I Film – Trailers Hindi & Tamil and Why You Must See

I am big fan of director S. Shankar, Since I watched movie “Enthiran” (रोबोट). Enthiran is best sci-fi movie till date in indian cinema or we can say this kind of movies may be good competitor for hollywood movies. Enthiran movie Visual effects were not like scrap or slower as i have seen it was best movie of its kind. In same Sci-Fi category “Ra.One” starrer Shahrukh Khan movie didn’t impressed as Enthiran directed by S. Shankar. Now again S. Shankar is bringing a romantic thriller movie “I” which impressed many of us in trailers released so far.

i Hindi Official trailer

i Tamil Official Trailer

Don’t you think i movie impresses in first look of trailer. I is love, I is Pain, I is Devil, I is revenge. And style of tying shoe lace is brilliant it will impress many fiction lovers who don’t use logic in movies, and i am one of them i don’t make logics at activities actors or actresses do on cinema or TV. However plot of movie is most important part of movie it makes movie successful, because good plot of movies generates good critics reviews. Good reviews attract more people to cinema. It is era of internet so many people first decide to see reviews online.

Final review of i film will be after movie hit theatres. Whether it do well or not. There is no doubt about S. Shankar as he shown his talent in many movies. So it won’t disappoint us.

Release date Expected: Scheduled for January 14, 2015

Madras High court issued stay on i film link

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