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Google Play

If you are  browsing Android store then you will be redirected to Google Play .  What is Google Play? Google Play is new product launched by Google , It is similar to Apple iTunes and Amazon. Google Play is one stop shop for all favorite entertainment like 450,000 apps, millions of songs and books, and thousands of movies. You can get a sample of a song or book free, view apps rating, reviews and screenshots, or watch movie trailer like iTunes store.

Basically Google Play puts all your entertainment in a single place and is accessible via the web and Android devices anywhere, so purchase a book and read it on your Android smartphone and also read it on the web at .

Here is a video that explains what Google Play is about

Why Google Play makes sense?

Users will be able to buy movies, music, books and games online and use them seamlessly across different platforms with Google Play. Users will be able to buy a rent a movie from their phone and watch it on their Android tablet. They could pause it and seamlessly catch the rest of it on their laptops. The same could be done with their collection of songs and books bought from Google.

Google does have some nice services like Google Books and Google Music. But these services are no where in sight when compared to Apple’s iTunes and Amazon’s impressive online book store. Google either has to kill of these services or make something coherent out of it which brings in revenues.


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