How to Choose Best 3G Data Card Service (Wireless Internet Service)

I got a lot of problems after purchasing data cards or data services because It was first time when i purchased data card but i wasn’t aware about which service will be better for me. Now i am telling you tips to choose best 3G or Data card service in your area.

How to Choose Best 3G Data Card Service (Wireless Internet Service):

Do you want to use data card on specific locations (for Example: Home, Office or College)?

If you want data access on specific location then you should check network availability to locations you want to use make sure you are not getting low signals on one of your location because if you get good signal in home but not in office or college? it will hurt you because i have faced this situation. Before buying check internet devices on locations you want to use you can get device from  your friends if not have device then you can talk to service provider about network availability. If you are buy SIM based unlocked Data card then you haven’t need to worry because you can change your operator any time via changing SIM/ RUIM.

Do you getting SIM based unlocked device?

I will strongly suggest you to buy SIM based device so you can easily switch to any operator Because as your operator get load on there network you will get weak signals low speed So go for SIM based device.

Do you have internet in your 3G mobile and want to use your mobile data plan for access internet at home or office?

If you have 3G data plan in your 3G Mobile then you didn’t need to worry to buy data card you can use mobile as wi-fi Hotspot but you will got disturbed when you got calls in your phone so decide what you want, New 3G phone cost approx RS 6000 to 45000 and 3G data card costs approx rs 4000-4500 .

Do you mostly need internet connection on traveling?
Do you go outside metro cities?
Do you travel regularly?
Do you need internet access in area where 3G  service is not available (only GPRS, EDGE available) ?

If you need internet access in traveling then make sure your operator will provide you at least Best GPRS/EDGE connectivity. I would like to recommend you Airtel if you are business purpose user because Airtel 2G internet access has good speed rather than others.


Do you want maximum data plan?
Do you using it for business purpose?

If you want maximum data plan for business purpose than it will be not suitable for you, you choose best paid plan that a economic (Download purpose uses) user cann’t afford because if service will be unlimited and affordable then you get slower speeds on your network due to high load. In Unlimited data plan user downloads maximum rather then limited plan. If speed matters then choose wisely speed also depends on network signals if signals are weak then you will not get speed in any plan.

If you have any questions you can ask Below in comments i will be happy to answer your questions.


4 thoughts on “How to Choose Best 3G Data Card Service (Wireless Internet Service)

  1. aditya rewal says:

    i want to choose BSNL evdo because it is cheaper than others, but how to check about signals in my home however i checked signals on my college there it works fine

    1. Surendra kumar says:

      Sure you can go for BSNL evdo but it will not allow operator switching so before buying check signals at your home or you can also check MTS Mblaze service

  2. Clarence Molock says:

    Broadband internet, a phrase popular pertaining to on the internet entry which is more quickly (no less than 10 x) compared to the typical phone line modems, that generally functions about 56Kbps (Kilo portions for every next). Using high speed broadband, it is perfectly normal to chat when it comes to Megabyte per second (Huge pieces every next). In certain nations around the world, they’re actually by now speaking with regards to Mb / s (Ultra Bytes every 2nd) the place where a Byte is equivalent to 8-bits. Consequently, in case you obtained 10MBps accessibility, which is equal to expressing you still have 80Mbps accessibility velocity.

    1. yeah it is true, there is difference in KBps and Kbps, MBps and Mbps……….

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