Facebook Chat Emoticons & Shorten text message for smart chat

Internet revolution has given us many gifts. Chat messaging services are one of them. Now we can chat anybody located in world anywhere free of cost. Even most of chat service providers make it free to chat with audio & video as well. Chatting is also a skill to do in a smarter way. Some people ignore it saying its not much to do with. But in fact it does effect much on person you chatting with. So why not you also start chatting in a smarter way starting today.

How to chat with people online in Facebook chat messenger?

As you do all know how to install chat application. Install it & login to start chat. These following points will make your facebook chat more interesting & easy:-

Shorten Text messages during chat:-Using short text messages during chat is quit normal. Its not formal so no issue in using it. Commonly used some shorten text used are as below:-

h r u = How Are You? |  u there = You there ? | thnx = thanks | I m fine = I am fine | gm = Good Morning | i c = I see  | tya later = Talk to you later |frm = from | txt = text | IM = Instant message | gud = Good | & many more…

Using facebook chat emoticons for smart chat:- Emoticons (Smileys) are used to express any text emotions expression through a small emoticons during chat. For example If someone have to say ” I am sad” then he will simply use a emoticon of sad for this. And same for other expressions as well. Facebook chat messenger supports this feature. And they have created some cool smileys listed as below :-

Expression        Used text for creating this in chat

  • Not sure         :/  :-/  :  :-
  • Smile             a:-)  a:) :] =) (remove a from code & use)
  • Tongue           a:-P  a:P  :-p :p (remove a from code & use)
  • wink              a;-)  a;) (remove a from code & use)
  • Sunglasses   8-|  8|  B-| B|
  • Glasses          8-)  8)  B-) B)
  • Cry                 :'(
  • Grumpy        a>:(   a>:-( (remove a from code & use)
  • Gasp              :-O  :O  a:-o  a:o (remove a from code & use)
  • Grin               a:-D  a:D  =D (remove a from code & use)
  • Angel             O:)  O:-)
  • Heart             <3
  • Confused       o.O   O.o
  • Squint            -_-
  • KiKi               ^_^
  • Kiss                :- *    :*
  • Upset              >:O  >:-O  >:o  >:-o
  • Pacman          :v                                (Small v)
  • Curly Lips      :3
  • Robots             a:|] (remove a from code & use)
  • Chris Putnam   :putnam:
  • Shark                  (^^^)
  • Penguin              <(“)
  • 42                         :42:

It will appear this way when you put in Facebook Chat window





















Simply remember the codes which you think mostly required by you during chat. Using them is very simple. Enter the code in chat window & send.

Some things which Facebook chat messenger missing yet :-

  • Audio – Video chat options not available with current facebook version for windows. Hoping it will come soon as most chat programs today having it.
  • If you are addict of changing your status in chat applications, then you may find it uneasy as current messenger isn’t having it.
  • Its simple messenger in current versions. need more updates for making it more cool.

Beside using chat Emoticons, Short text messages there are many things which should be care during chat.  You can express yourself in better way using chat features. So make feel cool with your friends, business persons, strangers with these features.








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  1. Thanks for that awesome posting. It saved MUCH time :-)

    1. Keep smiling. Have fun using emoticons during chat.

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