it easier

  2. Jeanna Monteith says:

    Invaluable writing . I was enlightened by the info , Does someone know where I could get access to a template a form example to complete ?

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