How to Make Video Call using Gtalk App on Android

You want to make video call using Gtalk App on Android device to your friends or family. The Gtalk App comes preinstalled in almost all Android devices. It is very easy to make video call using Google Talk . The Gtalk App on Android device provides voice calling, video calling and text chatting with your friends and family. Gtalk text chat is available across all operating systems (Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android & other mobile OS).

Platforms (Operating System) Supported for Making Video Call using Gtalk

Gtalk is available on all platforms using its web chat version, but if you want video calling then you can make video call then below are the operating systems supported for video calling using Gtalk: –

  • All Android Phone & Tablet (2.3 or higher).
  • All Windows Versions (Use browser plug-in or Gtalk software for windows).
  • Mac OS
  • Linux

Above are the device supported by Gtalk video chat feature.

Device not supported by Gtalk video calling feature

  • iPhone
  • iPad

And all iOS device not supported officially by Google Video chat app till date.

If you want to use video calling Android to iPhone or iPad then use Skype video because Skype App is available for iOS.

How to Make Video Call using Gtalk App on Android

Go to Apps >> Open Gtalk app.

added accont in gtalk for video calling

If you didn’t added Gmail account then add gmail account, you can add multiple accounts here. Select account you want to use for video calling. Below is screenshot of android phone, video call is available when video icon is available to contact & Voice call is available when mic icon is available to contact. If nothing available then you can chat only.

video calling icon is available on contacts who are ready for video call

Tap on video calling icon on to make video call.

video calling using gtalk android app

Once your friends accepts video call request, you will be on video chat.


Above is very simple and easy process to make video call using gtalk app on android mobile or tablet.

If you have any questions you can ask them in below in comments.


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  1. Maddy says:

    Gtalk alternative for iPad and iPhone is a software called Vtok. But the thing is that everyone needs to install the same app inorder for it to work!

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