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We all loved the most popular ‘Angry Birds’ game on our smart devices. Human mind can’t be limited with a specific character that’s why we always try to implement things on other areas with differences. Same thing has been applied with character of Angry Bird in the game. What if you have been offered to play game with other real life angry characters around you? It may different person to person like as grany, piggy, monkey and chicken as assuming Angry character around them. So in this article we have searched, tested & reviewed some of the below angry character games which will entertain you on your Android device:-


Angry Gran Run – Running Game {Game by ACE VIRAL}

Features of the game app:-Angry gran

It is a realistic game with good playing experience.
Gran runs in anger to reach grannywood.
Fun game to enjoy in free time.
Music playing is neat in the game.
It is awesome for both children and adults.
It has decent graphics in app to have more entertainment playing.
Gran turns fast upon tilt, takes jump when swype.
It’s a new kind game experience in City environment.

Dark Side of game:-

You have to be most active to control gran while tilt & jump. It requires your full attention while playing.

Download Game from Play Store


Angry Monkey {Game by The Game Boss}

Features of the game app:-

Angry Monkey 2

It is entertaining game with simplicity in game structure.

This app is having average graphic viewing.

You will need to be tricky to play with Monkey in app. Monkey is very clever to snatch food.

Monkey can snatch your food which is banana in app.

Monkey can jump all around the screen to snatch the banana.

It is fearing thing to see monkeys angry in real life but in this case they will entertain you.

You will have fun experience in playing this game.


Dark Side of game:-

Ad showing is annoying part of the game.

This app will not work without internet connection.

Download Game from Play Store


Angry Frogs {Game by EMANUELE PADULA}

Features of the game app:-

Angry Frog2

This app is having nice scenery to play game.

Game is similar to Angry Birds playing that’s why it is addictive in playing.

You can target your aim with zooming or without as per your need.

Slingshot power is high when playing game.

This app is longer lasting for battery life.



Dark Side of game:-

In some cases you will feel uneasy in targeting aim without zooming.

Download Game from Play Store


Angry Chicken {Game by Black Sheep Games Greece}

Features of the game app:-

It is a simple and fun game.Angry Chicken Eggs

You have to collect eggs in a basket.

Game controls & graphics are fine.

First time game playing experience will be hard, later it will work smooth.

For beginners casual game mode is good to startup.

Good to time pass waiting for bus, train at stations.

One need extra care to play game as bombs can End the game.


Dark Side of game:-

Ad showing is annoying.

Less adventurous game.

Download Game from Play Store


Angry Shooter {Game by ACADEM MEDIA}

Features of the game app:-

Its kind of hunting game.Angry Shoot

You need to select Gun & game level in startup.

Lovely Music in background while playing game.

Shooting birds in game are very entertaining thing.

You should be aware not to shoot white birds.

When I played game I don’t like to shoot green birds but We have to win.

Graphics are Eye catching one.

You have to shoot more birds in higher levels.


Dark Side of game:-

It has compatibility issues with some devices.

Ad showing is annoying.

Download Game from Play Store


Angry Run {Game by Play Phone}

Features of the game app:-

Angry Run 2

It is a fun game with addictions to play.

Easy to play via controls (similar to Temple Run game.)

Nice Jump & navigation controls.

Healthy & good looking runner seems as warrior

Graphics are awesome in look & game processing is quick.

Smoother Game playing experience.



Dark Side of game:-

On first screen it shows user registration failed..

But don’t worry it will work fine.

Download Game from Play Store


Angry Fatty {Mini Flowers}

Features of the game app:-Angry fatty 2

Nice & simple looking game with average graphics.

Easy to play game with controls.

Coming of birds in Game is awesome.

Obstacles will fart the angry fatty.

The running guy is fatty, greedy runner.


Dark Side of game:-

Ad showing are annoying.

Download Game from Play Store

All above apps are entertaining while playing with your favorite angry character. Although free apps having some common issues like as annoying ads showing and compatibility issues with devices but still they are good to choose if you don’t want to pay for the use of apps. Still many developers are getting inspiration from huge success of Angry birds game and they making creative games with different angry characters of real life. Let me know how you experience with the apps below in comments.


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