Free Smartphone Apps List for WiFi Management

WiFi is one of the powerful medium to interact with other devices. Using WiFi we can share files speedily between devices. Basically we all love WiFi for its Internet connectivity using via a WiFi modem Router but we can use it for more tasks in home and business environment. WiFi feature in tech devices enabled us to use wireless tasking with many devices. We can do jobs like print, scan, sync, connecting to internet, file and media sharing etc. wirelessly.


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Below are some good Android WiFi Management and Tasking Apps:-

WiFi connecting and Management apps

Wifi Analyzer

wifi analyzerIt is good app for analyzing your WiFi channel. It will show you smart graphics indicating where is specific WiFi channel is. And higher the graph shows in this app it means your device getting higher possible connectivity with particular WiFi access point. It is good app for analyzing how your signal strength is at specific place.


WiFi Manager

wifi manager

Using this app on your Android device you will be able to find WiFi connections around you on graphical channel radar.  You will have option to customize name of various WiFi connection names as per your easiness of later use. WiFi Network Switcher widget will allow you to switch your Android device to various WiFi Networks in easy way.



Wifi Fixer

wifi fixer

It is a nice background Android app for fixing small network connectivity issues easily. It will try to fix things in normal way whenever network connectivity will failure in WiFi connection. You can set your WiFi access point for minimizing disconnections using this app.




WiFi map – free Wi-Fi location

wifi map

This app will help you in finding free WiFi hotspots nearby your location. You can know their distance from your current location using this app. It is useful app if you are not willing to pay data roaming charges whenever you are travelling other cities.



WiFi booster

wif booster

This app will let your Android device to have more stable, good quality signal strength and downloads over a WiFi Network. Basically it doesn’t boost signal of a WiFi router because practically it is not possible. It only speed up WiFi connectivity by faster reconnecting via this app.




WiFi Utility Apps for more tasking

Wi-Fi Talkie Lite

wi-fi talkie lite

Firstly we can use this app as Walkie Talkie for voice communication to nearby smartphones using WiFi network only. We don’t need internet connectivity to do so. Secondly we can use this app for text messaging and chatting with other devices in Network range. And we can use this app for file transfer with other network devices in easy way.


WiFi Remote

wifi remote

This is good app for controlling PC using Smartphone via a WiFi Network connection. Using this app we can play music on computer screen via this app. Beside this you can do switch on/off monitor screen, shut down PC, mute PC volume etc. tasks using this app.



Remote Mouse

remote mouse

This app will provide you Mouse, touchpad, keyboard type experience on your Android Smartphone. You can double click, drag using this app as you do with physical mouse on a computer. It is good app for enhancing your remote PC controlling experience. Now you can operate desktop sitting on sofas or bed.



WiFi Pass Recovery & Backup

wifi pass recovery and backup

This utility app for WiFi connectivity will help you in organizing WiFi network passwords in a list. So user can view them easily and use at a later time. This app will help you in sending passwords and copy passwords to clipboard ready to paste anywhere.



Wifi Camera

Wifi Camera

It is very simple way to turn your Android device in a IP Camera. It doesn’t require any kind setup stuff for IP camera using of android device. It is good solution for creating your personalized surveillance area for temporary reasons. Using this app you can create surveillance at your home by old Android device. You no longer need to worry about how to use old Android Device beside throwing to dustbin.





We all live in a world of lack of timings. We can’t remember every time to switch on/off wifi in our Smartphone devices which cause battery drainage at higher speed. This app is good solution for this kind problem. This app will help you in connecting with WiFi networks in easy and efficient way.




WiFi calling and VOIP calling



This app will turn your Android Smartphone into a VOIP calling device using WiFi Network. This app has made easy to do mobile VOIP calling. It has cheaper VOIP calling rates for international callings. This app will bypass your regular carrier to make VOIP calls using a WiFi Network.





WiFi file sharing apps for android

WiFi File Transfer

WiFi File Transfer

It is easy to share WiFi file sharing app for Android devices. You can upload/download multiple files at same time using this app. It has built in file interface for file edits. This app runs as background service to do anytime sharing without any problem.



SuperBeam | WiFi Direct Share


Using this app you will be able to share large files using WiFi Direct. You can use device connecting by QR codes or NFC Tags as per your own custom needs. It has web interface also for supporting devices which aren’t having SuperBeam feature in them.





And there are much more tasks will be available in coming time. Short wave WiFi enabled technology NFC is doing a lot in this field. It is helping users in automation of home and business tasks. So there are many more opportunities in future with WiFi Technology.

If you have any other way of using WiFi connectivity, we would be happy to know in below comments.


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