Instagram for Android Phones

Instagram for android phones is Coming Soon for you. Instagram is a popular photo sharing app. Via this app you can take photo and can edit later with special effects. Instagram has its own social sharing platform as well. Where users can share there photos in a easy way.

In July 2011 Company has reported that 100 million plus photos had been uploaded by users on instagram platform. And its quite growing community so far. Although there are many other applications as well for such kind image editing but instagram is most popular among users.The main reason behind this is easy to use technology of instagram for the growing popularity of site.

Instagram is currently working fine on iOS 3.1 or later software versions. There were OS issues to do launch to Andriod platform that’s why it take time in launching. But developers had finally solved all them. And its being available sooner. Currently its compatible with apple iPad, iPhone, iPod devices.

Instagram founders Kevin Systrom and Mike krieger said that the official instagram app for andriod is coming soon. They are going to launce a better version of Instagram than iOS verson which is being used currently.

Hoping the instagram version for andriod will rock.



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