Google Play Store Movies are now available in India

Google launched Play Store Movies in India. There are both Hollywood and Bollywood movies available on Google Play Store. As we know few months ago Apple launched movies and music purchasing/rent on Apple iPad, iPhone, iPod, Mac and windows through iTunes in India.

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It’s competition era, So there is competition between Apple and Google for providing better services to their users. That’s why Google revealed Movies on Google Play Store after Apple iTunes movies in India.  The India has approx 16% of population of world and that may be reason behind attracting customers and make profit from Indian entertainment market.  Although pirated movies and music is first choice for Indian entertainers because they don’t know where to purchase movie or they don’t want spend money because they can easily get pirated movies and music easily.

Google Play Movies & Movies on iTunes

I have searched for movie “Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi” in both stores and found that on iTunes this movie is available for Rs. 290 HD buying price and Rs. 120 HD rent price or for buying SD  price is Rs.190 and rent price is Rs.80. Other side on Play Store movies “Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi” is priced Rs.75 for SD rent and Rs.100 for HD rent and buying price is Rs. 590 for HD and 390 for SD format.

playstore rent hd sd rent HD SD on playstore itunes hd SD buying price SD buy rent price

So it is hard to compare which is cheaper. But i hope that in this competition era price will be lower in future because in India middle class can’t buy movies on these price shown in both stores. Prices should be lower for digital viewing media because price matters in India.

If you were looking for purchasing movies than it is good option for you to purchase and watch movies.


One thought on “Google Play Store Movies are now available in India

  1. Mihir says:

    It seems to be a new date will be added to every movie poster and trailer before they release any movie. i.e. the Mobile Release Date :)

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