Future Smartphone Technology You will Love to Use –Part I

future Smartphone A common person in 80’s could hardly imagine that there will be devices assisting people in their home and work places on the move. First computers, then tablets and Smartphone have changed a lot of things in current world. And it will be ongoing process as per human behavior. We have come to iPad having retina display technology from stone-age human having stone in hand to kill animals. So upon basis of current developments and researches by many companies we can say these below features we will be able to use with our Smartphone.

Handy Projector Feature

Future Smartphone will have ability to project pictures, images and videos on larger screens easily. You can show presentations anytime anywhere via those Smartphone Projector feature. This feature will inbuilt in Smartphones. The Smartphone will have in-built projector in small size. Samsung has already tried this concept with Galaxy Beam Smartphone With Built-in Projector. Although it wasn’t huge success for Samsung but we can expect new devices with excellent performance. Apple is already working on developing in-built projector in iPhone.

New Display Types

New Smartphone will have display technologies much advance than it have currently. You will be able to see display on air via holographic 3D display technology. Your Smartphone will no longer limited to show display within screen size. With this technology it will be able to show wide angle 3D display on the air. While Samsung is planning post-retina Display for their upcoming Smartphones. It will have 560ppi density having AMOLED panels for more real viewing experience. And there is possibility of nanotechnology display innovations and it will change the way we have seen on Smartphone screens. Using nanotechnology there may be new kind screen glass which will clean screen automatically.

Bio-metric Security

We have seen this a lot in Hollywood movies. A person in those movies need to scan retina, thumb impression and heart beat etc. to unlock locks. Future Smartphone will unlock by your bio metric identifications which will include eye scanning, finger prints and heart rhythm. It will assure you that nobody can use your smartphone without your permission. It will bring revolution in security systems of a Smartphone.

Very Adjustable and Comfortable Smartphone Hardware

Samsung is planning foldable screens for future Smartphone. Samsung Stated this on Samsung’s Analyst Day.

If it will come true, putting Smartphone will be more easy. You will be able to keep Smartphone in your pocket without any issue. You will be able to adjust physical screen size of your Smartphone in easy way. Possibly this will make Tablet cum Smartphone in one device. Set it to 5” size or 10” size, Its your choice how you want to use your Smartphone. In that time carrying larger screen size in your pocket will be fun task.

Everywhere Automation Using via NFC Tags

As of now we can do a lot things in home and workplace automation using NFC tags on Smartphones. In future there will be more tasks done by these automatic Smartphone tags. There will be more NFC Tag supported gadgets, computers, household electronic products(washing machine, tv, heater, music systems), cars etc. This will make a lot of automation in our day to day life using NFC tags with Smartphone. Operating all above tech products will be more fun and easy. Users will be able to use them remotely anytime anywhere.

Advance Hardware Configurations

In coming years your Smartphone will come with multi core processors and with high end processing speed. You will have Longer running battery in Smartphone. There will be Faster Network connectivity such as 5G LTE/6G LTE … and so on. Playing a movie via internet will be fun and easy task without any network speed issue. Possibly IPTV concept will be more popular in coming time. And users will love to use internet while watching TV.



There are endless possibilities what we can do with our Smartphone in coming future. There may be more impressive and tech revolution in coming time which change everything we seeing as now. All above features are exciting one for a Smartphone user. It will make our life more easy, safe, creative and entertaining on the move. It will be boon for our lifestyle in coming future if everything will go according to plan of researchers and developers.


5 thoughts on “Future Smartphone Technology You will Love to Use –Part I

  1. Arun Prasath says:

    Holographic display is amazing! I am very eager to see it in action :D

    1. Ya it is always nice to see display on air. That’s is one of the most imagined display type to be become reality. After this holographic technology we will be able to see display on a hill rock or on river water.

  2. Karan Arora says:

    Hi, I would like to get a smartphone in the future which can help me to switch on processor. Like If the device is on regular use then I do not need processor more than 2 cores. But If I am playing some game or doing some other work, I can switch to Octa core or something like this. I have prepared a model on this but see how far this goes at my presentation.

    1. Nice concept to switch between processors. So now we are starting hardware customizing as well in Smartphones.

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