Google Plus Instant Upload on Android – Enable/Disable

Google Plus App comes preinstalled with most of Android phones, Instant upload on Android is feature of Google Plus App. The Google Plus is social networking website from Google, It lets you share photos, updates and messaging with friends or your circles. It is something like Facebook.  Google owns Android so Google made Android familier with internet services  like search, maps, Google plus, Gtalk and other services.

What is Google Plus Instant Upload

Google plus instant upload is a feature whose uploads camera photos instantly to Google plus instant upload folder. It means you can share photos instantly to your friends, It won’t affect your privacy for instant uploads because it upload photos in private folder.If you want to share instant uploaded photos go to Photos>>Instant Upload>> Now select photos you want to share then tap on share.

share instant uploads

So it is really cool feature on google plus to share photos instantly online.

Enable/Disable Instant Upload on Android

Open Google Plus App on your Android phone. Now tap on touch menu>> Setting>> Now on/of  Instant Uploads on your device.

instant upload Disable or Enable

Enable Sync on your Android phone for Instant Upload. To Enable Sync got to Setting>>Accounts>> Google Account(Your current account on your device)>> Enable or disable Sync for instant upload.

Once enabled instant uploads your photos taken on your mobile will be automatically uploaded to Google plus Instant upload Album. Please keep in mind that your device is signed in Google Plus and connected to internet otherwise your photos won’t upload instantly. To Avoid data charges disable this feature otherwise you will be charged.


2 thoughts on “Google Plus Instant Upload on Android – Enable/Disable

  1. BrokenEye says:

    The settings pane you describe does not exist. My Google account settings only have options for Location, Search and Ads. There are no buttons labeled Hangouts or Instant Uploads or anything else in that options pane located anywhere. Is there a legitimate way to do this or not?

    1. Open Google + app then go to app setting and you can disable here “auto backup”

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