How to Update Android Device to Latest Firmware

Nowadays, The Android is most popular Mobile & Tablet OS in the world. Today it is popular but when we go three years back then Symbian was popular that time. In less than three years Android made huge market share in mobile phone OS. The Google updates Android in timely manner for bugs improvement, speed enhancement and add new features to Android OS.

The android is open source licence software which makes affordable android device for manufactures and customers, That’s why there are plenty of android devices manufactured by popular brands like Samsung, HTC, Sony, Motorola and many more. The latest Android OS  contains  features like google search, gmail, chrome and Google Play store for thousand of books, movies, music and apps.

How to Update Android Device to Latest Firmware

android update (Mobile)

All android devices comes with OTA (Over-The-Air) update option, using OTA android firmware can be upgraded without computer. To update your Android device Got to Setting> About Device> Software update > now tap update for checking firmware upgrades, If upgrade found follow steps to update your device. You can enable auto update check and using wifi for update to avoid cellular data charges.

Firmware Update Availability

If you have Google nexus device then you will get latest update directly from google as they releases firmware Or If you purchased your Android device from another manufacture then they customized android to there device. So check for updates to your brand website.

For HTC go to select your device and check for available updates.

For Samsung go to it isn’t official website of Samsung but it provides firmware information as the released.

To know for custom firmware upgrade please ask question in comments.


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