Indian marriage culture, customs & Traditions

Indian marriage customs and Traditions, culture

Marriage is a social contract between two person who made this for living together for sexual, emotional, economical & family needs. Different cultures having different ways of marriage, main point is same all over is living persons with sex, emotions & economics sharing each other.Marriage makes legal to have sexual relations within two persons in most countries.

Different culture related to marriage specially in North India:-

1. Indian Marriage Engagement ceremony :- People do engagement before marriage in INDIA. Some ways are below of doing engagement:-

I. Oral Engagement:- Parents of Bride & Groom make commitment of doing marriage orally. This happens in many castes, Before this they match Gotras Janam kundali etc. This oral engagement is often becomes related to prestige, and parents have to do marriage if they doesn’t want defame in society. However there is no function needed for this type engagements.

II. Engagement¬† Ring Ceremony:- Some people does engagement giving party to relatives & loving ones. In this Bride & Groom wear rings to each other. People do celebrate it. its done when someone’s marriage is final with that person.

2. Indian marriage lagan :-Lagna is a ceremony which is fixed by both sides bride & groom families. On the day of Lagan, Pandit writes Lagan-patra including all details of bride & groom families. He also mention details of Date & time of marriage. Then family members of bride’s side visit to Grooms home at night along with that Lagan Patra. They brings fruits, Gifts, & other things for groom’s family. On night they all sit around & proceed with all customs of Lagan. In which they gives gifts, clothes, fruits , Money etc. to bride & his family. After finishing this event groom’s family respects all those person. They all have to eat food. And functions ends with it.

3. Indian Marriage Ceremony:- According to Hindu tradition, on the day of marriage Groom reach at brides house along with barati’s (all relatives, family members etc.). Groom sitting on a horse And barati’s dancing on band around reach at brides house. After reaching at brides house, all guests are repectively invited to have party. After reaching there below customs followed for the marriage:-

1. Toran

2. Indian Marriage 7 Phere

3. Indian Marriage 7 vachan (vows)

3. Mangal Sutra woring

4. Maang bharna

5. dulhan ki vidai

6. sitoliya khelna

7. Suhagraat

In INDIA marriage is very important part of life. People do celebrate & waste a lot of money on this function. Even if the family is poor, They still try to do best at their level. Thus it becomes problematic for those poor families. Society forces them to do so.Still its Great function for every single INDIAN.









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