iPad Screen Repair at Home – Issues & Safety Tips

ipad screen repair

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Apple has bring a revolution in our day to day living. Before iPad, iPhone etc. devices it was like dream to have high end computing devices at hand with comfort & attractive look. There is no doubt in popularity & quality of the iPad itself. The company has launched newer versions quickly. As it happens with every thing we use in our life it may require maitenance or replacement after a certain time. The same law applies to iPad device as well. There may be sudden drop of iPad from your hand or it may get sudden pressure on its glass and screen and it may get damaged.  ipad screen repair is a time and money costing task.  Here are some of common issues associated with iPad Screen Repair:-

  • It costs about $150+ to get iPad screen repair at local repair centers. Which is very high price for normal users. You can reduce it to around $50 via DIY repair of screen glass. I will mention it below.
  • It becomes hard to find Apple repair center in some developing countries.
  • You will have to wait 5-7 days to get it repaired via a repair shop. If you are using iPad for important tasks. Then it will be another issue for you.

DIY maintenance of ipad Screen repair

Personally I have done 2 times DIY repair of iPad 2 device I own. That two time repairing totally cost me around $100. Thus it saved my atleast $200 in two times. Here are some important points to do this DIY repairing of iPad Screen Glass-

  • Go to online sellers listings at ebay or Amazon. Find a seller with good reviews who is selling iPad screen glasses.
  • Order a screen glass for iPad checking color, version & all details related to product. And receive it in 10-15 days at your home. May be earlier it depends on different delivery timings at different countries.
  • At purchasing time you should notice that you are getting a support manual, adhesive, screen opening kit etc. with it? It will be easy & useful for you to get those things from seller.
  • On arrival of that delivery parcel, safely follow the instructions you receive in parcel.
  • Please note a hard pressed thumb pressure can damage your new parcel.
  • Caution is primary skill to do this task. WiFi antena, and other connecting things may cause stop working if you fixed screen glass in wrong manner.
  • This Youtube video will let you explain how to do ipad Screen repair perfectly:-

Some cautions and safety To Do’s for iPad screen-

  • Clean the iPad screen with fiber cloth & colin every time you need to do so.
  • Always keep it on soft surfaces. if possible then only put it on paper or cloths.
  • Don’t put it on other devices. Material surfaces will cause scratches on glass.
  • Don’t press it harder. iPad screen glass can’t bear heavy pressure on it. It may broken by hard pressing.
  • Smart way is to keep it in a small bag but not with any charger etc. material things.

Let me know if you have any comment, suggestion or special tips about iPad safety.



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