How to Block Websites and Track Child Activity on Your Family Computer

Today internet is part of life.Most people do use computers at home. In such time kids also have to use computers for many tasks. It is confirm that we can’t keep them away from using computers, So it is important to guide them properly to use computer & internet. This will help in proper use of internet and keep all online dangers away from kids.

Common Online Risks for Kids

Below are the risks for your child over internet –

Over Sharing on Social Platforms

Now a days it is trend to share everything over internet. Not only kids but also adults are involved in this kind sharing. Kids have a limited area to think so they can’t imagine risks related to Over sharing. They just do love share as all happening around. Sometime kids share something which impact their life (profile) negatively. So in this case proper guidance of parents will be surely helpful for children.

Sexually exploitation

It is not wrong to say in current time ‘money’ & ‘sex’ are effecting society a lot. They are impacting in a negative way. Kids doesn’t know much more about sexual issues. In this case they make friends online, do chat with them, & may do share something which may be problem for them as publicly. Some people who are criminal type over internet, they may misuse unawareness of your kids about these issues. So when sharing photos, videos it should be not exploiting one, parents should care about it.

Financial & career issues

Generally kids doesn’t take seriously all things over internet. That’s why they share their address, Credit related information to unknown person over internet. Which may cause fraud, fault credit report etc. Many companies have rejected/ selected employees on basis of their past record on Social profiles.

Profile hacking

On social sites Identity can be hacked by experts if there is no precaution using those social sites. Kids are not so aware about this, so they may get trapped by hackers. Those hackers may steal their username, password, profile information And it may be cause of cyber crime by them. Due to illegal activity on behalf of hacked account they may create unnecessary problems for your kid.

End of Privacy

Individual Identity & privacy loss is common issue to worry when using internet. So careless act of kids over internet may cause problem for the kids. For example if kid share I am today alone my home till 3 PM to 8 PM, anybody who has criminal intentions within his network may plan something harmful for the kid during that time. Commonly we heard accidents cause by making fake friends over internet & looting them by meeting physically.

Game & Computer Addiction

There is highly dependency on homely entertainment for kids because parents are working & haven’t much time to play with them at home. So there may be addiction to kids for computer use. They may waste their whole day on computer without doing anything special. They may be game addict over computer. So parents should be alert about it.

So now we understand that it is highly recommended to guide kids for using internet. But parents can’t sit home whole day to guide them. That’s why it is required to have such software installed on Family computer which manage all things for kids safety. Action alert is such a software which is perfect to use for the purpose.

Introduction of Action Alert iParenting solutions

 It is a software which may control whole activities of family computer. In this software parents may decide security & use standards for the kid to use family computer. This software is available in both free & paid versions.

How to keep Family computer safe using Action Alert Software:-

  1. Limiting Time allowance to kids use:- By installing this software you may decide in which hours your kids may be able to use computer in whole day. By limiting the use you will avoid them being addict of computer games & other things. And kids will be able to do all work in timely manner.
  2. Shutting Down Computer Remotely:- If kids will try to access restricted content over internet, parent will get e-mail or SMS as they have configured in software. If they want to stop it they may shut down computer remotely using Action alert program.
  3. Internet Chat Logs:- Action Alert save chat logs of social profiles, chat IM’s. So it will be helpful to know all what chat is going on between your kid & others. If there is something wrong parents can easily stop them at right time.
  4. Control over Facebook & Youtube uses:- By Action Alert software you will be able to watch your kids activity over Youtube & facebook site. And if needed you can limit the use of those sites.
  5. Video Recording of Computer use:- Action Alert Software can record video of computer screen upto 20 hrs. So you can know what your kid have done over computer since you were away from home.
  6. Uninstalling unwanted software immediately:- If your kid had installed a program, which you think it may be harmful for your computer. You can uninstall that program by this software. So it will keep your family computer away from Spyware, adware, keylogger software.

After the whole things I will say everyone should have installed Parental control software installed over their Family computer to protect your kids from online dangers.


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