Hindi Keypad in Android, iPad and iPhone (iOS)

Today Android and iOS devices are trending. Both Android and iOS are have competition in market of mobile or tablet operating systems. As you know Android is open source operating system from google which is most popular operating system at present time. It covers largest smartphone market share in these days. When we comes to Apple iOS then it is advanced mobile and tablet operating system with extra features that is not available on Android. iOS devices comes with high security enabled operating system iOS, it secures all of your data on your iOS device. Apple App Store approves application which is threat free so there is no chances to get viruses on your iOS device.  So when security and speed matters than iOS best. Here we will describe about Hindi Keypad in Android, iPad and iPhone (iOS).

Hindi Keyboard in Android

You can write your messages in Hindi on your Android Phone. For enabling Hindi keyboard on your Android phone Go to Applications> Settings > Language and input


Tap on ‘Default’ Option and select Ashoka Keypad as shown in image below:-


Now you will get both Hindi and English options on your Mobile. See image Below –


Tap on कखग for hindi and for english tap on Abc. So it is very good for typing in hindi on your Android phone.

Hindi Keyboard on iPad/iPhone (iOS)

Go to Settings>; Keyboard then tap on Add New Keyboard, Select Hindi language. Now tap and hold on web icon on keypad you will get language options. select hindi and enjoy writing.


So Enjoy Hindi writing on both Android and iOS device. You will got easier typing on iPad for Hindi. iPad has big keyboard which let you to do easier typing.

If you still have any problem then you can ask them below in comments.


5 thoughts on “Hindi Keypad in Android, iPad and iPhone (iOS)

  1. rajesh says:

    How to get in my samsung galaxy s2

    1. Go to Applications> Settings > Language and input and select ashoka hindi kepad now you will see hindi kepad when writing………… tap on कखग for hindi and Tap Abc for english…….

  2. dinesh bhatter says:

    My Mobil s3

  3. rahul says:

    how to download and install the ashoka hindi keypad

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