GPS use in your daily life (gps use Overview)

GPS is one of the best technologies which we loved today. In early years it was used by army forces only. Now its freely available for uses worldwide. GPS use in your daily life (gps use Overview) :-

  1. If you have GPS device (cellphone or other devices) You can make your traveling easy. You can select route which is best for you to go there. It will help you in calculating distance from your place to there, fastest route & any hot places between the route.
  2. Via GPS use you can track your family members location. Children or senior person in family can be located easily via GPS. In any kind missing you can easily know about their locations. And seeing current social situations its becoming more useful.
  3. In emergency you can find near by fire brigade, police station, or any available help via GPS services. You can tell exact location where you are on that emergency time. Help will reach out in fastest way.
  4. You can track all your luggage, laptop or any other expensive items using GPS devices. Even there is theft it will help you in locating your things exactly.
  5. If you are visiting public place which is crowdy. GPS will help you in locating your loved ones in thousands of people easily.
  6. Finding hot places in another city. Imagine you went a city where you don’t know any hot place, there GPS will help you in finding hot places including restaurants, pubs, cimemas nearby you.
  7. You can make friends circle via GPS device owners. Or you can trace your friends who already having these devices. It will be quite interesting to do.
  8. GPS devices guides you during driving. It will show you speed, KM remaining, Can alarm on high speed, direct you left/right side turn on roads.
  9. You can find changes globally via GPS devices. It will show you traffic of many destinations easily. Can overview global destinations in maps.
  10. Its useful in Education purpose also. It helps in understanding geography easily.
  11. GPS are being used for wildlife research programmes. It helps in locating nearby losing species such as tiger in INDIA. And many kind wildlife researching are being done using this technology.
  12. When you visiting any place you may find some places interesting, then you can bookmark that place on your GPS enabled device. On later date you can go there in easy way.
  13. GPS base entertainment are quite popular these days. Many devices have different kind applications for fun using GPS.
  14. GPS are used widely in business purpose by many people. You can view road plan, any colony etc. via Device.

Risks in mapping using GPS

  1. Someone may track your location. It may be harmful for your privacy.
  2. In GPS route you see recorded data only. So current changes are may not be updated recently.
  3. There may be variations in actual things than it shows in devices due to many technical difficulties.
  4. GPS device may not work in certain weather situations, hill areas etc. So be careful about it.
  5. GPS devices need high power uses than other applications.
  6. GPS devices have become threat to security agencies. Terrorist groups etc. can misuse it.

Beside all these risks GPS is great invention which is being used by many people around the world. Lets make your life more advanced via this devices.

Top GPS device provider company & their services:-

1. TomTom:-This is top company which provides many kind of GPS devices. its providing these services :-

  • TomTom Plus – its a service which warns drivers about traffic, speed etc.
  • TomTom Live Services:- its service which allow to use sim card to provide HD traffic, safety alerts & local search with popular search engines.
  • IQ Routes- its a service which decide fastest, best route for driving

2. Navigon:- Its providing these services in most¬† –

  • Maps
  • Navigon Traffic live service – its provides traffic updates via smart technology in iphone

3. Garmin :- Marine GPS, Handheld GPS, IQUE PDA receivers, are devices they have launched for use. On the road gps, fishfinders & laptop gps , mobile apps are other services they are providing.

GPS technology has made our daily life easy. Lets have advantage of this technology. Specially if you are living in crowdy area or traveling one, then GPS will help you best .


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