How to Use Android Smartphone for Business Productivity

Doing business requires completing many tasks like schedules, meetings, management, travelling etc. In current competitive era every business person need to finish all tasks efficiently in a timely manner. Most of business person like to have latest Smartphone or Tablet. It is always useful for them to manage tasks on the move using these Smart devices. There are many apps and tools available with Android Smartphone to enhance productivity, management and more easy business tasking. We have listed some of the points which will help you in using Smartphone for better business productivity.

Android smartphone for business Creative Tools

android smartphone for businessPresentations making:- Presentations are great way to present great business concepts, plans and strategies to board members, staff members or even clients. If a business person is on move and a client demands presentation on something, That person can now show presentation using Android Smartphone in minutes.  Presentation Remote and deck slideshow presentations are two good apps for presentations via Android Smartphone.

Office Documents Editing:- Microsoft Office documents are very important for arranging all business related within tech devices. You can edit Excel, Word and Powerpoint files using android apps like as Kingsoft Office 5.8 (Free).

online clipboard:- Online clipboard is helpful in making clips store online from any device to access online anywhere. With your Android Smartphone you will be able to use and manage online clipboard for later use. One example of such online clipboard apps is Clipper – Clipboard Manager.

Cloud Storage Service Client on your Smartphone

Cloud services are becoming popular day by day. Many businesses already adopted it and they started working on BYOD (bring your own device) trend in their offices. In such a environment having cloud services client on android smartphone will let you track all office tasks from anywhere. It will give you access to all important files on your Smartphone screen. Two popular Cloud storage service providers are Dropbox Cloud storage and Google Drive Cloud Storage.

Easy Business Travel

Whenever you are on business travel You can find Flight related info via Android Smartphone. There are many Android apps which will help you in hiring a taxi, finding restaurant and hotel finding when you are on travel. In a situation You are going by car for business travel than there are many technologies in Smartphone to help you in Easy and more productive while car driving. It will provide you traffic and weather info updates on the way. You can find best travel apps here

Business Contacts Managing

Share your business cards virtually bump is good app for sharing contact information in easy way. If you want to share your business card with other person, Simply bump your Smartphone to the other person Smartphone. And this app will share your contacts automatically.

Linkedin:- You can have this great business connection making community app on your Smartphone. It will give you chances to connect with more business easily. You can also use it to find resources for your business by finding other business contacts.

Virtual Assistant like Tasking

To do List Making:- Your Android Smartphone is much more smarter to assist you in making to do list. It will alarm you on pre set timings about activities and projects you need to finish. There are many apps to making to do list on the move like as

Schedule Making:- You no longer need to carry a physical paper to see about appointments and meetings. All these task will be handled by your Smartphone easily. You can start taking business important notes easily via apps like as Evernote, Lecturenotes etc.

Easy business finance statistics and management:- Use FreshBooks Cloud Accounting, Palm Finance, Expensify etc. apps for managing both personal and business financial transactions on Android Smartphone.

Business messaging and social networking

Skype:- No need to say words in praise of this great social networking, video calling, VOIP and messaging app. It has plus point that it supports all major platforms available worldwide with best reputation in market. You can use this app for better business communication with clients, board members, researchers, staff or other field specialists in easy way.

BBM:- It has been favorite choice of business person for making business communications and messaging. After making this available for Android platform it has becoming easy for Android Smartphone users to communicate with business person who have Blackberry Smartphone with them.

Hootsuite:- For a business person it is always difficult to visit all social platforms for spreading any message, press release, news or report. Hootsuite is great solution for this problem. This is good Social platform management tool for managing all popular social platforms. Business person may use this tool for sending same message across many social media platforms.

Using Google Productive Services

Gmail:- It is one of the best and easy to use e-mail service. Most of business person love to use Gmail for their e-mail needs.

Google Now:- Let Google bring things to you which you need at particular time via Google Now service. This is nice service from Google to let business person relax in their busy life schedule.

Google hangout:- Google hangout is good option for making online meetings scheduling and broadcasting video message around the world. This service is getting huge response in market due to its performance and usability.

Google Places:- Google places is good solution for listing your business on the map. Beside this business person may use this feature to find out local business which might be useful for their business to grow. It is another good way to find out and making local business connections.


There are many possibilities of doing business related tasks using a Smartphone. Let us know below in comments if you have any query, suggestion or ideas about using Smartphone for business productivity.


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