How to Enhance Your Facebook Timeline on Fathers Day

There is no doubt Facebook is now one out of the largest online communities. Many families are also connected via this regular communication medium. Most of people use Facebook frequently even in single day. It is obvious to share & customize Facebook timeline according the special days in life. Here I have some suggestions and resources to enhance your facebook timeline on this Fathers Day. 

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Find a Facebook Cover

Try searching on pinterest with keywords like father’s day Facebook covers. I have collected these two pinterest resources to find Fathers day Facebook timeline cover for your Smartphone. One is from racheljoiners3 and another is from momofautumn on pinterest.

Create your Own Facebook Cover

Some cool Android apps will let you create Facebook cover for updating on timeline. Here is list of some cool apps-

CoverPro design Facebook cover

It let you design your Facebook timeline cover and profile picture. It has many filters, textures, custom texts, pictures, layers & many features to make your timeline rich. On father’s day you can use this app to create your own unique facebook timeline cover.

Cover Photo Creator

It has pre made 9 templates to start faster in making timeline covers and pictures. This app lets you define your own frames.

Cover Camera for FB

This is a cool app which let users take photos for Facebook timeline cover. It also simulates Facebook timeline view for that taken photo. After you find a photo snap ok you can upload it instantly to your Facebook Timeline. You can use this app to take snap of favourite shot to timeline.

FB Timeline

It shows light version of Facebook timeline in the app. You can easily customize your Facebook timeline via this app. You can upload pictures from gallery or take photos instantly to add in it.


Share poems and Quotes on Facebook Timeline

Here is good source of poems you can use on your facebook timeline You can also find author quotes on sites like They have made dedicated page here


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