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It is nice food calorie tracking app to let you explore about your daily diet nutrients. It is a free app to use. Myfitnesspal app android – free with app purchase products which means user need to pay extra if user does want certain extra product features in the app.

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Myfitnesspal App Android Free Version with in App Purchases

It has 5 million foods listing in its database to tell calories in those food items. This app calculates daily exercise burnt calories along with food intake calories. Most of physicians suggest this formula for weight loss or weight gain.

Food Calorie Intake – Calories burnt in 24 hrs. ( it includes sleeping, walking, exercising or any physical or mental activities during the time) = Total Fat burnt (Weight Loss) / Total Fat Stored (Weight Gain)

myfitnesspal2This app does all above calculations for you in 5 minutes as per developers claim. It is fastest app for calorie calculations in term of health and fitness. It is requirement of current world where we all are too busy in day to day problem solving & other tasks.

myfitnesspal4_2 myfitnesspal app android free with in app purchases

You can do food entry to view food calories. It will also have option to select food serving size to show approx. calories in that food item. Via few taps on app screen you will able to see all nutritional facts on the screen. It will also guide you via showing Total fat in that particular food item.


It works fine with other fitness apps like Runkeeper. I have personally used this Myfitnesspal app android free to monitor my daily morning walk schedule. Myfitnesspal app on Android let me connect with runkeeper app to analyze health & exercise data statistics to it.

After being regular user of the app and via deep understanding it one can create their own custom recipe calorie counted and exercise with calories counting. It also supports food item Barcode scanning to counter the calories of particular food item. It has 300+ exercises listed in the app but still there are chances some of exercise you are doing isn’t available in it. You can create a few of exercise within the app.

myfitnesspal4You can keep tracking of weight loss/ weight gain during a specific period via this app. It will explain you data historically to know on which level your physical health is going on. It will also help you controlling your health habits and behaviors via analyzing data in it.

myfitnesspal3 myfitnesspal app android freeSome people believe that apps can’t help much like the real people can do in term of dieting & exercising. Yes I do partially agree with them in this view. The app developers understand these limitations so they made it community connected also. Here users can share their health data with their friends and community members to get suggestions about their healthy diet plan.

Myfitnesspal app android free version is smart thing to go with latest technology advancements to improve our health. Our health has many aspects in which physical and mental healths are two most important things to care about. You can improve your health via combinations of other apps with this app.

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