Junglee.com Reviews – New Kind Shopping portal in India by Amazon

As per Govt. rules still 100% FDI is not possible in India. Govt. is trying to do so. Amazon has completed its first step to do E-commerce in India. E-Commerce concept is going to be boom in India in coming years as Industry experts has prediction. India has third largest E-commerce market worldwide after USA and China. So thinking about launching different kind of business model by Amazon is really need of Amazon to be in first row.

Amazon has focused on market of India via launching their portal Junglee.com in Feb. month of this year. Amazon has planned to invest $100 million in this project. What will be future of this concept is hidden in the future. But what we had come to know about Junglee.com reviews is in below listed points:-

  1.  Shopping Comparison site:- All you can do on Junglee.com is comparing products listed from retailers on site. Select product from a retailer which you think is best for your purchasing need. Customer reviews will have great impact on listings on site by retailers.
  2.  Different Type Shopping site portal:- You know old shopping portals very well. They have all products listed on site. You can select any product & have option including COD base to order any product. In this type model Junglee.com will lead you to shop by comparing products of different retailers.
  3.  No Direct Selling by Amazon:- All products listed on Junglee.com are not from Amazon. They are just to compare prices & products. You have to buy from a retailer site. Retailer will have responsibility to deliver all products purchased by customers. How cool a customer is after purchasing from a retailer? Customer reviews will help in decide it.
  4.  Commission based Amazon role:- Its % base commission base shopping portal by Amazon.com. They will tie up with different retailers on different products to grab % of any product sales directed to them.
  5.  Selling Amazon Kindle Fire directly:- Only product which is listed by Amazon.com is Amazon Kindle Fire tablet of its own. You can purchase this product directly from them. They will charge shipment + Custom duties extra for this shopping.
  6.  Product shipment via Retailers:- Retailers are fully responsible for shipping products purchased on retailer sites. Which is lead by Junglee.com sites portal for purchase.
  7.  Junglee.com as Middleman to do shopping:- Single word to say about Junglee.com is that it is a middleman. Which provides comparison of different retailer products. And lead to purchase on any one of listed retailers.

What is benefits of Junglee.com shopping portal

  1. Product price comparison:- Users can compare prices. And have option to select another one if found it cheaper. Thus very competitive prices will be of products listed on it. Customers will get products more cheaper.
  2. Feel easy shopping with local Retailer online:- Customers will see local retailers to shop any product. Thus they will feel more easy to deal with them.
  3. Exposure for local retailers business:- All Local stores are not popular online yet. In such case support of Junglee.com will surely make their business more exposed. Small retailers will surely try this module.
  4. All Brands in a single window:- On Junglee.com there are many kind of brands of products listed on it. Thus visitors have great option to view all brand in a single window. Single store concept is quite popular these days. So it will benefit users to find a single store online.
  5. Variety of products to choose from:- Junglee.com currently haven’t much categories of products. But in future it will have large variety of products for users. Users will feel alike they are shopping in a mall.
  6. Easy & comfortable shopping experience:- Customers have simply to compare products listed. And select one best retailer &  do shopping. It will make them feel more easy to do so.
  7. It has Amazon.com users Login support:- Amazon users can do login on site using amazon login details. It become more easier for them to do shopping on it.

As far it seems Junglee.com concept is good for doing shopping online comparing prices of retailers. Customers have option to review products from retailers. And its good option to know anything about any product. Say its First Step of Amazon to provide services in India as well.


7 thoughts on “Junglee.com Reviews – New Kind Shopping portal in India by Amazon

  1. Abhishek says:

    Its kind of crap. For a regular online shopper, Junglee.com will be a pain. Suppose if I want to buy 3 different kind of things. Now I have to buy it from 3 different resellers on their respective sites. And I have to create accounts on each of them. Complete waste of time and additional pain.

    1. Its entry of Amazon in India. Possibly they will apply more & more changes in coming days.

  2. Atif says:

    is buying mobiles reliable on junglee? do they give 100% new products?

  3. Moosa Mahsoom says:

    Has anyone had any problems with Junglee? I’m not bothered about creating a lot of accounts. I want to buy a keyboard for my Android device. but, it’s out of stock on flipkart.

  4. aditya says:

    It was very useful for me. Just like a google for shopping searches but with much detailed information. Told me about 27 sellers selling Samsung Galaxy S3..and told their ratings, delivery time and prices :D :)

    That would have taken me hours to do it. And still not sure if I could have found the best price.. cuz it was offered by surf2buy .. more than Rs 1000 less than flipkart!

    Thank you Junglee … you are the best friend :) :)

    1. Yours welcome to this community.

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