Tablet Store opening by Google – Plus point with possible Google Tablet store?

In 2010 big Giant google had sold Nexus one device. It was opened for four months. But according to Google it was not according to their expected goals. So they discontinued selling Nexus one device.

Again, according to Wall Street Journal Google has planning to open tablet store. Currently Store will have two companies tie up to selling tablets. Samsung Electronics & Asustek Computer Inc. ‘s tablets will be sold in their tablet store. Basically it is about selling Android smartphones as starting point.

As we all know Apple is still having big share in market of tablets, smartphones. So its challenging as well for Google to compete with Apple. Something new & advance may bring boom to sell in Tablet store by Google. Android devices getting %+ in overall market share. change is the law of nature. Possibly it may make defeat Apple devices in future using Android platform’s latest versions.(as Ice Cream sandwich version)

Will Second try of Google will work according their expected Goals?

Its main question we have this time. Google is trying to sell tablet via online store second time. They will achieve their target or not its hidden in future. But one thing is sure. This time it will be better than past.

Officially by Google its not even discussed publicly. So can’t say much more about it.

Possible plus point with Google Tablet Store:-

  1. Co-brand launching:-Google is planning to launch products using co-branding concept with other companies/brands.
  2. Google Services benefit on purchasing via store:-Offcourse, Google will provide additional feature for the tablets purchased via Google Store. So lovers of Google Services has lot benefit by this.
  3. No.1 operating system Android for modern smartphones:- No need to say again about no.1 Android system. ICS update 4.0 is currently rocking version of this Operating system of Smartphones. Selling latest trending products is always matter of profit. So lets see how it works for Google.
  4. Google’s policy of trying new products & inventions quickly:- Google is advanced in adopting in any technology earlier than any other. That’s the main point for Google to standing in Technology one step ahead.

Overall it will be new experience for users to have option of such Online Google Tablet Store. Internet shopping option is getting popularity in this era.



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  1. Bridget says:

    i always like your posts because you have such a good way of expressing yourself, and this is a virtue in these days.

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